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Ferns are one of my favorite things about the NW🌿 Shot on Ektar 100++ #filmisnotdead


2018 in review, digital and film. Swipe to check out all the photos! It was a great year, thank you to everyone who made it a great year! Here’s to more amazing memories in 2019. Layout inspired by @andrewtkearns @samdavidsmith & others


It was amazing finally seeing this place in person, after seeing it in photos for so many years. I wish Utah had more waterfalls. Shot on Ektar 100++ #filmisnotdead


Longer days. It’s funny to think that this photo was taken at 8:49pm, right now it’s 8:19pm and it’s been night time for like 4 hours.


It’s been a crazy 24 hours in Washington so far. Hopped off the plane yesterday morning, took the train up north and met up with my bois @jeraldmcdermott @nwnatives & @michaelflugstad, then we slogged 7 miles up & down a mountain through the rain and slush, getting absolutely soaked in the process. We made it out alive & got Cafe Rio. (it’s half price here on Tuesdays, wtf Utah) Now I’m about to hop on the train up to Bellingham, where I’ll be the rest of the week!




Beyond excited to be heading up to Washington next week. It’s been far too long since I’ve been in the NW. If you’re in the Seattle/Bellingham area and want to hang out & shoot lmk!


My best friend is getting married! wtf I’m old. Thanks for having me take pics of you cuties @thechaserobbins @happycamperrr_


Early mornings at Brighton


@haleymcallahan in the fall leaves


Lesser seen views in Zion


The first time @haaave_you_met_carsen & I shot, about a year ago💫


Little details along the way, and the reward at the end. Missing summer hiking in the mountains rn.


Slightly different perspective of a common photo (see 4 posts back)