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[AD] I’ve been juggling a lot lately, between caring for Bryan with his recovery, work, traveling and trying to focus hard on managing my #T2D, it’s been a rollercoaster ride! I’m really happy about the latest OneTouch Reveal® Mobile App updates that have made things simple for me. I used the seamless data synching (to my Reveal Mobile App AND Apple Health Kit), as well as some of the cool, new features like personalized logging for carbs, exercise, insulin and blood glucose, and hemoglobin a1c comparisons. I love being able to bring all parts of my life into tracking my blood glucose and understanding my patterns. Check out my latest vlog to see those features in action!


I don’t know if anyone cooks in their kitchen and talks through the meal like they’re Ina Garten recording for Food Network, but I most certainly always do. I never thought that practice might actually pay off though! 👩🏾‍🍳 Recently, I hung out with @healthline to talk about my #diabetes friendly #thanksgiving favorites AND it was in the style of a cooking show! 👩🏾‍🍳 Visit Healthline: Living With Diabetes, to see the whole thing (I had some funny little bloopers), and visit to get my recipes for Pan Roasted Chicken and Creamed Spinach, Butternut Squash, Brussels sprouts and bacon salad, and Avocado Ice Cream! 👩🏾‍🍳 And swipe through the pics to see the whole experience!


One of the things I always hope you take away from my platform is how important health and wellness is to me. That's in every aspect - physical health, mental health, and especially sexual health. National rates of unintended pregnancies are at an all-time low, but rates in my home state of Texas remain alarmingly high. Teen birth rates in some parts of Houston are nearly three times the national average— reflecting statistics more likely to be found in a developing country. Women have a right to know what options are available, and one option is long acting reversible contraception. Personally, I use one (called nexplanon) because some of my diabetes medication could be harmful to my own pregnancy and I want the best possible shot at a healthy pregnancy when Bryan and I finally decide that it's time to add to our family. As women, we are allowed to own every piece of our sexual health. We are allowed to talk to professionals who may give us the best options for our bodies, and there are resources out there, especially in Houston that can help educate us all in a judgement-free zone. Visit the link in my bio for more information about the resources available here in Houston. #owneverypiece #ad #houston #houstonwomen


Sometimes convenience is the name of the game, and it’s not easy to find delicious, beautiful, frozen food. @wildscapefood has changed that. This food might be frozen, but it looks and feels as good as it tastes! This was a great gift, especially when Bryan and I are looking to make any parts of our lives a little easier for the next 10 weeks!


#HOUSTON! We've talked about birth control and sexual health for a couple of weeks now and I want to know what your biggest questions are. Visit my Instagram Story to ask a question - we'll keep it confidential, but you’ll get the answers you need from experts. #owneverypiece #ad #houston #houstonwomen


Happy Halloween mischief makers!🎃 👻 I’m throwing it back to my first food costume ever - a @starbucks Frappucino! The back story is - I didn’t have a costume, so I spent $10 at @michaelsstores, pulled a dress from my closet and made this one. I can’t tell you how many people wanted a sip 😂.


At some point in our lives, women discuss the option of birth control. Whether it's with your parents, your doctor, your friends, or your partner, you've probably had the conversation. You've probably also noticed that the conversation is a little convoluded and confusing – possibly even a little scary. It actually doesn't have to be. @OwnEveryPiece was created to make the process easy for women who are thinking about their birth control options at any stage of life. Visit the link in my bio and check out the resources. The conversation is real, and we need to have it honestly. #owneverypiece #ad #houston #houstonwomen


Is it wrong that I’m thinking about brunch at dinner time? I went to hang out with @stareats months ago and @bloom_and_bee. It’s a super cute spot, great for a girls brunch! It’s instagrammable as heck. Their cocktails are yummy, but to me the brunch reminded me of room service in a really beautiful restaurant. I’ll probably try again for another meal of the day sometime!


You guys know me, I typically go light and bright with my photos but my tasting at @ambrosiahtx called for a stand out mood. Ambrosia is one of my favorite Montrose hidden gems! It’s celebrating its 5th year in 2018, and I hope it’s here as long as I am! I’ve been to countless parties, reverse happy hours and dinner celebrations here! It’s honestly one of my favorite #Houston restaurants. Plus, they have a new chef, and she’s doing amazing things with the food. What you see here is the Tex Bass and Shrooms - Texas Striped Bass with truffled coconut cream, forest mushrooms and basil. Thanks @houstonfoodbloggercollective and @isabelissimaa for hosting us!


As women, making the decision to have kids is an extremely personal choice, and that decision is in your hands. I'm in my late 20's and I've made the choice to put kiddos on hold because my health is still in a place that, quite frankly, needs a lot of care and attention. Having #type2diabetes and taking medications that have the potential to cause birth defects is one reason I use a long acting reversible contraception. My health is really important to me, but so is the health of any future children my husband and I decide to have. I love my long acting reversible contraception because it works with my body, so i don't have to remember to take another pill, and it fits in with my lifestyle. Once it's done, my body goes back to normal, and we can work on trying! In the next few weeks here in this community, I'm going to talk about why birth control ISN'T a taboo topic, how to talk about the topic to friends, what the benefits of different types of contraception are, and how to feel autonomy over your body. Birth control seems like a scary thing to talk about, but it's totally normal, and we're going to talk about it comfortably! I even wrote a blog about it - visit the link in my bio! If you want to know more about what birth control options are out there, and who you can talk to, visit, @owneverypiece or follow the link my bio! #owneverypiece #ad #houston #houstonwomen


📣 Listen up people. Texas typically has the WORST SHOWING OF VOTER TURNOUT in the nation when it comes to midterm elections. I personally don’t care who you vote for because it’s none of my business. You don’t have to tell me, fight with me, or agree with me. I don’t care about any of that. What I do care about is that you ACTUALLY GO VOTE. That you head to the polls and make your voice heard. Whether we agree politically or not, I will always respect your right to vote. There are many people who live in this country and never have to chance to vote - there are people in this country who are still intimidated out of voting before they get to the ballot box. There are people whose state voter laws put obstacle after obstacle in front of them before they can ever cast their vote. No candidate is ever going to be perfect. They’ll never believe everything you believe and they aren’t coming to convince you why they deserve your vote. Pick a person who is going to do the best job, instead of sitting on the sidelines. So yeah, you need to get your butt to your nearest polling location, and do some work. It’s all of our civic duty. 📸 by @katiemorenophoto #vote #murals #houstonblogger #houston_insta #houstontx #whatabeto #color #whataburger #houstonfoodie #downtownhouston #hangrywoman #blackbloggerclique @betoorourke

I don’t care if it’s fall, rosé is always in season. 🥂


So, the weather is hot 🔥 then cold ❄️, so I’m all over the place. That’s why I got French fries AND tomato soup 🍜. The earth can’t decide and neither can I. PS - what’s the weirdest thing you’ve dipped your fries in? Tomato soup makes a good fry dip!


Bug your coworker once to hand model for you, and then he does such a good job, you ask a million more times! When I saw these Goat Balls on the menu at @rodeogoathouston I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting into. Turns out it was just fried dough, jam and powdered sugar. Definitely enough for the 6 people I was with 🤗. Everything at Rodeo Goat is shareable - except you shouldn’t touch my beer!