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Transguy with designer nipples and a YouTube channel.

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OMG (secretly fanboying shh) 💙🙈 filming with @uppercasechase


Pink boy! 🌸 This is my first time wearing pink in a LONG while, but I actually really like it! In other news, I'm pretty down right now. Things are changing and I'm not sure how to feel about it? I just want someone else to take control of my body for a few months so I can wake up and carry on as normal...because this sucks. I'm trying to stay positive and take each day by the hour but it's hard. We'll see how it goes, but I'm definitely really lucky to have you guys! 💙


The arcade machine is finally done! Complete with 2 player, custom vinyls and a back light! It was the perfect excuse to have some down time and really get engrossed in a personal project 👍🙈


Feels nice to have down time! I've been doing nothing but working on my hobbies and hanging out with my Dad which is a nice change. New video tomorrow/saturday - and a big Thank you all for the lovely messages, I'm so grateful to have you guys! 💙


Blu has hurt his little bean toes so we're just hanging out 😙😷


At the pug meet on Easter Sunday 😂🙈


Stan at the Easter pug parade today!


The things I do for art


This is SO EXCITING OMG. I'm loving these designs! We have an actual company helping this time!


The snow might be freezing but it sure looks fantastic 🤓


It's so cold! 💀


I'll be attending @sitc_event again this year! Honestly these few days are what I look forward to the most all year. 😍🤓 I'm attending all weekend so be sure to grab a ticket if you wanna say hi!