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New post up on the blog about the @ceraveuki Hydrating Cleanser! Cerave is such a great brand to use if you want to get into using skincare more, it’s a great place to start off Don’t forget to leave a comment letting me know what you think ❤️ (link is in the bio) . . . . #cerave #scottishbloggers #hydratingcleanser #skincarejunkie #shinyhappybloggers #glasgowblogger #bloggerstribe #bbloggers #skincare #wakeupandmakeup #skincareaddict #skincarecommunity #sunscreen #ceravehydratingcleanser #drugstoreskincare


If you had to chose a favourite acid what would it be? Mine would be Glycolic acid. Commonly know as a Alpha Hydroxy Acid. Glycolic acid is made from sugar cane and is the smallest of the acids meaning it can penetrate into the epidermis further than most acid, it can effect lots of good changes from surface level exfoliation to stimulating fibroblast cells deep in the dermis which product collagen that keeps our skin firm and bouncy. Glycolic acid is so small so it might not be the best for sensitive skin as it can cause irritation. Glycolic acid can be found anywhere from 5% to 70% 5% can be purchased over the counter and can used everyday we see it in products like @pixibeauty Glow Tonic and alpha hskincare Liquid Gold where as stronger strengths like 30% and above should only be used by professionals at spaced out intervals. Glycolic acid can help to lighten the skin where you have left over Post Inflammatory Erythema, it can help with evening out skin texture and tone, I mentioned earlier it can also help with anti ageing by stimulating collagen production. . . . #bloggerstribe #bbloggers #scottishbloggers #glasgowblogger #shinyhappybloggers #Skincarecommunity #skincarejunkie #alphah #alphahliquidgold #glycolicacid #alphahydroxyacids #skincare #skincareblogger #aha #alphahydroxyacid


If you’ve followed me for any length of time you’ll know I’m not a big fan of traditional toning in my opinion it’s useless these days. The original timers of the years gone by were used to remove the residue of your cleanser as they used to be thick and oily, they were also used to balance out skin as old cleansers were rather alkaline as well but with our more complex and cosmetically elegant cleansers of today we don’t need toners anymore. The only time I see a toner being useful if it’s an acid tone like this one by @officialmedik8 Pore Minimising Tonic is great for using just after you cleanse as it will help to clear out pores! Contrary to popular myth pores do not open or close they only look large and open because they might be congested with a mixture of sebum and dead skin cells. . . This tonic is a combination of Lactic and Mandelic acids both are known to be more gentle on the skin that Glycolic. I like the explain Lactic Acid as little pac men that eat up all of the dead skin cells. Lactic acid is great for dry skin as it is known as the hydrating acid. Mandelic acid is a great exfoliant it’s not as effective as glycolic due to its size (twice as large) since Mandelic is rather new there isn’t much research on it just now. . . I used this for the first time yesterday when I was getting a facial done by @skynglasgow if you are in Glasgow check them out 🙌🏻❤️ you can also buy Medik8 from them as well. Usually with a glycolic toner I feel a tingle but with this I didn’t feel anything which is great because I have been use prescription strength retinol and I have to be careful now since my skin is a little more sensitised. . . . . #medik8 #skincare #skincarejunkie #mandelicacid #lacticacid #glasgowblogger #sunscreen #skintellectual #bloggerstribe #scottishbloggers #shinyhappybloggers #skincareaddict #Skincarecommunity #soincareblogger #instabeauty #bbloggers #aha #alphahydroxyacid #facialistglasgow #skynglasgow #facial


New post up on the blog about the @electricinkskin Tattoo Care range! We always talk about how important skincare is but we often forget our bodies and when you have tattoos want to take care of them! Check out my post (link is in the bio) and leave me a comment on your thoughts . . . . #electricinkskin #scottishbloggers #glasgowPT #skincarejunkie #everydayathletegym #shinyhappybloggers #glasgowblogger #bloggerstribe #bbloggers #skincare #instabeauty #wakeupandmakeup #skincareaddict #skincarecommunity #sunscreen #physicalspf #vibrancyserum #definingoil #tattoo #tattoocare #tattooskincare


