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@zmelhus sniping some moody waterfall vibes of @missjanaboughen and her @paul_hewitt watch. • • • #paulhewitt #getanchored #ad #sponsored


Elephants are amazing creatures! Even though their trunks average about 400 lbs they can pick something up as small as a grain of rice. Photo by @donalboyd • • • #exploretocreate #elephant #wildlife


Moody Jurassic Park vibes by @michaelkagerer • • • #exploretocreate #mood #vibes


@davide.anzimanni slaying the color game! • • • #exploretocreate #color #lake


How do you not fall in love with this place? Sooner or later I will buy one of these cabins!!! Thanx again! Have a nice day! @grisentig


@grisentig here again! This year I visited the Alpe di Siusi many times. Cabins, clouds and beautiful colors... Every time it is something magical. • • • #exploretocreate #color #sunset


My name is Gianluca Grisenti @grisentig and I live in Trento, northern italy. In the last two years photography has become for me more than a passion. Is a way to get out of everyday life and to live in touch with nature. This is absolutely my favorite place. A beautiful sunset with the moon and the man reflected in the waters of the Lago Nero. • • • #exploretocreate #italy #lake


Flowing manes by @david.prsl! • • • #exploretocreate #horse #nature


Photo by @ben.janis Mood level is 💯 on this one! • • • #exploretocreate #moodygrams #iceland


@wilderness_addict here with my final post, thanks so much for following along! This is one of my fave spots near my house to come and enjoy a quiet moment, especially when it's snowing!


@wilderness_addict back again, I had vowed to revisit this place after the first snow of the season and so happy I did because it was even more spectacular than I had remembered. • • • #exploretocreate #nationalpark #nature


Hey @wilderness_addict here taking over for the next few posts! This is from one of my favorite sunrises this summer, I struggled with the 4 am wake up call on this morning but it was my last day in Canada so I was determined to make the most of it. I drove an hour to arrive here just as the first light began to rise above the mountains, we quickly jumped in a canoe and watched from the water as the sky lit up to reveal this brilliant blue 😍 • • • #exploretocreate #lake #sunday