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Consistency. I've been through a lot this year. Moving from Hawaii to Virginia. Book release. Tons of travel for work. Going back to school. A new house. New routine. New workload. Way more stress than I expected. # But through it all, I continued to prioritize three things: real food, sleep, movement. # I've been humbled by my recent flare. I still have work to do. Healing to do. Still deciphering the mystery that is autoimmunity. But I'm also grateful. Grateful for how far I've come, grateful that despite the years of abusing this body, it still works, grateful for the resiliency in my DNA. Consistency. A commitment to my self that I made three years ago. # There is no wagon, there is no diet, there are only choices I make, small, everyday choices I make time and time again because I know it's what will benefit my physical and emotional health best. I chose me. I chose to heal. I chose to thrive. #foodismedicine #autoimmunedisease #ancestralhealth #sleep #movement #realfood #keto #paleo #aip #strong #burnthewagon #thereisnomagicpill #consistency


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