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Feeding the DMV, DFW, LA, SD and SF fresh meals, free of gluten, dairy and refined sugar $30 off your first order ⬇️


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This week brought our teams together for the most fab of collabs. . . The Territory crew landed in #SoCal to learn from local partners, experts and general business bad asses. We’re leaving inspired, oh so grateful, and next level excited for all that’s to come. . . A special thanks to the @MINDBODY team, @lindsaymauch of @LTMDigital, @boysofbrentwood and @bpm_migs of @crossfitbpm for sharing their time, wisdom and insights. Our core belief in #continuousimprovement was brought to life by your generosity and our Territory fam is all the better for it. . . We’re feeling luckier than ever for the opportunity to make this world a happier and healthier one. Cool stuff coming on that front soon. 🙌 . . #fabcollab #collab #continuousimprovement #businessbadass #startup #startuplife #territoryfoods #territoryfam #wellnessserved #personalizednutrition #mealpreplife #mealprepservice #fridgegoals #cleaneats #glutenfreeeats #dairyfreelife #localfoods #territoryfoodssocal #socal #territorygoodsdmv #dmv #territoryfoodsdfw #dfw #territoryfoodssf #sf


👋to all the new members of the Territory fam and 👊to all of our OGs! We thought we'd take moment to reintroduce ourselves. . . We believe in serving well-being through exceptional food. Our meals are crafted locally, in small batches by neighborhood chefs who use their own recipes and their own kitchens. 👩🏼‍🍳 . . We believe bodies and minds feel their best when inflammation is limited. So, we take out the biggest offenders (read: gluten, dairy, and refined sugars) so you can feel really freaking good. 🍴 . . Giving back has been a steadfast priority since our first day nearly 7 years ago! Recently, we launched our partnership with @feedingamerica, which allows 1.2lbs of food to be rescued with every order you place. This rescued food makes its way to support local food banks in the communities we serve. ❣️ . . Speaking of communities, we partner with over 500 local businesses to provide you with a free, convenient way to pick up meals, while also supporting the important wellness work they do. 💪 . . Our goal is to be at the center of personalized nutrition and your go-to trusty sidekick when eating intentionally. Nothing makes us happier than taking meal prep off your to-do list so you can do more of what you love. 👯 . . #territoryfoods #local #locallysourced #localchefs #giveback #wellbeingserved #cleaneats #glutenfree #dairyfree #sugarfree #personalizednutrition #Whole30Approved


Cute toast is how we prefer our motivation to be packaged from this point forward. . . We’re one week into 2019 and we’re preeeeetty sure you’re slaying it. And if you’re not in slay-mode quite yet, that’s ok, too. The slay train departs every 30 minutes. p.s. with toast on the mind ... have you been introduced to sweet potato toast yet? If not, let us blow your #whole30 minds. Link in bio (thanks to @littlebitsof_realfood). . . #motivationaltoast #newyear #JanuaryWhole30 #Whole30Approved #Whole30 #territoryfoods #Keto #Vegetarian #cleaneats #sugarfree #glutenfree #dairyfree


January. The time we reflect on the past year and get buzzed off the goodness that a new one brings. We launched our #giveback partnership with @feedingamerica in November, and in that short time, you’ve already helped recover over 84K lbs ( 😮) of food that otherwise would’ve gone to waste and put it on tables that need it the most. . . That’s awesome. You’re awesome. . . Every year, 52 million tons of food is sent to landfills, and an additional 10 million tons is discarded or left unharvested on farms. Meanwhile, 1 in 7 Americans struggle with hunger. We’re committed to help tackle this big, addressable problem by feeding those in need and reducing food waste. . Every Territory order supports someone struggling to keep food on the table. Together, we send proceeds, meals, and volunteer hours to support the work of values-aligned local and national non-profits who are working to reduce food waste and fight hunger across the country.


New Year, huge news! 🎉 . . To kick off 2019 and the #JanuaryWhole30, we're so excited to announce our expanded partnership with Alex of @thedefineddish. Her famous @Whole30 approved Mongolian Beef recipe is headed to Territory menus in every city we serve! . . We're so lucky to work with such a recipe rockstar and blogging phenom and stoked to roll out her masterpiece to everyone in the Territory fam. Read more about our partnership on the blog. Link in bio. . . Do yourself a flavor (see what we did there?), add this meal to your line up and while you're at it, add @thedefineddish to your social media menu. Zero regrets on either, we promise. . . #Whole30 #Whole30Approved #Whole30Recipes #TheDefinedDish #newyear #hugenews #newmeal #territoryfoods #cleaneats #glutenfree #dairyfree #sugarfree #mealprep


