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Had the loveliest time at trans pride today. Met so many amazing people. It's nice not feeling so alone for once! @transpridebrighton


New Twitter pic because I grew a beard and my hair is receding xo


Started my time off work by spending time with my fav human, driving a million miles and exploring another ridiculously beautiful place in the middle of nowhere. Being alone or bored scares me a lot at the minute bc of the places my head goes to, so here's to keeping busy!


Considering I hate myself 90% of the time at the minute, it's nice to embrace the moments when I don't 😂👌


#Pride is a fantastic opportunity to reflect on how far you've come. Being transgender is incredibly tough, so having the support of your family can be completely invaluable. Acceptance in itself is a journey, and while they weren't perfect at first it's incredible to have them with me now. Documented with the @HP Sprocket #ReinventConnections #ad


This weekend's adventure 👀🚗


Thanks @asos for sending me some bits from your asos x glaad& pride range! This unity shirt is definitely my favourite 😍


My little sister just turned 16 the other day and I'm starting to feel old! She's finished her exams, is talking about getting a job and is going to college in September...since when did she stop being 12?!


Drunk photo ops are the best kind.


Went adventuring to Bath today! Freedom is so good 🚗 also saw the new Jurassic World which I thought was so much better than the first one! Unpopular opinion??


Trying my best to be more creative at the minute. I've not taken a sketchbook outside of my bedroom in years, so that's definitely next on my list. That and being less literal with the things I draw. There must have been a point where I focussed so much on making things look real that my art lost it's meaning? Also, with graphic design being my day job now it was very easy to see art as a chore, which is a shame because it's a real healer for me. Even if what I make ends up in the bin, at least for a while my brain was at peace!


Hi people, new videos coming to your faces soon.