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Oh how much you’ve grown ❤️ happy first birthday week to our gorgeous godson. It’s been a year filled with many squishy cuddles, so much laughter and so so much love! @champagnesilvousplait_


Today I spent the morning with my gorgeous bestie @champagnesilvousplait_ for a lovely high tea as we supported a cause very close to my heart. A fundraiser for @lltfoz @walkforprems my little Leo was born at just 34 weeks young! He needed a lot of help at the start of his life and its fundraisers like these that help our hospitals make sure they have the life saving equipment that our premature babies desperately need. You can make a donation @walkforprems every dollar counts to making a real difference for these little babies. ❤️


Yesterday we spent the afternoon with the lovely @kymrenayphoto capturing this beautiful moment in time. To think our baby girl will be here very soon makes us so excited. We cant wait to see Leo embrace his new role as big brother! He is already so dotting on “baby” he rubs my belly and gives it kisses, he will be amazing. How gorgeous is this @theselfstyler “Sadie” dress! It was the perfect choice for the shoot and will be amazing for feeding after birth. ❤️


What a day yesterday was! I finally got my baby shower! It was just beautiful spending an afternoon with my closest friends. It was simple and so so perfect and just what I had imagined. I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the impending arrival of our little girl!! Thank you so much @bacchusbrisbane for accommodating our very large group and for putting on a lovely high tea for us! And of course a massive thank you to @champagnesilvousplait_ for helping put everything together and for taking all these amazing photos! You really are the perfect insta wifey x


30+ weeks - Baby girl is the size of a zucchini although I find that hard to believe as I feel super duper heavy! Tiredness is next level and I’m ready for it all to be over but I am very much looking forward to my baby shower this weekend! How lucky am I to have amazing friends who are already so doting on this little one! I missed my baby shower with Leo by TWO DAYS!!! Doing it extra early this time to make sure I get there haha!


They grow so fast... before you know it they are walking, talking and negotiating! My little Leo is so loving and kind and gives me a thousand kisses a day. He touches my growing bump and gives it a kiss and says “hi baby!” I love watching his personality grow!he is so smart and genuinely hilarious. but it’s bittersweet I will miss this stage so much when it passes. If I could hit the pause button I would and just leave him little and sweet. He will be the best big brother in a few months but geez mother’s guilt is so real I already feel bad about not having my time only for him. Ahhhh hormones 😂


I can see these two doing exactly this when they grow up! Tooo cute! #cousins


Feeling just a little bit envious of @champagnesilvousplait_ and her gorgeous new hair! I’ve been dying to get my hair done, and been feeling super flat lately #thankspregnancy So next week Leo is gonna have a day with Nonna so I can have some me time and I’m gonna get my hair done! because I’m sick of looking like death walking. (And being the ugly friend 😂) Any suggestions of what I should do? Im great at recommending things for others but when it comes to me not so much! Until I figure it out though luckily I have a great selection of @topknotgirl_ head bands 😉


Urghhhh Monday! If Monday were a haircut it would be a mullet! How cute is this target knit! Only $25 and so so soft. I wish I could say this is what I actually look like today, but I have been up since 5am vomiting! #cheersmorningsickness It stops then starts again, is so horrible. I can’t wait to meet our baby and complete our family but gosh I hate being pregnant my body just fights me! 23 weeks along it should be getting easier right?? Sighhh oh well lucky there is an end and the best reward ❤️


It’s a chilly one here in Brisbane today!! Queenslanders are so weak when it comes to the cold haha! I’m needing a big double shot today after a fun night out at @beyondthepalebar it’s was a very late one for this old pregnant girl! You know it’s late when they pack up every single chair around you! 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ the food, drinks and service was amazing though so we will definitely be back! Now it’s straight to the salon I go 😬 if you haven’t already make sure you check out @topknotgirl_ gorgeous range! This maroon wide knot is perfect for today to distract from my tired eyes! Happy Saturday x


It’s so easy to get caught up trying to be perfect isn’t it? We want the perfect body, the perfect life and the perfect Instagram photo. But so often while striving for perfection we forget to be kind to ourselves and forget to stop and appreciate how wonderful we do have it. Sometimes motherhood pins you down and it’s not the perfect image you see on social media, sometimes it’s hard, relentless and thankless. In those moments when we judge ourselves harshly or we allow ourselves to criticize. Let’s try and remember it’s cool to be kind. Kind to ourselves and kind to others because in the end we are all just doing our best at this thing called life. I have teamed up with @my_bargains and 10 other gorgeous InstaBabes to support each other on this very important Anti-bullying message! Because when women stick together amazing things happen! Buy your own tee with 10% discount storewide with the code KIND at the online checkout. And remember it’s cool to be kind ❤️ #mybargains #itiscooltobekind #coollaberation #kindpaign #kindcampaign #girlgang #kindsquad @jess.mumstyle @mummaslove4fashion @mummawears @superkombi @sooziesstyle @pip_mumma_styles @champagnesilvousplait_ @thehairdressermama @stylegossipbys @squares_of_style @laras_loot


Oh babymoon you were everything I needed and more! Time to rest, reflect and look forward. We still have quite the journey ahead of us but I’m ready for whatever it may bring. Although we missed our little Leo like crazy it was so nice to spend some quality time with my husband away from the all the craziness. So often we are just two people passing going through the motions of parenting and working that we forget we were a couple long before we were parents so it was nice to just be us for a little while. I got some much needed sleep, was pampered from head to toe #amazing ate wayyyyy to much food and drank lots of coffee...decaf but it was still delicious. Now it’s back to reality and to start getting organized for when this like babe decides to join us. Hopefully not too early like their brother ❤️


The husband and I are off on a bit of a baby moon today. 4 days of childfree relaxation 🙌🏻 I’m not sure we are prepared for all the silence 😂 I plan on sleeping a lot , drinking my coffee hot and spending some much needed time at the @thespaatsalt if you ever find yourself in Kingscliff, New South Wales you must check out @thespaatsalt it’s a heavenly experience that I’m very much looking forward too! Bumping along now... 22 weeks and still sick unfortunately 🙄 I know it will all be worth it in the end but why does the end have to take soooo long 🤔 I hope you all have an amazing Friday and have something wonderful planned for the weekend x


When I started hairdressing many moons ago I was so lucky to stumble across this girl gang... all of us are hairdressers though some don’t hairdresser anymore. We don’t catch up as often as we would like but when we do there are many many laughs. Our lives have changed a lot over the years but I’m so glad we still find time to stay connected. How lucky am I to have not just a job I love but one that has given me some amazing friendships. ❤️


What I wish I was having for dinner - My wonderful cousins held a surprise 50th for their Mum on Saturday night and this was the spectacular grazing table they put together for her! I hope one day my children can platter like this... I think I’ll feel like I’ve done my job right if they can 😂


Mother’s Day is right around the corner! Are you still looking for the perfect gift for mum??? Why not get her a pair of @avarcasaustralia select express shipping and use code “LOVEMUM” for free shipping and to receive an adorable mini avarcas keyring... you know she deserves it ❤️


What are you beautiful people up to this Saturday evening? Mine will be spent with a cup of hot chocolate in bed after a busy day in the salon today. Any good Netflix suggestions? The first 18 weeks of this pregnancy have just dragged on but this photo here is a throwback to more joyful times where I didn’t spend most of my days with my head in a bucket 😂 wearing the gorgeous “Layla” dress from @tsid_clothing (on sale for $39) and my oh so comfy always beautiful @avarcasaustralia in leopard.


3 wonderful years ❤️