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Thanks to a fan: @izzyashe @exposuredrag for sending this pic to me. #sallyomalley


This happened tonight at #Mikado in Palm Springs. I was with my son, Nolan and his friends having dinner and we met some VERY WILD Ladies who asked me to do this!!!!! Haha. I didn’t mind...Xo. Thanks so much to Sean the amazing manager who got us a beautiful table. 💕 @nbcsnl thanks @hhenryadams for videotaping and asking me to “put a little more energy into it.” 😀 forgive my pony- tail swim-hair. We were at wet n wild all day whoopin’ it up.(I really never mind if people ask me to do characters.)


Happy Spring! Guess who was also jumping today at the same time? @justinbieber. Got to say hi.


My daughter, Stella! 💕💕💕 (trying on @csiriano dress) happy spring break everyone!!!!!


I am reposting. @dantinianow and I did a musical years ago called SLEEPING BEAUTY in Cleveland, Ohio. Dan found this cast letter I wrote him. I think I was 12 or so when I played Hogal the witch. I had to sing this song: Something’s here I don’t know about. There’s something here unexpected. Someone sent invitations out. And I seem to be neglected. Can it be that there’s none for me? Could I have been rejected? I declare we will have to see if this cannot be CORRECTED!!!!!! (End on an up note) And my friend Ann Ranft’s mom didn’t know that my wings (for the character) were supposed to be crossed and she jumped up on stage when no one was looking and tried to uncross them! These early productions made me love theatre and acting and I loved playing the misunderstood witch, Hogal. heightsyouththeatre #wendyleonard #georgecheeks @dantinianow @wmad7


I left my 💕 in San Francisco.


#Repost @alisonbrie with @get_repost ・・・ So moved by everyone marching today. I believe this generation can make a change and I stand with everyone there today. #marchforourlives #endgunviolence #enough @everytown


My friend, Mike White wrote this beautiful, funny, deep, touching movie. It’s so good!! (I’m not in it but I love it) #bradsstatus have you guys seen it? #benstiller #mikewhite. This movie is on my mind since so many people I know are visiting colleges with their kids. #austinabrams #michaelsheen @msjennafischer @shaziraja_


I feel honored to be a part of this movie. Thanks @guggenheim and @harvard for helping us make this movie and to our amazing historian #marthaneilsmith #madeleineolnek #amyseimetz #wildnightswithemily @jackiemonahan #susanziegler @brettgelman @sxsw @grainyms


#wildnightswithemily link in bio. @sxsw #madeleinenek our wonderful writer director. #emilydickinson #independentmovies Madeleine and I went to @nyutisch together.


Link in bio. I love saying link in bio.


One of our greatest American poets, #emilydickinson only had 11 poems published during her lifetime. Advances in science have allowed researchers to discover that there were erasures in Emily Dickinson’s poems. Basically, her whole life was the opposite of everything you have ever heard. She had a lively romance most of her life with her brother’s wife, Susan (he had a mistress) Emily was determined to get her poems published but was up against the social norms of what was expected of women at that time. I love our movie #wildnightswithemily. Many of her poems and letters were to/for sweet Sue but Mabel, Emily’s brother’s mistress erased all that to make Emily’s works more digestible to the public. They sold her as a recluse, virgin, heart-broken, spinster. It’s interesting looking at a great historical figure like Emily born in 1830 and looking at women now and some of the things they are still up against. @deadline @sxsw #madeleineolnek I 💕 #independentmovies where we can tell stories like these.