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Shop by interior designer Charlotte Tully Travel influenced decor with a touch of glam ☄ Defining #livableluxury one rug at a time 🖤 Phoenix, AZ 🌵

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It's a very serious job, but someone has to do it! 🤣 #textilehunting


The world is such a beautiful and mysterious place!


This entryway had me DYING. There is something so pleasing about clean furniture lines, and the perfect amount of color. It doesn't look too bold at all, it just works perfectly! This is a great example of how implementing a colorful rug and some statement pieces of furniture can really take a room to the next level. I'll be launching new rugs, poufs and pillows next week! Stay tuned! #palmspringsstyle . . 📸 @marisavitalephoto via @nataliemyers


Thank the Lord for Fridays, that's all I'm going to say about it 🤣😅


Nothing short of magical 🌠


I am head over heels for this space!!! Such beautiful design, it just makes me so happy 😍😍😍 . . I love the use of the Moroccan runners in a wide walkway. Moroccan runners are generally at least 3 feet wide, so they work great in entryways and walkways like this! Great job @jhinteriordesign this is a stunner!


Did you see the wedding blanket Christmas stockings we have on our website?! These are all handmade with love from vintage Moroccan textiles (and of course faux fur). . . . We also have mini ones like the one in the picture for the baby or the pup! How cute are these?!


Reminiscing over those beautiful mornings waking up in our Moroccan Riad. Sounds of the parrot fluttering, sights of the collected and exotic decor, and smells of the coffee, bread, and fresh orange juice for breakfast. (Soooo good but sooo much bread 😅🍞) Perfect beginnings to our daily textile hunt!


Finding quality Moroccan runners is honestly such an art, and much harder than you would think! Lots of them are woven with cloth and tend to be not near as beautiful as a full sized Moroccan rug. When I find an all-wool one that has the same quality of designs and colors, I totally consider that a victory! When I found this runner I definitely celebrated, what a stunner!


Have you seen these super cute stockings?! I just added some to my website, full size and even baby size! They are made from vintage wedding blankets, and are so cute!


Have you guys seen this polka-dot beauty that I added to my site a few days ago?! I brought a picture of this rug to one of the trade shows I did recently and it was absolutely a crowd favorite! Its handwoven, lush and perfect for a nursery or office! Come take a look, I promise I won't have it long! 🙌


Trust me, I still get as excited as my fellow rug lovers out there to get a new rug in a room. I loved this navy blue one so much that I just had to keep it! As soon as my living room is cleaned up a bit I will post more pictures so you can see how pretty it really is! To think I was going to let this one go...


"the Universe, she’s wounded but she’s still got infinity ahead of her she’s still got you and me and everybody says that she’s beautiful" . . One of my favorite throwbacks, such great memories of our very first trip to Morocco and the sourcing of our first batch of rugs. Looking back I have such fond memories of just the quality time spent, and the mystery of the place itself. Also don't mind my shakey video, it was my first one! Also, how about that song, it's one of my favorites!


This photo just makes me so happy! I love seeing beautiful Moroccan rugs in wonderfully designed spaces!!! Sometimes they are odd sizes and bright colors, but they are the best investment in a room, and will change everything for the better! . . From @insideoutmag - Pop! 🌈 In celebration of @lumiereartandco's gorgeous AW18 collection, interior stylist @juliagreenstylist has shared her tips on making bright colours and patterns work in your home. See the collection and read Julia’s style tips, link in bio. 📸 by @armellehabib. Styling by Julia Green/@greenhouseinteriors.