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I’m batch cooking my remaining veggies, although no promises I won’t give into my pizza craving also. But for now...thumbs up to heirloom carrots, green beans, and sweet potato rounds. 👍🥕🥔 #dinnersides


Focus on what matters to you and hell nah to things/people/situations that don’t add to your life. 🙌🏾 #thoughtfulthursday {image #repost}


With all the complex workouts we want to emulate on IG, we lose sight of the classics like simple lunges and squats- always effective. Who else is getting ready for summer? 👙


The sugar detox challenge I hosted in January was so much fun and the group had success with it. Now I’m back with my friend and fellow coach @amanda_nicole_fitness to offer a 21-day nutrition challenge to get us all summer/beach ready.🥑 🍽 We are offering the challenge through @equinox Sports Club LA and privately for non-members. Send me a message for more info. Let’s do THIS - starting April 16- May 7.✅ #committosomething


I look forward to the day when our kitchens become our pharmacies. Which do you try first when you’re sick, food or medication? Try fermented foods to help your immune system, especially because 80% of our immune system runs from the gut. With my flu-like symptoms this week, here’s what I’m eating to boost my immunity (no antibiotics for me 🚫): 1. kimchi (fermented) 2. tempeh (fermented) 3. brown rice (zinc power) 4. 8 oz of kombucha (fermented). #fermentedfoods #foodismedicine


Good vibrations type of day. 🌝 #lalaland


Good morning reminder for Friday: ❤️ You don’t have to put up with anyone’s bullsh** today. Ok love ya, bye!


Just say no 🚫. I’m pretty good about my products; it’s the flushing out toxic people part that I’m working hard on.


Enough said 🙌🏾. It’s like when you’re on a plane and the attendant reminds you to put on your mask first so that you can better help those around you. We must care for ourselves, in order to help others. #selfcareisntselfish


I can’t put into words how happy (and healthy) brussels sprouts make me! Here’s my roasted balsamic version which is admittedly as good as any I’ve had eating out. 😋 For the recipe visit #brusselsprouts #homemadewithlove


I thought the best part of the afternoon was being on a race track... I changed my mind when I received this shirt. 🙌🏾 @speeddistrict x #thefutureisfemale


When you want something right, sometimes you gotta do it yourself. 💫Mastering my matcha, one morning at a time. Matcha powder ( @shuharicafe ) + steamed Almond milk ( @califiafarms ) 🍵 #matchalatte


In good seasons and in bad, I’ll always support you FSU, #tribepride baby! So proud of you guys for making it to the Sweet 16. And now the Elite 8!❤️💛🧡. And @asbvcd even though you went to Mizzou, you’re a good friend for coming with me tonight lol! #marchmadness #fsualumni


Quickie groceries to carry me until my Sunday shopping. Do you guys go midweek too? This doesn’t mean I won’t eat out this weekend also. 😉 ✅ organic brown eggs 🍳 ✅ a head of leafies 🍃 ✅ organic grapes and blueberries 🍇 ✅ @barneybutter almond butter 🍯 ✅ @erewhonmarket paleo bread 🍞 ✅ @shuharicafe matcha powder 🍵


Product launch parties are fun; going home with big a$$ bags of snacks, even better. Life just got extra crunchy with @popchips new PB line @nutterpuffs. 👍 #aboutlastnight


Lunch. Cruelty-free pasta. I’ve been a mushroom fan since I gave up red meat 20 years ago. The right substitutions help when cutting back on meat. 😋 Shroom Love. #homemadewithlove 1. @maninisgfree lemon linguini 2. Baby Bella shrooms 3. Arugula 4. Avocado oil and pink sea salt #tastytuesday


Baby cousin in town 💕. Living 2200 miles away from home can be tough so seeing this little one makes me so happy! I hope everyone has a heart-filled Friday too! #cousinsreunited @micharlenta.w


I’m glad the fat-free trend died because healthy fats are great for the brain, energy, and weight loss. Last month I got obsessed with using @caveshake powder in my green tea, popcorn (yep!), and protein shakes for fat supplements and flavor. I think you’ll love them too which is why I’m partnering with @caveshake for a 5-pack GIVEAWAY today! You must be in the U.S. and age 18+. ____________________________________________ Here are the rules: 1️⃣Follow @caveshake and me (if you don’t already) 👯‍♀️ 2️⃣Tag a friend who needs healthy fats in their life 😋 3️⃣Share a high fat-low carb dish you love to eat 🥑 in the comments section I’ll announce the winner of 5-fat packs ($29.95 value) on Saturday morning! Good luck!