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Late post of when @nrasidi and I enjoyed the Japanese Garden in West London some weeks or months ago.


#Nietzsche quote featured on water bottles sold in Berlin. Take that Steven Pinker! It reads: "without music life would be a fallacy"


I had a great time at this Sky Garden today. You don't see it in these pictures but aside from views on London it also features an indoor garden at an incline. Thanks @nrasidi for setting this up. And we hit up places I had made my own during my time here (Beigel Bake, Thai Metro). This time around I really like London. I miss the busyness living in Berlin now, I gotta say.


A lot of sexy people reached out when I had this in my stories. So I'm posting it again here.


I'm having a great time with my friend and creative talent behind and on this picture @currystrumpet.










Monday my little sister took me to the 50-years anniversary of her youth choir. She's been part of it for ten years and so a fifth of its history. And three days earlier she received a letter of college admission that she has worked for for the past two years rigidly building her cv to get into this special school and program for early childhood development and care! My first hometown Dresden was on full display on the day of this picture: the concert hall behind us is brand-new and I was surprised how much I like it. And they left the rest of the building -- entrance, lobby, and most importantly, the original socialist art -- intact. Lotta times in contemporary East Germany our 40 years of socialist past are denied to count as history and destroyed or replaced. Right in front of the concert hall a protest by white nationalists was held that takes place weekly. All flags and symbols of white nationalism and settler colonialism were on display and the speaker advocated for employing the military in public spaces for "security". Inside the concert hall the cultural and political leadership of the city explicitly opposes those political tendencies, summoning liberal ideas. But at the private anniversary ceremony after the concert you can hear dads of choir members say the most despicable things that would fit right outside among the protesters. #liberalveneer #pegida #dresden