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His and hers 🤤


Brb.....inventing a time machine to take me back here. With this view. And this weather. I’ve lived in Chicago my whole life and yet every November, I still seem to go into shock that it’s getting too cold for my liking ( like I didn’t know this was going to happen..🤷‍♀️). Oh, and @ciasielo thanks for letting me photograph you anywhere and everywhere we go. 👌🏻


My husband is in sales, so I’m used to him traveling for days at a time. We ladies are always fine here holding down the fort........ until she started full-on crawling yesterday and now I’m all “come backkkk!!””😩😩. 📸- @nicolemoriscophotography


Found an elephant roaming through the condo today......🐘🐘 #imeancmon 😍 #halloween2018


Arden and I made a trip to @target today to pick up some stuff on our list and just as we veered right into the black hole that is the Home section ( every. Damn. Time.)🤦🏼‍♀️, the sweetest old man came up to say hi to Arden. He asked her age and name and then pulled out a $2 bill and handed it to me. He said, “I want you to keep this and give it to Arden on her 2nd birthday and tell her this story.” I thanked him profusely and promised him I would save the $ and then asked Arden to thank him too.( gotta start manners early right?😜). She looked up at him and gave him the biggest gummy smile and he goes “ she just made my day.” No sweet old man... you made MINE! #heartbursting #payitforward #ArdenRae


Chris and I are headed to Europe in a month and are looking for food and activity recommendations for Amsterdam, Ghent and Paris. I’ve been to Paris before but never in the WINTER 😬....and I should also throw in that we are not museum people....🤷‍♀️. #travelgram #meghanleightravels #europetravel


I’ve been looking forward to my own fall family photos since Arden was born. After too many cold dates, we finally made it happen tonight and I can’t. Stop. Smiling. 😍 Thank you to the amazing @nicolemoriscophotography for taking pictures I will cherish forever and for making 623 sneeze noises to get miss Arden to smile 😂.


I know people warned me that it would go by so fast but holy wowww I didn’t think THIS fast! Miss #ArdenRae is 7 months young today and as sassy as ever. ♥️. Oh, and apparently we now need to lower her crib mattress 🤦🏼‍♀️.


My mom guilt faded as soon as I realized how much I needed this little break. 😜. Good drinks, great food and even better company. @disney, you were just what the doctor ordered! #epcotfoodandwinefestival #girlstrip #disneytrip


Only at Epcot can you eat Thai, listen to Moroccan music and drink wine from South Africa while standing in Italy. #livingmybestlife


I get it Arden.... no one wants to get out of bed on a yucky day like today. 😩. Get your act together Chicago! We’re missing out on precious fall time! #ArdenRae


Not lucky.... just smart. 😜. Choosing you 13 years ago was the best decision I ever made. I love doing life with you. Happy #5, my love 😘


Who enjoys family outings more than Arden? I’ll give you a hint...... I’ve been singing “Baby Baluga” on repeat for the past week. Raffi ain’t got sh*t on me. 😜


When I showed up on Taylor’s big day, she showed me her dress and I said, “ wow- this is gorgeous!” She responded with, “it isn’t my original dress. The original was ruined by my seamstress a few weeks before the wedding and I had to run and find a new one off the rack last minute.” She was so chill and calm about it, I literally couldn’t stop staring at her and her awesomeness. I mean seriously tho.... what bride is THIS chill? After she told me that, I knew this would be a fun wedding to shoot. She clearly had her priorities in Check. A dress is just a dress. And hot dayam did she rock this new dress. Looking good @tapeters5 👌🏻👌🏻


Somehow I have a 6 month old already..... and I find myself torn between missing her being so teeny and being super excited to see how she’s gonna change every day here on out. 👶🏼 Miss Arden, thanks for making me laugh so hard every day with your crazy personality and funny faces. I’m sorry I make fun of your fat thighs and butt and snack on your cheeks every day. Your pierced lip smile is my favorite and I love how you smile with your eyes before that. I’m sorry for shoving baby sign language down your throat.🤷🏼‍♀️ I love how you sing with me during every poorly sung song I sing you and how you turn your head towards music anytime you hear it. I’m sorry for always taking so many videos and photos of you but I’m also not sorry because you’re going to want to see these someday. I love how you love your car seat and long distance road trips and can currently fall asleep anywhere we put you. I’m sorry that one day you’re going to be confused when we tell you your real name is Arden when you have been thinking this whole time that it’s nugget or bubba or baby girl. Thanks for sleeping through the night so Mom and Dad can run at more than 30% battery life. 👍🏻. I love how you are so good with strangers and smile at everyone you meet but one day we’re gonna have to teach you #strangerdanger. You keep scratching your face because your nails are so long but I’m too afraid to cut them so I’m sorry. I’m also v sorry for letting you fall on your head while taking these photos just so I could get the perfect shot. 😬You might be 1/2 a year old but we WHOLE love you. #ArdenRae


I decided today that I miss food. I miss eating cheese and Thai food, creating recipes, photographing at some of the best restaurants in the city, and going out to nice dinners where I don’t have a baby sitting next to me that needs to eat first. Call me selfish or call me crazy but if you know me well, you know that food and Meghan go together like cheeseburgers and fries. Peas and carrots. Lamb and tuna fish. (Big Daddy reference anybody!? 😜) Maybe you prefer Spaghetti and meatball? 😂


These two are getting married today at......(wait for it)...... @revbrewchicago !!! How awesome is that!?! I don’t care what the “ rules” are normally..... this photog is having a beer tonight! 😜 #meghanleighbride