I just had to share this as it came this morning and I had never seen anything like this before! A deodorant in a balm form made by start up company @pittldn This one of a kind deodorant is aluminium free, nourishes skin, deodorises effectively and keeps you feeling dry all day. I really like the fact that they market it as a genderless product so both men and women can use it which in my opinion is how all personal care products should be. Pitt London Deodorant is completely cruelty free and is vegan I have honestly never seen anything like this before and was really intrigued at the concept Although not available to buy right now you can pledge money to their kickstarter . . . . #bloggerstribe #bbloggers #scottishbloggers #glasgowblogger #shinyhappybloggers #skincarejunkie #skincareaddict #cosmetics #crueltyfreebeauty #skincareaddict #wakeupandmakeup #pittlondon #facemask #kickstarter #naturaldeodorant #vegan #crueltyfree


Over the years I have tried quite a lot of @sundayriley products! My first ever Retinol was Luna which was amazing it made me fall in love with Retinol ❤️ I recently got a big PR package and Juno was apart of it. This is one of the oils that I hadn’t used yet. Juno is said to rejuvenate dull, lack-lustre complexions whole delivering an intense radiance boost to leave skin looking luminous. Juno contains a cocktail of nourishing oils which absorb quickly to hydrate, whilst balancing sebum production, Vitamin C, essential amino acids and omega-3, 6 and 9 It really impressed me that even though this is an oil it doesn’t linger on the skin causing it too look greasy which is a fantastic thing because I’m oily enough haha I like the fact that it contains absolutely no essential oils because honestly who needs essential oils they are effectively useless which very little real research backing them for use on the skin. I am going to try and add this into my routine for the next few months just to see how well it works and I will report back to let you guys know how I got on with it. . . . . #bloggerstribe #bbloggers #scottishbloggers #glasgowblogger #shinyhappybloggers #skincarejunkie #skincareaddict #cosmetics #skincareaddict #wakeupandmakeup #sundayriley #skincarelover #skincareingredients #bbloggers #junooil #sundayrileyjuno #facialoil


I am a big fan of @pixibeauty they have so many fantastic products, Glow Tonic has to be my favourite acid tone ever. I was curious when Retinol Tonic was announced but if I’m honest i was very skeptical as well 🤷‍♂️ . The first thing that bothered me the most is the packaging design I get that Pixi want a cohesive line but Retinol is photosensitive so it breaks down and degraded in with exposure to sunlight think of all the dark brown, black and opaque bottles retinol comes in and then look at this clear see through bottle. That tells me that either they didn’t think much about the packaging and the retinol isn’t that strong and also you’re going to have to physically keep it in a dark place. There really is very little to no information on the strength or even type of retinol for all we know it could be something as weak as retinyl palmitate which has skin smoothing properties but is no where near as good as something like hydroxypinacolone retinoate or retinaldehyde I think it would be an alright for someone who’s never used Retinol before and wants to find a starting step into it I really don’t like how there are no warnings on any of the glycolic or retinol products as they can cause increased sun sensitivity so you have to be wearing an SPF 30+ everyday and remembering to really if you’re in the sun. I absolutely love how @alphahskincare deals with sun sensitising ingredients they put a warning on the bottle telling people to wear SPF . . . . #bloggerstribe #bbloggers #scottishbloggers #glasgowblogger #shinyhappybloggers #skincarejunkie #skincareaddict #cosmetics #skincareaddict #wakeupandmakeup #pixibeauty #skincarelover #skincareingredients #retinol #pixibypetra #retinoltonic #bbloggers #retinoid


UPDATED SKINCARE ROUTINE . I’ve been using quite a few new products lately, testing things out for reviews etc . Cleanser - @ceraveuki Hydrating Cleanser - Since using Epiduo which contains 2.5% benzoyl peroxide I feel like my skin has become a bit drier but that’s only to be expected. I absolutely love this cleanser there is no foaming and it hydrated the skin so well while removing any makeup and SPF (No fragrance) . Treatment - Epiduo (Adapalene 0.1% and Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5%) Probably one of my favourite retinols ever! I’m totally converted to using prescription strength 🙌🏻❤️ . Serum - @larocheposayuki HyaluB5 an expensive if not great hyaluronic acid serum, I feel like lately I need all the hydration I can get while using Epiduo . Eye - @neostratauk Eye Cream contains 4% Gluconolactone which replenishes the skins moisture levels and stimulates cell turnover. It also preserves the skins elasticity by inhibiting the enzyme that breaks down collagen. . Moisturiser - @alphahskincare Essential Hydration Cream - This is the supersize version 🙌🏻 this moisturiser is great at helping too soothe skin something I need from time to time. . . . . #bloggerstribe #bbloggers #scottishbloggers #glasgowblogger #shinyhappybloggers #skincarejunkie #skincareaddict #cerave #ceravehydratingcleanser #dermatica #adapalene #skincareaddict #wakeupandmakeup #larocheposay #neostrata #alphah #hyalub5 #skincareroutine #skincareblogger


