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All of the rainbows! Rainbow tutu, rainbow top, rainbow pants, and an interactive rainbow arch. As autumn sneaks it's way in, I am already missing summer and festival season. Playing inside just isn't the same...


You can tell from how full these little 4oz cups are that Laura and haven't had much to drink. Yet, we are lightweights enough that I thought it would be hilarious to take this...ummm...artsy photo. Needless to say, this flight of awesome ciders from Cider Riot was followed by a nap.


Checking out some little islands and secret swimming holes with my #thursosurf paddle board. Ruby Lake is still my favourite lake on the Sunshine Coast, BC. The water is warm and blue and the lake is big enough that you can find a quiet space for yourself - if you're willing to do a bit of paddling. Unfortunately, I likely won't be doing anymore exploring with my iSUP as I was rear-ended on my way home and now I have whiplash. @thursosurf


My beautiful wife enjoying a well-earned cup of tea after hiking 400m in elevation to this teahouse at Lake Louise. Can't really get better scenery than we got up here. We could have done without the mosquitoes though.


The beaches of the Sunshine Coast might not be sandy, but the waters are warm and clean. And there are these epic West Coast sunsets that wrap up an already perfect day of beaching.


It's festival season! Stay cool in the summer heat and stay safe. Also, have yourself an amazing time playing, learning, and making awesome new friends!


Sometimes, people think that because I'm old, I'm mature and they don't tell me they have an old tree fort held up by dead trees on their property. That's fine though. It's more fun to discover such awesome things by chance! . #treefort #myhappyplace #yukon #yukonterritory #backcountrylife #middleofnowhere #steppingstone #playingaround #nottooold


I wouldn't have expected a pride crosswalk in Whitehorse,YT, but was happily surprised. They also had a great art show displaying the works of trans youth.


Vancouver put up a series of murals in 2016 and have since turned it into an annual event. It took me too long to get out and see these, but finally had a reason to when @ryetalkstotheworld was visiting. I won't wait as long this year!


Every once in a while you make a decision and then think to yourself, 'this is how I'm going to die.' After a member of our group accidentally got swept away by this waterfall and came out fine, the rest of decided it looked like a fun ride. Nobody was hurt, but probably not the best of life choices😀


Turns out I kind of like homesteading. One thing's for sure, you appreciate water much more when you have to pump it yourself. I loved my time in the middle of nowhere in Yukon and now I want to buy some land.


You don't have to get up at 3am to see a beautiful sky on Maui. The sunset at Haleakala is just as beautiful and has way fewer people. Combine sunset viewing with a day hike in the crater. And remember to bring extra layers cus it gets cooooold.


You know what they have in the Yukon? Lots and lots of bears. I saw this grizzly mom and her cub from the comfort of a car, but I did come across a big black bear while hiking as well.


Me trying to be as beautiful as this gorgeous lake. No contest - the lake won.


Is BC made entirely of mountains? It certainly seems like it from 30,000 feet in the air.


Summer is almost here! A beautiful day on Cultus Lake playing with my new favourite toy (Thurso Surf iSUP). I can't wait for more camping trips this season. You can also read my review of this board and what it's like to travel with an iSUP on my blog. @thursosurf


My view for a good portion of this weekend. It's starting to feel like summer.


There is something so tranquil about the ancient Buddhist cemeteries in Japan. Even these old sites covered in moss and lichen still possess an air of peacefulness.