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Me vs me 🙋🏼‍♀️ Oh the difference an angle or position can make! Standing, posing and tensing, as opposed to sitting relaxed with that Mum skin 🤭 I know we all see those instagram vs real life posts, and they are important reminders. But it’s also important to embrace and show all sides of yourself... loose skin Mum tum and all! 👊🏼 #postpartumbody #beforeandafter


Nourishing your body is a great way to show yourself some love 💜 this smoothie is: Blueberries Plum Honey Yogurt Cinnamon Almond milk Vanilla protein powder by @twoislandsco Totally delicious! Perfect way to start the day 🙌🏼 #selflove #thece8wc #twoislands


Self love is something I think we often neglect as women.. throw in work and motherhood into the mix and caring for ourselves is too often dropped for other priorities 💁🏼‍♀️ for me, exercise is one important aspect of self-love 💜 now that I’m a working mum with an almost-toddler, finding the time to workout is becoming increasingly difficult. So having amazing exercise programs like @thecollectiveelite are such an awesome tool for self-love and getting your A into G! 💪🏼 #thece8wc #thecelife


My goal while doing @thecollectiveelite is to stay fit and healthy for my family 💜 I want to be able to participate and enjoy physical activities (except cycling) that my active hubby wants to do, and I want my daughter to grow up with a sense of enjoyment when it comes to exercise, rather than the dread I grew up with 🙃 #thece8wc #goals #wearethece


Pelvic floor muscles are important for every women, not just in pregnancy and post-natal care 🌸 personally, as someone with scoliosis I appreciate the importance of strong pelvic floor muscles to help support and stabilise my spine. I try to do pelvic floor exercises almost every day, so I was stoked to find @danalandgren new pelvic floor and core guide 🙌🏼 the guide has 3 levels, plus a pregnancy section. I’m currently enjoying being challenged by the level 3 part, it requires some serious strength and concentration! 😅 #danalandgren #activewithd #pelvicfloor #postpartumbody


Things don’t always go to plan, so sometimes you need to be flexible and adapt your workout ⚡️ a teething babe who doesn’t want to be put down means my workout became a fun game with her. Luckily she’s 10kg so it’s still a challenge 💪🏼😅 #mumlife #thece8wc #thecelife


The CE week 0 ➡️ The CE week 8And just like that, the 8 week @thecollectiveelite challenge is done! 💥 Since starting I’ve been sick twice (thanks daycare bugs), workouts have been disrupted countless times, and I’ve started back at work so the fact I can do the program from home has been amazing 🙌🏼 the program has taught me to be flexible with my time but also prioritise my time to ensure I get it done 💪🏼 and, I’m loving the progress 😜 bring on the next 8 week challenge!! 🔥 #thece8wc #progresspic #thecelife #wearethece


Weekend adventures around Welly 👌🏼 walks and brunch are my favourite weekend activities 🙊 what do you love doing on the weekend? #wellingtonwanders #wellington #redrocks


I’m officially a working mum 👩🏼‍💻 I’ve found it hard to adjust to this new chapter and find time to myself, especially to workout 😅 yesterday’s workout was squeezed in.. just! I’m super thankful that there’s a round two of #thece8wc so I can keep that as my focus while I adjust to our new way of life! 💪🏼 #workingmum #worklifebalance


When my postpartum photo was reposted by a few pages (thank you to them! 🙌🏼) there were a few comments about the different shape/look of my back, including some that because of the bumpy bit it must be photoshopped 🙄 I used to be so self conscious about that part of my back 🙈 but now if anyone mentions it I try and educate them... a common side effect of scoliosis is a muscle imbalance. The muscles located on either side of the spine are often heavily impacted by the curved spine, meaning muscles on one side can be weaker than the other side. So while it shows my weaker side, it also shows my strong side 💪🏼 #scoliosis #bentnotbroken #scoliosisstrong


