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Hey guys here is the second postcard print that i got from @videpress , featuring my pal St. John's Wort! I recently met this fren this summer, in high park, and was shocked that such a potent and powerful plant grew around here. St John's Wort is so supportive during depression, anxiety, and chronic pain, all three of which i have. So anyway, i drew this illustration as a way of paying homage to my new plant friend. This lil print is available on my etsy and will be available at @pinkmarketto ! 💖


I got some new postcard-sized risograph prints from @videpress !! This one features a dandelion, one of the most stubborn wild plants i've ever met, reminding us that we, too, can grow stubbornly, even when the world is trying to uproot us. This print and another are up on my etsy for 5 dollars each! I will also have them during the @pinkmarketto on december 8th and 9th!


LAST CHANCE ON THESE GAY MUSHROOM PATCHES!! This handful is all i have left and i am not renewing this design! Buy them in my etsy or at @pinkmarketto if you want to grab them before they're gone!! Meanwhile i am working on other fun secret stuff 🤓🌹 #lastchance #patchgame


HEY EVERYONE! A gigantic thanks to everyone i spoke to at the feminist fair, including the @feministtwins who organized it!! I had a great time, it was so busy, and i sold a lot!! This is the last time i'll be selling in Ottawa before the holidays! So a reminder that if you couldn't make it, i still have my online shop (link in bio) for all your holiday shopping needs! I will also be making updates to that to! Next up: i'm going to be tabling at @pinkmarketto in a month!! Stoked to see ya, Toronto! :)


So i got this little square thing which i am going to be bringing and testing out at the feminist fair on november 4th in ottawa! @feministtwins So, while cash is still ideal, if you forget cash i should be able to take debit and credit!! So come say hi November 4th and maybe pick up a pin??


SURPRIIIISE i made enamel pins!! I have wanted to make enamel pins for a long time and i finally recently had the opportunity! I designed two pins: a dandelion (which to me is a symbol of resiliency in the face of being trampled out, of being a flower and beautiful and nutritious when haters call you a weed) and a little plant parent badge, for all you non binary plant guardians who don't feel like you're a plant mom OR a plant dad! Gender neutral terms are important!! * * * In a weird twist of fate, both these pins kind of remind me of how i am choosing to deal with the horrific news that the american government wants to legislate trans folks out of existence. I'm not american, but this rhetoric still affects me as a trans non binary person. It emboldens the hatred around the world when this stuff happens. Remember: we are resilient growers, they can try and eradicate us but we grow from the cracks in the sidewalks defiantly. We are beautiful and nutritious in spite of their hate. And we self define; we don't necessarily fit into your binary of mom or dad or girl or boy. We can exist outside of the spectrum if we want and no government can erase us. Anyway. Just some food for thought as i metabolize these things. #transisbeautiful


If you're interested in my somewhat heavier illustration work, i've been working on this series and putting them on my art account @deadbirdparty ! Meanwhile i have some fun things coming for all of y'all as well as tabling announcements!! :) I'm never sure if having two seperate accounts is smart, but the way i divvy it up in my head is that this account is for my business, my fun work, my work that makes me happy and is joyful. My other work in my other account is my heavier artwork, the work that is me processing difficult emotions and experiences, the more challenging work. So follow both or whichever you want?


Hey pals, SURPRISE i'm tabling in ottawa this weekend at Ottawa Canzine, on saturday the 13th at the ottawa art gallery! Come say hi to me, look at my comics, and i'll have some prints and my patches too!! See you there!! @brokenpencilmag #canzine #ottawacanzine


I made a stop motion video inspired by @paperpluscloth and the workshop thats happening there with @cristalclear_ on stop motion animation!! Both the notebook and the patches featured in this video are for sale in my etsy which you can find in my bio. 😎 also i may be tabling near you sooner than you think so keep an ear to the ground for updates!! #etsy #stopmotion #etsyseller #torontoetsy #torontoartist #animation


Tomorrow!! Canzine! 1-7 at the AGO!! I've got this small sticker just in from @sticker.ism !! And also swipe for images from my mini comic, printed with @colourcodeprint !! Come visit me! @brokenpencilmag #canzine


I got these risographed notebooks back from @colourcodeprint today!! They will be available at my table this saturday at #canzine toronto, along with my new mini comic and some other new things! I will be posting them on my etsy after canzine!! The cover is a 2-colour riso print with blank pages inside!!


Working on some new 🌛linocuts🌜 which will be for sale at my table at #canzine toronto!! I'm tabling at canzine ➡️this saturday⬅️ because my comic 'bacchanalia' was nominated for a Broken Pencil Zine Award! (See @deadbirdparty for more images of my comics). I'll also have some prints and also the notebooks i am designing and a brand new mini-comic! Come say hi! @brokenpencilmag #bpzineawards


I have a bunch of prints of this very illustration in my etsy and they are ~50% OFF~!! This is probably the last time they will ve in stock because i am moving on to other things, so grab 'em for yourself and your friends while you still can! Sale ends the end of september!


Here are some more examples of prints of illustrations i have on sale right meow in the ol' etsy shop! 50% off! Get some for you, get some for your friends, get some for early xmas gifts?? Clearing out old stock so i can make new stuff! #sale #50percentoff #theforagersclub #etsyseller #etsysale #etsy #natureart #illustratorsoninstagram


Hey friends! I've been designing some new things and taking a bit of a break, but i popped on here to say that all my digital prints like this mars and arnica print are 50% off in my etsy! I want to move away from digital prints so i've slashed all their prices. I think this sale goes until the end of september? #sale #theforagersclub #natureart #botanicalprint #illustratorsoninstagram