Oh hey, @dcrefined! 👋Thanks for the love! 😊 . . Check out the new write up, hot off the presses! 🗞Link in bio. . . #newyear #newyearsgoals #mealprep #dcrefined #territoryfoods #whole30 #whole30approved #cleaneats #local #glutenfree #dairyfree #sugarfree


The holidays may be over, but good decisions are delivered in Territory boxes year round. . . If you are looking to reset for the new year, kick off your #JanuaryWhole30 or just want to treat yourself after the holidays, place your order by midnight tonight for the first delivery of 2019! . . #Whole30Approved #Whole30 #mealprep #territoryfoods #cleaneats #local #smallbatch #glutenfree #dairyfree #sugarfree


'Tis the season for hitting the road. We hope that wherever the holiday season takes you, the travels are safe and fun! . . Pro tip for you flight-takers: pack a Territory meal in your carry-on. They make it through security just fine, and saves you from the pit of despair that is airport food. . . And if you happen to pair our meals with a holiday cookie (or two), no judgement. . . #roadtrip #holidaytravel #travelsnacks #pairswellwithcookies #territoryfoods #cleaneats #wholefoods #local #smallbatch #dairyfree #sugarfree #noassemblyrequired #myterritoryis


Start fresh. Not over. . . Holiday cocktails and cookies got you thinking about brushing off the dust for 2019? Same. We're gearing up for the biggest @Whole30 ever and can’t wait to spend January by your side (and in your fridge)! . Let’s raise a glass of dairy free eggnog to a joyful holiday and to kicking off 2019 right 💫 . p.s. if dairy free eggnog is your jam (or you want it to be), recipe link in profile 🎄 . . #newyear #startfresh #eggnog #januarywhole30 #whole30 #whole30approved #resolutions #territoryfoods #cleaneats #dairyfree #sugarfree #local #smallbatch


This season has us swooning over twinkle lights and tablescapes. ✨ . . Wishing you a weekend filled with both and enjoyed surrounded by friends. . . 📷 cred: @sweatconcierge captured at #sweatconrallysd . . #twinklelights #tablescapes #sweatconrally #communitydinner #territoryfoods #local #chefmade #smallbatch #cleaneats #dairyfree #sugarfree


🎶A clean December and there’s reason to believe maybe plant-based will be better than I think...🎶 • • Hey vegans, aspiring vegans, anyone looking to up their veg game (also looking at all Counting Crows fans 🙃)... we’re so excited to welcome our Vegan menu to DC, LA, and SF! • • Set your filter to Vegan to see all the plant-filled and animal-product-free foods for next week! 🌱🌱🌱


Join us as we give back (more) this #givingtuesday. Make a purchase today - gift cards or meals - and we will double the contribution to @feedingamerica through our Give Back program. • • Since our very early days, giving back was a core piece of our puzzle. And thanks to you, we’ve been able to support the growth of incredible local organizations like @arcadiafood @afacfeeds @upwardbound_oc and the work they’re doing to expand quality food access to folks that desperately need it. • • As we’ve grown, so has our Give Back program. We’ve recently launched our partnership with @feedingamerica, which supports the good work being done to tackle hunger through reducing food waste in our country. It’s something we’re passionate about, and we’re so grateful to have our waters rowing the boat with us. A big ‘ol THANK YOU for the integral part you play to bring awareness to the issue and help tackle this big, yet solvable problem.


A day to love small businesses? Count 👏🏽 us 👏🏽 in 👏🏽 :: :: No better a day to shine a bunch of love on the incredibly talented folks behind each and every one of our meals. In every city we serve, we partner with local, independent chefs who are doing the hard and not-always-glamorous work of fueling folks with real food. When they’re not cooking for us, they’re feeding their communities through catering gigs, their restaurants, food trucks, and beyond. The hustle is real, and we’re grateful for their fierce partnership in this movement. :: :: Get to know the amazing humans behind your meals in our blog. Link in profile.


Happy Turkey Week, Territory friends! 🦃🦃🦃 This week kicks off the most hustling and bustling season of the year. No matter where this holiday season takes you, we’ve got you covered with clean eats before and after the pumpkin pie is gone. ✈️ 🧳 Pro tip: take a Territory meal with you to avoid a sad airport granola bar or arriving at grandma’s feeling hangry. Just make sure any ice packs are fully frozen and you’re set to jet through security with your grub! • • Pro tip #2: plan ahead so that you can enjoy leftovers this weekend instead of meal prepping. Place your order by Thursday at midnight to get those meals lined up for next week!


Happy National Take a Hike Day! ⛰🌳🍂 Grab your hiking boots 🥾, some trail-friendly snacks 🍎, and a friend [or 10!] 👯‍♀️👯‍♂️, and head outdoors! • • • Whether you’re lucky enough to frequent gorgeous mountainsides like this, or can just walk a loop around the park, get outside today and soak.it.in. ❣️🌎