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#mate20pro #londoneye #london (#wideangle with a little bit of #lux)


Spent another few minutes with the gargantuan #HuaweiMate20X. A bit let down by the more conventional design cues and the practical fingerprint sensor (vs in-screen), but surprised to say that even at 7.2", the FHD+ display doesn't look bad at all. It's also much lighter than I expected. What do you think: is the age of the phablet back? #huaweimate20 #mate20x #phablet #tablet #tech #instatech #smartphones


Inaugural #mate20pro photo: wide angle, no filter. [📸: @alexdobie]


If you'd told me five years ago that I would reschedule two weeks of content so I could fly across an ocean to see a Huawei phone, I'd have laughed politely and said "okay bud." But the #Mate20Pro has me smitten. Ultrawide camera, telephoto camera, 40MP camera, 4200 mAh battery, in-screen fingerprint, wireless charging, REVERSE wireless charging ... it's an insane monument to mobile power. My hands-on is live on YouTube right now! #mate20pro #mate20 #huaweimate20pro #smartphones #tech #technology #instatech


I do 75% of my script writing and research in coffee shops. This one, with a pop-punk soundtrack and suitably irreverent attitude, took about five minutes to become my new London favorite. Maybe it also had something to do with the ten or so travel/tech friends standing behind me in line as I took this; I'd like to have gotten them into the shot, but my sentimental side maintains that their presence is reflected in the warmth and coziness of the space. (I know, gross. Gimme a break; I've been working for fifteen hours.) #london #coffee #work | #shotonpixel #pixel3 #nofilter


The other big news out of #Google this week is the #PixelSlate, the #ChromeOS convertible notebook/tablet. Think it’ll make any iPad users think twice? Check out the hands-on video on the YouTube channel now! #tablet #notebook #instatech #tech


Out and about in LA last week with the #Pixel3, featuring @jvtechtea @mattswider and @razer with the final shot by @theunlockr. Review coming soon. Next stop: London!


For the third year running, #Google is out to set a new standard for smartphone photography with the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL. Check out this quick preview, and the longer one on the YouTube! Link in bio. #smartphone #pixel3 #pixel3xl #instatech #tech


Power Talkie is a cool idea for those who spend a lot of time in the great outdoors. When you’re outside of cellular coverage, you can pair these beefy monsters to your smartphone via Bluetooth and enjoy voice and text messaging across distances of 10 to 20 miles. There’s also GPS SOS capability, and the Talkies also function as battery packs. The Indiegogo ends soon – check out the link in the bio if you’re a frequent hiker who wants in on the action! #tech #powertalkie #walkietalkie #tech #technology #smartphones #instatech


I love it when a sequel fixes almost all of my complaints about the original. The #razerphone2 is here and it’s faster, sleeker, louder and brighter – and, yes, more expensive. But with a feature list this long, $799 is starting to seem pretty reasonable alongside all the four-figure phones hitting the market. Hit the link in the bio for the extended hands-on on YouTube, and stay tuned for the full review coming soon! #razer #razerphone #gaming #tech #instatech #smartphones #chroma


T minus three hours till we see the next thing out of #razer here in LA! Mobile gaming fans, what're you hoping to see tonight? [📸: @michaeljosh on a #pixel3]


I've seen two main reactions to the #PixelSlate since Google's announcement yesterday: 1) cool new Chromebook/tablet combo; 2) too expensive in a world where the Microsoft Surface exists. What do you think?