💛 Wow, thank you all for your lovely words on my 9 month postpartum update, you’re all rock stars 🙌🏼 and hello to my new followers 🙋🏼‍♀️ I got a few of the same questions from that post, so here’s the answers • I did get some stretch marks, they’re on my upper thigh/hip and mostly covered by my underwear. For my belly, I used @naturebabynz belly oil 2-3 times a day! • Yes, Evie was a big baby! She was born at 41+4 and was 4.2kg • Being pregnant didn’t seem to impact my scoliosis as much as I anticipated, but I went to my osteopath weekly in the third trimester If you have any questions, DM me or comment below 😘 #postpartumfitness #9monthspostpartum


9 months in ➡️ 9 months out There are so many of these posts on the gram with captions along the lines of... it takes 9 months to grow your baby and 9 months to get your pre-baby body back. It shouldn’t be about “getting your body back”. The truth is in most cases, your body won’t be the same, in a great way. This Mum gig is a tough one; both physically and emotionally. It is the most incredible gift I’ve been given, the opportunity to be a Mum, but it’s also taught me more about myself in 9 months then I’ve ever learnt before. You no longer just have yourself, you also have to give all you’ve got to this new and amazing little person. And how freaking awesome is that. Your postpartum journey shouldn’t be purely focused on getting your pre-baby body back, because now you know you’re stronger than that. You might look different, but you know what your body is capable of and that’s pretty powerful. My postpartum fitness journey has had ups and downs. I started back doing BBG which I had done prior to getting pregnant for almost two years. Doing something familiar but also challenging was a great way to get back into it. Then we went on holiday, and Christmas came. With the new year I needed a new focus, so I started @thecollectiveelite 8 week challenge. It was exactly what I needed, a fresh start and fresh challenge 💪🏼 #9monthsin9monthsout #9monthspostpartum #progresspic


How good are planks!? 🙌🏼 holding a plank requires strength in your abs, back and core, which makes it a fav of mine postpartum and for my scoliosis. Add a plank session to the end of your workout and slowly increase the time you hold the position. It’s tough but so worth it! 😅 how long can you hold a plank? #plankworkout #plankitout


I finally found a green smoothie I like! 💚 spinach, avocado, mango, banana and cashew nuts 🙌🏼 what’s your fav green smoothie recipe? 🤗 #greensmoothie #smoothierecipes


Yoga for back pain ✌🏼 since sharing a few photos of the stretches and yoga I do for my back, I thought I’d share a quick snippet 📹 (note this video has been sped up) these are a few absolute favourites to help twist and align my back - easy pose twist, staff pose, half spinal twist, and normal and wide child pose ❣️ if you find these helpful, let me know! Or comment below with any other awesome back stretches 🙌🏼 #yogalover #backpainrelief #scoliosis


There’s nothing like having a baby to make you truly appreciate the value of time ⏳ you appreciate every second you get - the extra minutes of nap time, the moments of peace in the shower, the quick workout you’ve managed to squeeze in. And of course the days that fly by as they grow and change before your eyes, how quickly a moment passes, and how special your time is with them 💕 That’s definitely why I appreciate workout programs like @thecollectiveelite that allow me to workout from home, in under 30 minutes! 💪🏼 it means more time with her 👶🏼 #mumlife #thece8wc #wearethece


Back stretch and strengthening ✌🏼 this yoga move called thread the needle is my all time favourite back stretch 💥 this is perfect to target your middle-upper back, something I find hard to do but necessary for my scoliosis ☺️ #scoliosis #backstretch #bentnotbroken #yoga


You know your workout was tough when you need to stand outside in the Wellington wind to cool down 😅 we’re officially in week 4 of #thece... and I’m loving it! 🖤 I like that the circuits are short (although 3 mins have never felt longer!), I’m liking the results I’m seeing so far, and the best part is I can do it entirely from home 🙌🏼 #wearethece #thece8wc #thecelife