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Like your coffee with a side of whimsy? Check out the Laurence & Chico Cafe in Vancouver. This eyeball is just one of the legs of the chairs. And the bathroom is decked out with trippy lighting and infinity mirrors.


The Malecon in Havana. It's a popular hang out spot. Apparently, it can get quite lively down here, especially in the evenings when locals gather to socialise. It was dead this day though and we hardly saw another person.


The view Ernest Hemingway would see when he was writing The Old Man and the Sea. I think if this is where I did my writing, I might get some work done too!


Another street shot from Havana. Music definitely fills the streets in the tourist core. Looks like this guy was taking a break from playing to say 'hi' to the pup.


One of my favourite things to do when I visit a city is to wander aimlessly. This is some random street we walked down in Havana and it is still full of life and beauty.


While there's no such thing as an animal cuter than a baby sloth, I would argue that these Nara deer frolicking amidst cherry blossoms come pretty close.


There were so many cats in Havana. It was pure heaven for me. There is a local cat rescue agency there that I had wanted to visit, but I was short on time and lacking confidence in my Spanish skills.


We had to buy Laura this plaid jacket from the gift shop at Emerald Lake (Yoho National Park) because even though we knew we were going camping in the mountains and the weather was supposed to be bad, Laura only packed summer clothes. It's an awesome jacket though and it was worth it for the walk around this beautiful lake.


When in the Yukon, it's probably not a great idea to walk around looking like a deer. But it's pretty irresistible! Don't worry, I didn't go into the woods and there weren't any hunters around. Photo by


You can tell from how full these little 4oz cups are that Laura and haven't had much to drink. Yet, we are lightweights enough that I thought it would be hilarious to take this...ummm...artsy photo. Needless to say, this flight of awesome ciders from Cider Riot was followed by a nap.


My beautiful wife enjoying a well-earned cup of tea after hiking 400m in elevation to this teahouse at Lake Louise. Can't really get better scenery than we got up here. We could have done without the mosquitoes though.


It's festival season! Stay cool in the summer heat and stay safe. Also, have yourself an amazing time playing, learning, and making awesome new friends!


Sometimes, people think that because I'm old, I'm mature and they don't tell me they have an old tree fort held up by dead trees on their property. That's fine though. It's more fun to discover such awesome things by chance! . #treefort #myhappyplace #yukon #yukonterritory #backcountrylife #middleofnowhere #steppingstone #playingaround #nottooold


I wouldn't have expected a pride crosswalk in Whitehorse,YT, but was happily surprised. They also had a great art show displaying the works of trans youth.


Vancouver put up a series of murals in 2016 and have since turned it into an annual event. It took me too long to get out and see these, but finally had a reason to when @ryetalkstotheworld was visiting. I won't wait as long this year!