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I’ll never claim to be an expert on anything because my philosophy is that one should ALWAYS be learning. I’m a researcher and when my friends or anyone reach out to me for natural remedies, I study then make recommendations and referrals. My friend here had been trying to conceive since our time in the military almost 10 years ago. She reached out to me last year, I gave her some tips, and she followed them. She just had her baby on 11/30. 😘♥️🌿 #thenaturalremedyqueen #naturalremediesthatwork #naturalliving #healthyliving #holisticliving


Reposting for a third time because some of us aren’t hearing this!! #tbt #stillrelevant ・・・ Fertility issues? Ovarian/Cervical/Breast cancer? Endometriosis? Hormonal issues? Decreased libido? Depression? Acne? The list goes on.... Many of these issues are not only caused by certain foods and toxins but also by the common denominator in many women: BIRTH CONTROL. I'm sure it's obvious by my 3 musketeers 😂, but I haven't been on birth control in almost 5 years. During the time I was on birth control and had been on them for about 6 years, my doctor found pre-cancerous cells which causes me to need surgery in order to have them removed. The surgery went well and I was fine afterwards, however, I had other negative side effects of taking birth control. I decided to get off of them but of course a detox was needed. When you've been putting something into your body for so long, it's so important to detox in order for it to be removed. I highly encourage women to look at more natural forms of birth control or use the pull out method in order to prevent pregnancy, if that's the goal. Also, DO NOT be fooled low-estrogen, low-hormone, blah blah blah...IT'S ALL THE SAME and it's all bad for our bodies. ❤️🌿The Natural Remedy Queen 👸🏽🌍 healthyliving #naturalliving #detoxbirthcontrol #thenaturalremedyqueen


It’s Talkative Tuesday w/ The Natural Remedy Queen and here’s your natural remedy for ear infections! So as you guys know, I do not take my kids to the doctor. It would have to be something EXTREME for us to go because I am ANTI antibiotics, vaccines, and pretty much anything else they offer. Anywho, if you remember from last week I talked about Jax being fussy in school and at home. He also tugged at his ear stating that it hurt. So I went to @luckysmarket to purchase garlic drops which covers ear infections and ear pain and came across this kid version which also includes other herbs that help ease and relieve any ear pain. After just one dose, he no longer complained of ear pain, although, I recommend using a couple of days to be sure the infection (if any) is gone. Tag a friend or share this post with anyone you think may need it. As always, love ♥️ & herbs 🌿, The Natural Remedy Queen 👸🏽🌍 #talkativetuesdayswtnrq #thenaturalremedyqueen #naturalremediesthatwork #herbsoverdrugs #naturalliving #healthyliving #earinfectionremedy


Hey loves! It’s Tuesday so you know what that’s time to talk! I’ll be posting some goodies throughout the day. Stay tuned 😘♥️🌿 #talkativetuesdayswtnrq #thenaturalremedyqueen #naturalremediesthatwork


When I arrived at Jax’s school to pick him up today, his teachers said he’d been fussy and clingy all day which is so unlike him because he’s always so bubbly at school. He fussed all the way home and once we got home plus I couldn’t put him down for more than 5 minutes. Here we are now, after giving him the @thegraciousearth Calendula & Chamomile Herbal Detox Bath and spraying him down with the Lavender & Chamomile Air Freshener. I finally got a smile out of him and can go help my oldest with his homework because he’s Netflix and chillin’ ☺️🙌🏾🥳 I don’t just sell natural products. These are products I’ve used and tested over the years and they WORK! #thenaturalremedyqueen #naturalremediesthatwork #thegraciousearth #herbaldetoxbathblends #calmfussybabies


Hey loves! I’ve been hearing a lot about little ones getting sick and Jax had picked up some germs from daycare as well. I’d been giving him the elderberry syrup but I wanted to add in echinacea because it works so well for adults but I couldn’t give him mine. I came across this blend that has elderberry, echinacea, and vitamin C. That combined with their daily WHOLE FOOD multivitamin that also contains PROBIOTICS helped get him back to normal. WINNER! ♥️🌿The Natural Remedy Queen👸🏽🌍 #talkativetuesdayswtnrq #naturalliving #healthyliving #drugfreeliving #probioticsoverantibiotics #thenaturalremedyqueen


Here’s another natural remedy for the day! If you feel like you’re getting sick or you’re already sick, this combo will get you right! I’ve always been all about Elderberry syrup but thanks to my friend @_jessicamariex_ who posted about the Echinacea Goldenseal a couple of weeks ago, I decided to combine the two and it worked MUCH FASTER! Just follow the instructions as directed and you’ll bounce back quick! ♥️🌿The Natural Remedy Queen 👸🏽🌍 #thenaturalremedyqueen #naturalremediesthatwork #toxinfree #kickacoldfast #talkativetuesdayswtnrq


