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Soon to be view of our chicken coop. 😍⛰️🌲


Went to visit our girls tonight. The sunset was so beautiful it made me wish I had brought my camera along. ❤️


It's #chickthrowback for #throwbackthursday hosted by my friend Erin. @urbannarnia I'm sharing this photo of C-3P yOlk and @baymax_the_great_pyrenees because it is one of my favorites!! So. Much. Fluff. 😍😍😍


#chickfever 🐥🐤🐣


Almost 15 months ago we finished designing our dream house. I shared with you all our plans to have a secret library... And while we are still a little ways from being able to move in I'm so excited to actually see everything we dreamt of come to life. And I am thrilled to give you all the first peak of our secret library. ♥️📚🏡 Scroll ➡️ for video.


It's game day!! Go broncos! 🏈🐔


Friends! I got some awesome news today that this photo of C-3P yOlk was chosen for the Big R 2019 Calendar!!! Look for this cutie in April! 🤩🤩


Our local nursery is having a chicken photo contest... I decided to go with this classic. Star Wars and chickens are such an obvious combo. Like peanut butter and jelly. 🖤🖤😂 #darthvaderanddarthlayer


Started working on the new chicken coop! Counting down the days till we all move up to the mountains. Can't wait to have my girls close by again. ♥️


Boba Peck our Barnevelder is the first of the teenagers to start laying and her eggs do not disappoint! 😍


Only thing missing from my kids and husband's back to school photos are a couple chickens. 😂 If Darth Vader taught History...


I'm really missing my girls. We go and see them every week but it's not the same as being able to walk outside and visit them or feed them or watch them fight over some tiny piece of food. 😞


It's been a while since I shared Simone's glorious fluff. Happy fluffy butt Friday! 🍑


Most of you know we love the Denver Broncos I mean who else puts football helmets on their chickens?? Today my son went to the @broncos training camp with a sign he made that said "Von, my chickens want your autograph!" Von Miller, a man of impeccable taste, also loves chickens and not only did he give my boy an autograph but he then asked my son to autograph the poster he made so that Von could have it to hang up in his house. 😂😂😂 Thank you, @vonmiller for making my sons day!!


I had to talk my husband into chickens a year and a half ago. He had no desire to have birds in our backyard... Now he is absolutely a crazy chicken man and I have to worry about him coming home with random chickens to add to our flock. 😂 🐔🐤


It's #chickthrowback for #throwbackthursday - I'm playing along with my friend Erin, @urbannarnia and sharing this photo of my favorite new girl F-Hen 2187 (Finn) Hoping @shortgirlfarm and @covertchickenco will play along too. 🙂


You guys!!! I found an entire unedited album of the teenagers from before we moved out of the house. Yay!!! So excited to share them with you. Here is our beautiful speckled Sussex Hen Solo. Solo is for sure one of the most beautiful of the new girls!! 😍


There's the slightest possibility that we miss our girls more than they miss us. 😂