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I love opportunities to be more playful. I get this from my Dad. ❤️Comic-Con is so full of creative, nonsensical, exuberant moments and I’m grateful to share them with my Dad. #SDCC2018 you da best!


This is one of my favorite shoots (and the most physically challenging) from my time as a fitness contributor for WhoSay. In LA, trends come and go but this versaclimber workout continues to be one of the most effective I’ve done. Thanks again to @risenation and @katieomgomg for the demo and kicking my a$$!! #flashbackfridays


The loss is immeasurable, but so is the love left behind. Of all the petite treasures in my life, I loved you most of all, my dear food-loving, sun-worshipping, hiking-buddy, Maximus. Your first year gone...7.17.2017 🐾 • • While neither Brendan or I regret the thousands spent on Max’s chemo to prolong his life, here are some holistic tactics that we also used, through Doggie Nutrition, that might help your dog in place of or with chemo: 🐶 1. Reduce the carbohydrates your dog eats. Carbs cause a net energy loss to your dog, and in essence further fuel the cancer cells. Stick with organic, homemade protein like chicken breast and ground turkey for them. 2. Use fish oil supplements (high in omega3 fatty acids ) to reduce or eliminate some of cancer’s metabolic alterations. Same with vitamin C. 3. Feed them the most appetizing food you can find. Anorexia and weight loss will speed your dog’s death. The more they eat, the better chance they have. ❤️ • • I hope this info can help someone who may be going through what we went through. #rememberingMaximus


Oh man, these spaghetti balls! I seriously need to get my hands on this recipe. I had this for my early dinner and it made me so happy. Can’t beat it! 😍 Meatless⚡️GFree⚡️Dairy Free⚡️Zucchini-made ⚡️


“Who were you, before you were told who to be?” I saw this thought-provoking question in @jacquelyncfitness post last night and wanted to repost it for you... 🤔 • • Here was my answer to her post: I always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I ran a lemonade stand and also would sell homemade crafts to my neighbors. I loved bedazzling old t-shirts and sold those too. I even ran an eBay account while in grad school. A major passion of mine was photography and after interning with a fashion photographer, my love for photography remains. 📸 Somehow, after college I was “encouraged” to get the steady eddy 9-5 job, make a solid salary, etc etc. And I did that for a long time. I grew bored though, and anxious, and knew that that life wasn’t for me. I’m so glad to be back in an entrepreneurial groove again. That little kid in me came back and guided me to a life of coaching and providing wellness services in a profitable and fulfilling way. I’m so grateful 👧🏾 • • Who are YOU now and who were you way back when?


Who else is craving some fresh coconut water, because seriously, this summer feels like the hottest ever! 🥥 These babies cool down the body and help to reenergize and replace electrolytes lost during dehydration, so start sippin’ ** 📸Pic taken in the lovely Maya Bay at the sun's peak.** #coconutwaterislife


It’s the little things... 🌊. Who else is looking forward to simple pleasures this weekend? #selfcarefirst


It’s hot as hell out, and still I wanted you. Shakshuka for breakfast... 🍅+🍳 See this 10min recipe on my foodie site, 🙋🏾


I am torturing myself with sled pushes this morning, because I seriously have a list to burn off... cupcakes ✅, Napa wine ✅, you can imagine. How are you guys working out post-holiday? #eqxplayground


With the exception of those of pure Native American descent, no one is actually "from here”. America is a country that symbolizes opportunity and refuge from persecution. Isn’t that how most of us ended up here? This is what we celebrate on Independence Day. Happy 4th to us all! 🇺🇸


I’m grateful AF for this weekend pause. If you want to find happiness, find gratitude first. Do you agree? ✨ #winecountrystyle


When you're in Napa and not really sure what you're in the mood for, don't hesitate... Go to Oxbow Public Market in downtown Napa- local brands, locally sourced food, local love. 🙌🏾❤️ Btw those biscuits were RIDICULOUS!


Talking ‘bout a self-care weekend... Unplugging up in Wine Country is always a good idea. Thanks for being my buddy this weekend @bannybonbon. Cheers! 🥂 #unplug


If not now, then when? 🇨🇭🇨🇭 I remember booking a last-minute day trip to Zürich last summer, feeling guilty about it. I was at the end of a 2 week vacay and “should have” been heading home for work. Instead I fed my soul for one more day and re-routed my flight. ❤️ I strolled the streets of Zürich while eating Swiss truffles and enjoyed the sunshine. What an unforgettable string of moments. So I ask you guys too, with all our adult obligations and reasons to say “not right now”... If not now, then when?


I’ve learned in therapy that emotions are data, not directions. We can recognize how we feel about things and still create enough space between our emotions and rational thought. This can help us make the best decisions for ourselves. 🙇🏾‍♀️ Do you agree? #wisdomwednesday


I don’t care who’s kitchen I’m in, it is my favorite place to be. 👩🏾‍🍳👩🏾‍🍳Maybe it’s from my Southern roots where so much love is poured into cooking and then sharing that love with family and friends. Any kitchen to me feels like home. Where do you guys feel the most at home? Does food make you as happy as it does me? #homemadewithlove 📸 @teri_shuck


* Now entering a stress-free zone * #saturdaymornings


Have yourself a Bubblelicious weekend! 💖 I remember being small and thinking how magical bubbles were. As adults we come to believe there is no such thing as magic. The thing is still everywhere- in a smile, in a meaningful conversation, in an amazing meal. So let’s never stop seeking and enjoying it.... ok that’s enough cheesiness for the day! 😛 #weekendmagic