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Today marks 1 month that I married the love of my life. A special soul that I am forever grateful the universe provided. Thank you for being you and constantly inspiring me to be better each and every single day ❤ _ 📸@goodycambayweddingfilms


📸While this looks like your typical insta post of peeps holding food, it's so much more. In saying that, sorry in advance if it's TLDR, but it's something I have been meaning to share for a very long while now, so I hope you find personal value in it. _ 🗣I have never mentioned this here before, but my journey on insta actually started as a result of being extremely dissatisfied with my previous career and it's inability to allow me to live my true purpose and passion in life - spreading awareness of veganism for the animals. This is why I diverted so much of my energy after work hours these past few years - grinding, creating content to both educate, and inspire even just one person to take the plunge to live a vegan life. _ 🙇‍♂️Despite my efforts to feed my passion and purpose while juggling my day job, things continued to not sit right for me. I still felt I wasn't dedicating my all for veganism and as cliche as it sounds, you only get one chance to make an impact. So rather than sulk over the circumstances, I searched for over a year, high and low, for a vegan job that I knew would fuel that purpose. _ 🙋🏼‍♀️Enter @eatinworkout. Words cannot describe the gratefulness I hold for this intelligent, charismatic and caring woman. Why? Well, she took me under her wing and allowed me the opportunity of a lifetime to work alongside her to secure food/drink/merch vendors as a Vendor Specialist for the incredible @vegandalefestival. Having just completed the full festival tour in Houston, Chicago, Toronto and New York, I can say with the utmost confidence that I am living my best life. So thank you Eva, for a being a colleague I can always lean on and most importantly a near and dear friend. _ 👥The whole team behind this fest knows no bounds and the resiliency needed to put on such an event is nothing short of extraordinary. I feel extremely lucky to be around like minded, hard working individuals each and everyday and I cannot wait for the many successful events to come. _ 👍So if you are reading this and may be in the same boat, let that passion & purpose guide you because you just never know how & when the universe will provide.


🍝A lil' pasta ain't hurt nobody🤣 PS. Vegan kids rock 😎


😆It's not personal, it's just business💲


☝️Save & share to let em' know where you get your protein💪🌱 TOP 20 VEGAN PROTEIN SOURCES per 100g! _ 👍There is a protein source for all occasions and personally for me, dependent on my goals and total caloric intake for the day I will play around with many of these. For example... _ 🙌When I am consuming more fat on a day-to-day basis I might rely more on nuts and seeds. If I'm consuming more carbs I'll rely more heavily on legumes and whole grains. And for pretty much any occasion, I will rely on high protein, lower carb + fat sources like tofu, tempeh, seitan (most faux meats) and protein powder. _ ☝️While we are highlighting these top 20, I just want to take a moment and mention that all plants have protein. Every single one. Yep that broccoli or those strawberries you eat, they have protein. Yes in lesser amounts but don't you kid yourself, it's there... _ 👉Hope you enjoyed this post and don't forget to follow @thatalexciccone for more vegan living!🌱


Brain teaser for the day!🤣 This just goes to show the amount of confusion around what one actually gets out of eating vegan on a day-to-day basis. _ 🌱If you stick to a whole-food based approach, the micronutrient density and fiber in plant-based foods is absolutely incredible. Where most go wrong is identifying their total daily caloric intake needs to support their activity. Many put themselves in an unintentional caloric deficit which leaves them feeling fatigued or lethargic. Which has nothing to do with the plant-based aspect, but all about not having enough fuel in the tank. _ 👍In saying that, I feel there are a few key micronutrients to be mindful of after going vegan - particularly B12 and Omega-3. I personally supplement with B12 and Omega-3. Why? Well, B12 is no longer present in plant-based sources as it once used to be, due to our sterile farming practices today. Omega-3 can be found in many plant-based sources, but algae oil is most concentrated in DHA and most bioavailable compared to other plant-based sources. _ 😊If you want to feel optimal, it is wise to do your due diligence to ensure you are getting everything you might need to thrive. So if you are still struggling with making the jump to being vegan because of your fear of not knowing how to eat plant-based... like most things in life, allocate a bit of time to research and educate yourself in order to line yourself up for success. And if you don't want to journey on this alone, there is always the option of finding a registered dietitian or nutritionist that is well versed with plant-based diets to help bridge that knowledge gap. _ 👍Best of luck in your transition and as always, keep it vegan! _ 👉Tag some friends who would find this information useful and don’t forget to follow @thatalexciccone for more vegan living🌱


Ooo quinoa instead of rice?! They fancy🤣Who can relate?😂


🤯So you went vegan, but oh noes! What about protein?! Keep reading... _ 🤔I think it's pretty safe to say that when most are asked about whole food protein sources, they automatically think beef, chicken, pork, fish, eggs and maybe the odd person with a mention of dairy and dairy products. As you can see, the sad thing is that there is a pattern... they are all animal-based. _ 😊Well, have no fear because where do you think your previous animal-based sources of protein got theirs from? You guessed it... Plants. _ 👍In saying that there are vegan friendly sources of protein for all occasions. For me, dependent on my goals and total caloric intake for the day, I will play around with many of these in the info graphic above. For example... _ 😋When I am consuming more fat on a day-to-day basis I might rely more heavily on nuts and seeds. If I'm consuming more carbs I'll rely more heavily on legumes or even whole grains. And for pretty much any occasion, I will rely on high protein, lower carb and fat sources like tofu (extra firm), tempeh, seitan, plant-based meat products and protein powder. _ ☝️Now, while we are focusing on these six sources because of their higher counts of protein per gram, I want to also highlight the fact that every single plant-based food has protein. Yep, even items like broccoli or strawberries. Albeit in in lesser amounts, it's still there. _ 🗣So next time someone asks you where vegans get their protein... flash this info graphic and flex on em' 💪🌱 _ 👉Feel free to share + tag a friend who would find this post interesting and follow @thatalexciccone for more vegan living!🌱


🤗Last week to preorder your very own VEGANIZED tee - closes on July 31st. Available both in unisex and ladies fit over at (Link in bio). Use promocode PREORDER20 for 20% off! _ 😎So watcha waiting for?! Cause' ya know... are you even vegan if your tee doesn't say so??🤣


🇨🇦O' Canada lovin' them Beyond Meat A&W Burgers🤣


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