Another natural remedy will be posted in just a few! Stay tuned! #thenaturalremedyqueen #naturalremedies #remediesthatwork #talkativetuesdayswtnrq


Here’s the first natural remedy I’ll be sharing today. Babygirl somehow developed a skin tag on her cheek. Here’s what we did to get rid of it: 1. Applied equal parts of baking soda and castor oil each night at bedtime to dry it out. 2. Tied a string around it to cut off blood circulation. That’s it! Easy and painless! Any questions, just ask! ♥️🌿The Natural Remedy Queen 👸🏽🌍 #thenaturalremedyqueen #naturalremedies #remediesthatwork #talkativetuesdayswtnrq


I’m just here to do the work that was assigned to me. All the credit goes to my Creator for the assignment. 🙏🏾🙌🏾 #thenaturalremedyqueen #livingonpurpose #performingmywork #livinginassignment #blessedandblissed


Ladies!!! If you’re still using Dove, Summer’s Eve, Vagisil, or ANY other toxin and chemical filled products on your lady parts...WHY???? They all contribute to vaginal issues by throwing your pH off. The level of joy I have right now because my order from @nenefemhealth came in a day early is inexplainable!!! 🤸🏽‍♀️I’ve been using the Vagina Therapy (green bottle) since August and it has done wonders for my yoni! I sorta went into depression when I ran out because I hadn’t ordered more in advance 😫. I also use the boric acid suppositories after my cycle as a “reset” and man oh man 👀💦. Anyways, I am so excited to try the Lotus Wash but I’m sure I’ll love it as I do the other products 🙌🏾 Shop with @nerissanefeteri @nenefemhealth @neneorganics !! Your yoni will thank you! ♥️🌿The Natural Remedy Queen 👸🏽🌍 #shopsmallbusiness #shopblackowned #shopsmallbusiness #thenaturalremedyqueen #takeyouryonihealthserious


When someone comes to me asking for help with a health issue I ask them a few questions. The 1st question being, “Are you ready to commit”? I ask this because it takes commitment in order to get your health back in order and neither of us need to waste our time. The 2nd question, “Are you willing to stop taking prescription and OTC medications”? You cannot heal yourself in the same environment that made you sick. Trying to combine western medicine and alternative medicine is counterproductive. The last question, “Are you ready to commit”? Yes, I ask it twice because again it takes time to research and create health regimens that works for a specific individual and their health issues. With all due respect, don’t waste my time. My friend here was ready to commit and stopped taking birth control as advised because she fully trusted me as vessel walking in my purpose. We started her health regimen in April and she followed it precisely and still does. As you can see, she no longer suffers with her PCOS issues, no longer takes medications including antidepressants, and in her words “feel 1000 times better”. Thank you my friend for trusting in my purpose. 😘 ♥️🌿The Natural Remedy Queen👸🏽🌍 #thenaturalremedyqueen #naturalliving #healthyliving #healpcosnaturally #curepcosnaturally #commitmentovercomfort #yourcurenotyourbandaid #trusttheprocess #trustthepurpose


At one point in my life I considered going to school to become a medical doctor, an anesthesiologist to be exact. However, I changed my mind quickly when I learned about all of the science classes I needed to take. Funny how life comes around full circle and now I’m constantly studying science and medicine (alternative that is)😏 Earlier today, Mommy explained the symptoms granny was experiencing. I diagnosed her with a stomach bug then a medical doctor confirmed it. Now we gotta get her right, naturally of course. ♥️🌿The Natural Remedy Queen 👸🏽🌍 #thenaturalremedyqueen #naturalremedies #alternativemedicine


Answer: Toothaches are so annoying and if you’ve ever suffered with one, you know it’s no joke! Sometimes they can lead to headaches and ruin your whole day. Here are some remedies I’ve used in the past to help with toothache: 1. Rub clove oil on the gum diluted with coconut oil. Or add 2 drops of the oil to a cotton ball and stick it in the hole of a cavity, if you have one. 2. Rum (yes, rum 😏) rubbed on the gum or gargle with it. 3. Echinacea and aloe gel - open two capsules and mix with the gel. This makes a paste that you can rub in the gum. 4. Chamomile, calendula, or black tea - let the tea bag or herbs sit on the area for about 15 minutes for up to 3 days. 5. Activated charcoal - mix with water to make a paste to put on a gauze. Bite down on the gauze for about 5 minutes up to 3 times per day. ♥️🌿The Natural Remedy Queen 👸🏽🌍 #talkativetuesdayswtnrq #thenaturalremedyqueen #naturalremedies #toothacheremedy