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“Weak desire produces weak results.” Nutrition Coach 🥑 Personal Trainer 🏃🏿‍♀️ Self Care Queen 👑 Content Creator 📝 @equinox @precisionnutrition

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“Gym-to-lunch look”... do you guys approve? 😜 #fridayfeels #thefutureisfemale


Fishy lunch vibes today 🍴 There’s Farm-to-Table and then there’s Boat-to-Table. When you guys shop fish, do you choose sustainable seafood too? *********************************************************** Here are 3 things to know: 1. Buy American, Buy Local. The USFDA only inspects 2% of all imported seafood. Choose fish closer to home to avoid dangerous antibiotics and chemicals. 🐟 2. Use resources. Check a seafood guide or app before groceries or ordering from a restaurant. It’s a smart way to decide which fishing practices to support. 🐠 3. Be Inquisitive. By asking if a store or restaurant offers sustainable seafood, you reinforce demand for fish to be caught or farmed in responsible ways. 🐡 Choose #sustainableseafood


You are going to be Fine. ♥️ ************************************************************ I figured I’d send this heartfelt reminder on the first Monday of 2019 for the rest of this year. Keep going and Keep growing, You are going to be just Fine.


It’s a cocktail type of Sunday... but hold the vodka, please🍹 ************************************************************ I wanted something for the Golden Globes watch party that’s festive and still honors my month of Dry January. These fruity mocktails turned out pretty tasty:😜 - bottle of Perrier Lime - sliced lemon - handful of berries (squeeze some for extra sweetness) Anyone else out there doing some sort of January detox? 😌


Friday is feeling good, my friends! ********************************************************* When @amber_london1 asked me what I wanted to focus on for my Pilates sesh today, I asked for midsection and thigh slimmers. Who else has this focus post-holidays?? 🤦🏾‍♀️ Every single one of these can also be mimicked on a smooth surface with two small towels or glider discs. Here’s some of what we did: ✔️ Stretch & Ab rolldown Trapeze Pikes Thigh Adduction & Abduction Single-leg Skaters


The last Sunday in 2018... ********************************************************** I am grateful to be self-reflecting in this beautiful hometown of mine. Thank you to everyone who made me smile this year and in return I hope I did the same. 💙


Raise your emoji hand if your struggle is like mine...can’t chill or focus for too long🙋🏾‍♀️ *********************************************************** I enjoy the guided sessions at @unplugmeditation , because being alone in silence puts me to sleep 🤦🏾‍♀️! For January though, along with a sugar detox, I’m challenging myself to 30 days on the @unplugmeditationapp , 5min per day. Like any other muscle, the more it’s challenged, the more it grows. I’m looking forward to more recharging and clarity in 2019. Sign up in advance to take the challenge with me on Jan 1 (app link in bio). Use the promo code INSPIRE2019 for 20% off. Peace & love, peeps! #30daymeditationchallenge


Tis’ the season to workout #truestorytho ********************************************************** It’s my last workout before Christmas and this buddy training sesh by @devourfitness (Nate Dogg) today included 3 Rounds Kettlebell suitcase carries: 3 sec eccentric load down 3 sec hold at bottom 1 sec carry up Repeat x 6 Booty on fire and core on fire (lol the sound effects!). ****🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I’ve been a good girl...Can I have my molasses Christmas cookies now?


Just a local doing touristy thangs... *********************************************************** I wasn’t in the mood for weights or a group workout so the puppy girls and I went for a long walk this am. I got the idea in my head to get a photo for a last-min Holiday card...and the girls refused to cooperate. So anyways, here’s my sort of Christmas card to you all. Hahah hope you like it! 🎄 #holidaywalks & #holidaycards


Santa Baby, I’ve been an awful good girl this year🎅. Which list are you on, the naughty or the nice one? ************************************************************ Inspo: Christmas Lights Makeup: @christina.duerr


My self care journey this year... 🖤 *********************************************************** Saying yes to myself, sometimes means saying no to you. And that’s ok. How do you guys feel about this? #mindfulmonday


From sneakers to sparkles ✨ Happy Holidays @equinox !


When you only have 15 min to move... ************************************************************ Today I choose the stair master. 5 rounds of 3 min circuits: 1 min side step facing right 1 min side step facing left 1 min face-forward speed step #ifyoudidntgramititdidnthappen ✔️


Who else grocery shops on Sundays? ********************************************************** Since I was in the desert this weekend, I came back home yearning high-water-content-foods. Here’s what my dehydrated body was craving today: berries | tomatoes | green beans | broccoli and cabbage | avocados. When in doubt, take a mindful moment to focus on what your body tells you it needs. 💦 #mindfuleating #grocerylist


LA for Thanksgiving | SoFla for Christmas ********************************************************* It’s nice to have friends who I can eat, drink, and be thankful with when I can’t make it home during a particular holiday. If you battle winter blues and you live far from family, the right friends can make all the difference. @stephmason_ thank you for hosting this year. 💕 #whatimgratefulfor


Note to self (and to you): don’t ever grocery shop on an empty stomach. ******************************************* I went in for some Thanksgiving side dish ingredients and came out with Thanksgiving snacks instead lol. @traderjoes Pumpkin chips and pumpkin squash salsa, man oh man these were GOOD! #iatethewholething #pumpkinlove