New post up on the blog about the online dermatology service. . I’m so happy I found out about them because without them I would never have gotten to try Adapalene (Differin) not to mention I got to meet the amazing @nmkskin ❤️❤️ . If you’re interested link is in the bio, don’t forget to leave me a comment . . . #


You guys know much I love a skincare gadget and I think I might have found a winner here! . @foreo_uk is always launching new and innovative products such as the Espada light treatment and the Mia facial cleanser. . Meet UFO a 90 second masking device. My main problem with face masks is all the faffing about I hate it haha, I love that this has cut down a 10/20 minute mask to 90 seconds. . UFO is a jack of all trades containing “Hyper-infusion Technology” the plates will either warm to maximise product abortion or cool as a way to diminish the appearance of pores and reduce puffiness. . UFO also contains Red, Blue and Green LED light therapy which can be tailored to your needs in the dedicated app . The last piece of tech in the UFO is the T-Sonic Vibrations, this is a patented technology that boosts absorption of active mask ingredients . All you have to do to use UFO is pair it with your smartphone take a dedicated UFO mask and start the program its as simple as that 🙌🏻 . You can buy different masks in a pack of 7 for £9.99. There are a few different masks such as ones use in the morning, night time, ones for hydrating, glow boosting and oil controlling to name a few. . Although this is a fantastic piece of kit it is definitely something to invest in as it comes in at around £250! Not for the faint of heart but when considering what you get for your money I shall leave that up to you to decide. . . . . #bloggerstribe #bbloggers #scottishbloggers #glasgowblogger #shinyhappybloggers #skincarejunkie #skincareaddict #foreo #cosmetics #facemask #skincareaddict #wakeupandmakeup #foreoufo #foreoufokickstarter #facemask #facemasking


If there’s one type of product I will always love it’s a good cleanser! . I’m of the firm belief that if you get your cleanser right it helps your whole routine, get it wrong and your whole routine is messed up. . I love a oil cleanse and the @s5skincare Neutralise cleanser is no different. S5 is a natural brand made in small batches in Hertfordshire. S5 is designed to solve skin issues. Laura (the owner) has devoted years of her life into the research of harnessing the most effective bioactives found in nature. . This cleanser is specifically for oily sensitive skin. I do have a combination oil skin but I’m not sensitive but I have enjoyed using it whilst on prescription retinol (Adapalene) . Neutralise Cleanser is a lightweight oil cleanser that contains African Moringa Peptides which help to remove micro particles and protect against pollution and Prickly Pear Cactus Extract which helps to hydrate the skin and soothe any irritation. . You will need to use a face cloth with this cleaner as it doesn’t contain any emollients so it won’t emulsify when water is added. . I really like using this as a first cleanse as it works great at removing makeup and SPF 🙌🏻❤️ . . . #bloggerstribe #bbloggers #scottishbloggers #glasgowblogger #shinyhappybloggers #skincarejunkie #skincareaddict #s5skincare #cosmetics #cleanser #skincareaddict #wakeupandmakeup #facialcleanser


I’m always looking for the best sunscreens and I always seem to stay between a few brands one of them being @larocheposayuki I’m a big fan of a lot of their product as you can tell haha. . Anthelios Ultra is an broad spectrum SPF 50+ which contains Mexoryl SX and Tinosorb S. If you haven’t heard of these filters because it’s because they are relatively new to the EU and not available in the US. . Both filters are really interesting as they are both broad spectrum and can even be used by people with sensitive skin LRP have specificity designed this sunscreen with sensitive skin in mind, it demonstrated efficacy in over 28 clinical studies and lastly its completely photostable. . I love this because it is also water resistant and I don’t know of many facial sunscreens that are water resistant. . I much prefer an organic (chemical) SPF because you don’t need to worry about white casts or flashback in photos not to mention these types of sunscreens tend to apply better and aren’t as heavy as inorganic (physical) You’ll also find that these newer filters tend to breakdown slower as well, you should still be applying every 3 hours when in direct sunlight though. . . . . #larocheposay #skincare #skincarejunkie #spf50 #spf #chemicalspf #organicspf #glasgowblogger #sunscreen #skintellectual #bloggerstribe #scottishbloggers #shinyhappybloggers #skincareaddict #Skincarecommunity #soincareblogger #instabeauty #bbloggers #anthelios #antheliosultra #mexorylsx #tinosorbs