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Photo by @JimSugar| While preparing to photograph two 1950’s vintage aircraft at the Pima Air Museum in Tucson, Airizona, a young woman walked into the museum wearing a flight attendants’s uniform of the same vintage as the aircraft. Ms. Jeanne Sorenson graciously allowed me to photograph her to complete the photograph. The addition of Ms.Jeanne Sorenson wearing her 1950’s flight attendant’s uniform made the photograph complete. She walked into that museum like she owned the place. Members of Nikon Professional Services helped me with five strobes to light the shot. (Thanks Brian & J.C.!) The crew from Nikon and I were attending the annual International Society of Aviation Photographer’s symposium & workshop in Tucson, ©2018 Jim Sugar, ©Nikon Professional Services @natgeocreative #Pima Air Museum, #NikonD850 #D850 w/Nikkor 105mm 1.4, 5 SB flashes, #Pima Air & Space Museum #Tuscon, International Society of Aviation Photographers @thePhotoSociety


Photo by @migeophoto // Sun rises over the city of Fira, shifting the white walls from a deep blue to a bright gold. // #fira #greece #sunrise #sunrisesantorini #firasunrise #firagreece


Photo by Carlos Villalon, @villalonsantamaria Coal mine named ¨El Hatillo¨, Lomas de Calentura, Colombia. Colombia is well-endowed with minerals and energy resources. It has the largest coal reserves in Latin America. The country´s coal output has increased consistently from 4 million tons in 1981 to 65.6 million tons in 2006, when it contributed 1.4 percent of the world's coal production. In 2006 Colombia accounted for 81 percent of the total coal production in Central and South America. Furthermore, 94 percent of Colombia's coal is of very good quality and is classified as hard, with high heat-generating capacity. Coal has been Colombia's second-largest export since 2001.The largest coal mines—and the ones that generate the most exports—are located in the north of the country, in the departments of La Guajira and Cesar. #coalmines #coal #environment @villalonsantamaria


Photos by @RobertClarkphoto // I photographed this #pupae of a Common #Birdwing / Troides helena while in Cambodia at the ruins of the temples of #AngkorWat while on assignment for @natgeo #butterfly #papillon #mariposa #farfalla #schmetterling #vilnder #motyl #borboleta


Photo by @williamalbertallard Alcara li Fusi, Sicily, 1994 // In the town of Alcara li Fusi, in warm late afternoon light, a mini skirted café waitress passes a table where an elderly man settles in for a glass of wine. Follow me @williamalbertallard for more images of Sicily and other assignments spanning five decades. #sicily #italy #cafe #shadow #afternoon #filmphotography


Photo by @Cristinamittermeier // I photographed this young boy at the Sing Sing Festival in Mount Hagen several years ago. He was one of many children dressed up to compete for the most cultural integrity. Sing-sing festivals are held in Papa New Guinea with a purpose to share, in peaceful celebration, traditions. 70 years ago, the United Nations established the Declaration of Human Rights, with 30 distinct articles. Article 27 decrees that everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits. It adds that everyone has the right to the protection of the moral and material interests resulting from any scientific, literary or artistic production of which he is the author. Cultural integrity is something very close to my heart. It is where we find "Enoughness" - the practice of finding contentment in culture instead of material things. #Followme at @Cristinamittmeier to learn more about "Enoughness.”


Photograph by @paulnicklen // At -20 degrees Celsius, a grizzly bear feeds along the Fishing Branch River in Canada’s Yukon Territory. Wet fur turns to ice and lips turn red from feasting on salmon. With luck this bear is sound asleep far above the Arctic Circle, saving energy until it wakes up in the spring. Please follow me for more at @PaulNicklen.


Photo by @geosteinmetz // Eye-level view of the salt ridges that emerge from the great Salar de Uyuni. It’s the world’s biggest (4,000 square miles) #salt flat, and the white surface is pure, edible sodium chloride. But below the surface is a briny pool that contains some 2/3 of world’s known reserves of #lithium. To see more follow @geosteinmetz


Photograph by @cookjenshel // For World Water Day we want to again bring some attention to a deeply troubling water issue - the fact that the ancient glaciers of the Andes have lost half of their ice in the past 40 years. Sixty percent of Peru’s population is dependent on getting their drinking water from glaciers – which scientists tell us are receding at a rate of 30 feet per year. We made this photograph in 2010, of a glacier melting into Laguna Llaca, in Huascaran National Park, in the Cordillera Blanca Mountains, in Peru. That glacier, since we made this image, has receded an additional 240 feet. @cookjenshel @thephotosociety @natgeocreative #worldwaterday #water #environment #glaciers


Photo by Carlos Villalon @villalonsantamaria Miners carry a boat through the Zamuro rapids, Inirida river, Colombia. Often people who navigate the Inirida river has to download their belongings from the canoes or boats to go through these rapids on foot. All the Orinoquia region have seen lately a mining boom with discovers of wolfram (Tungsten), tin and lately coltan, all of them labeled conflict minerals since armed irregular groups intend to control these mines and charge taxes to the population who work in such places. #conflictminerals #coltan #colombia #travel @villalonsantamaria


Photograph by Cameron Davidson (@camdavidsonphoto) Drone aerial of tidal marshes with a rising tide. In the early seventies, the Nature Conservancy purchased fourteen Atlantic Ocean barrier islands that make up the Virginia Coast Reserve. Several of the islands are open to the public except during the spring and early summer. To see more of my aerial photography, please follow me at: @camdavidsonphoto #natureconservancy #virginiacoastreserve #aerial #aerialphotography #drone #water #barrierisland #atlanticocean @nature_org


Photo by @scottgoldsmithphoto // This lovely creature was a mental magnet during a long drive this week. In honor of "National Poetry Day" today, the following poem fits my encounter. The mysticism and poetry of horses seems magical. ----------------------------------- Walking through the mead On a gloomy-cloud day, I met an old wise man By the path a little way. He had a mane of tufty white And tick-bites on his skin. He had pools for solemn eyes of black And bristly whiskers on his chin. I asked the wise man many things, But not a word he said. Yet occasionally he would prick his ears And tilt his old grey head. I left with a carrot & farewell, Hoping very much to return to that place In which the wise man dwells. “The Wise Man” by Jessica Young. #Magical #lonely #nationalpoetryday #blackandwhite @thephotosociety