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A quick post to say hi to my new followers & also a thank you to those who nominated my writing for a Sprudgie. Both my newsletter and “collected works” (like everything I ever wrote in 2018??) were part of it. You can vote on @sprudge! I’ve been posting more often on stories these days, as I’m not taking as many pictures or finding the right words yet. . Pic is from my writing retreat earlier this year. I was in charge of coffee! It looks like I brewed it out here but it was actually 100°F and there was a bee’s nest under the deck. So I just carried the setup for the photo 😂.


Went to Big Basin a bit ago to catch fall colors but instead learned that redwoods are evergreen 😂. I’m not quite sure why, but this photo feels very peaceful to me.


I asked how the strawberry shortcake cortado was made @fleetcoffeeco & the barista said they steep the milk in strawberry shortcake 😳. Served with a side of strawberry wafer. A total dessert drink.


Vote like your life depends on it, or someone else’s life, or the environment’s, or the lives of children practicing active shooter drills, or someone else’s votes being suppressed, or because you’re able to. Inaction is still an action. For the CA/SF folks, I’m happy to help talk through the props with you- DM me!


If this had a title, it would be “Baking My Way Through Cultural Guilt & Realizing I’ll Always be an Other, no. 5: Mooncakes” 🥮. This is from the weekend of the moon festival in September. I learned last year that I should not make my own lard. Instead, I went to a Cantonese store to find some and they couldn’t understand what I wanted (pig fat? Melted. In a jar) so I found it at a bougey butcher shop instead. . I also wanted to add salted eggs this time. So I got eggs from a brining barrel and upon rolling the shell, realized they weren’t cooked yet like all the other salted duck eggs I’ve bought before. I cooked them and then packed half a yolk into red bean paste. . These took me four hours to make 14 mooncakes. I was happy after making them and proud of how flaky I got them but I’m not sure if they made a dent in that cultural guilt. 💅🏻@theseanfarley


Tell me an accomplishment (small or large) that you’re proud of. I recently started learning spanish on Duolingo on the casual track (5 min/day) and now I’m on a 13-day streak. . Photo- was given a wedding arrangement on Sunday night so i felt like I should take some photos. This looks like it was taken in a studio, but all I used was natural light and a chair, no reflectors or anything else!


Had neglected posting because I felt like I was hitting a creative block (and there’s so much *work* in processing photos, exporting, captioning, etc etc). So I’m back now with at least the next three images planned with a continuing theme of darkness. This one is donuts and whatever agua fresca was available @bl4cksmith that day. 😋


Another of those Texas latergrams- this time it’s 11 pm @morningstarhou & @greenwaybarista’s hands showing me how to flip old-fashioned donuts. 🍩✨


In Austin, this coffee shop corner barely needed a photo edit. I love all the plants here! Also, my 3-part series on intellectual property (examined through various angles) is fully published on @sprudge this week. It’s my most heavily researched & interviewed set of pieces yet and I’m very proud of the fact that I yelled only a few times out of frustration (bc this topic was enormous).


Still in Houston latergrams. That time I tried Sichuan peppers for the first time with @bethany1.0 & @hermitudinous. The problem is that I’m very bad at dealing with capsaicin spice and some of these dishes had both the numbing spice and peppers! OTOH, I also didn’t overeat?


When the lighting is perfect and so are your coffee friends. ✨


I haven’t really posted about my Texas trip outside of IG stories. So here goes: pho was at the top of my list in Houston and I was very excited to have this meal with @bethany1.0 & @hermitudinous. I would like to note that this was eaten two hours after brunch and three hours before dinner number two. 😳 . And if you’ve read this far, don’t forget to check or register to vote! Several states have their registration deadlines coming up tomorrow.


Believe women. Believe survivors. What a rage-inducing day/week/year.


I had a big caption ready to go in my head about how I was fine (the midwestern definition) but now I actually am doing better. Thanks to those who reached out. It’s been really wonderful to see a bunch of Coffee people in the last few weeks. I left Houston today and am now in Austin. I’m ready for my talk at Access!


Hi friends and new followers, here’s a life update from this week. 1- the corpse flower @conservatoryofflowers bloomed on Tuesday! I missed the one in July’s stinkiness by one day so this time around, I ran out when I heard the news. Sensory notes: rotting yeast, bad BO, and garbage that has sat in the sun all day. I also love the first photo for the crowd frenzy. 🤓 in the 2nd photo, it’s being pollinated. 2- I wrote an opinion editorial piece on gesha instead of geisha. It published on Wednesday @Sprudge. My highlights have additional comments on it. 3- I’ve been asked to replace the keynote speaker for the BGA Access event in Austin. I’ll be speaking on social media- personal branding, getting into it as a career, and things you can do for your coffee company. Now taking questions that you’d like answered during my talk!


Snapped this on a recent visit to the @conservatoryofflowers when the corpse flower was around. I missed the stinky smell by one day but it turns out that there is going to be another one blooming soon!


I love the moody gray and orange tones of this. The overcast sky in Seattle in June certainly helped. 💅🏻 model @theseanfarley