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Actor, Mama, Activist. Warrior. Searching movie NOW , EVERYWHERE .Trying to spread some laughter & light. Tw: @debramessing

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My partner in crime. And he tolerates my little hair clips poking him in the eye. That’s a friend. @eric_mccormack #willandgrace #setlife #blackandwhite


#Repost @officialjld 👏🏻BE LIKE JULIA! I will volunteer , will YOU?👏🏻 ・・・ I made this video to inspire folks not just to vote, but to also volunteer for Democrats this fall. To see the full video, check out my Twitter post. #multiplyyourvote Check out my bio for a link to the exclusive interview with @people, as well as a link to the multiply your vote website.


I couldn’t have said it better myself. The badass Senator Marie Hirono from Hawaii is speaking TRUTH. #DoTheRightThing #IBelieveHer #PostponeTheVote #BlockKavanaugh #FBIInvestigationNow #fullandfairhearings #MazieHirono


The beautiful, divine Blythe Danner returns as Marilyn Truman, Will’s mom. I love her so much.❤️ And, look in mirror! #mirrormagic #willandgrace #davidschwimmer


This is what it’s like to go to a taping of #WillandGrace ! It is a PARTY!🎉🎉🎉 W&G fans are the BEST!


Filming Day 2 of Episode 8! Look at these cuties! @eric_mccormack @seanhayes @nbcwillandgrace


#TBT Sitting around waiting for sundown. For those celebrating Yom Kippur, I wish you an easy fast.


#Repost @mic ・・・ @therealdebramessing, @chelseahandler, @piperperabo and thousands of other women have serious concerns about #brettkavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.



This guy is delicious. #GraceandNoah #willandgrace @_schwim_


Filming half of our 8th episode today because of the Jewish holiday this week. I am exhausted. Which you can see in my eyes. But I’m painted and ready to dive in! #TheShowMustGoOn


The Night Before is always a fantastic night. It’s chance to reunite with friends! Here are a few I got to catch up with . SWIPE