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I’m up to my elbows in bouquets but taking a moment to give my garden hydrangeas a little love. ❤️


An oldie but a goodie (in other words, what you post when you’re not sure what to post) 🥰🥰 #bouquetpreservation


Sedum. Such an unexpected finding in a bouquet! And it’s a succulent! I didn’t know that. Loving it! #georgesfeatures


The incredible bouquet work of @dogwoodflora 😍😍😍 #bouquetpreservation #bridalbouquet.


This is probably an outtake (the focus is too shallow for me) of one of the amazing peonies from @veenw’s incredible bouquet by @clementineposy - but I kinda like how it looks a bit like a blot test. Maybe that’s just me. 🙄 #bouquetpreservation


Falling . . . From the beautiful bouquet of @seza02 by @sydneyweddingflowers #bouquetpreservation


Can you believe this beauty?? She’s one of my favourite images from a little project I’m currently working on. 😍😍😍 #waratah


This is an oldie, featuring blooms from @blumeflowerschool, but it fit my mood tonight so I thought I’d share 🥰 #bouquetpreservation


A sample of my dark blooms, destined for exciting things . . .


Oooh how good does @emmajaneking_ ’s artwork look as a grid on her feed!! And how good does the mocked up version of it look! I completely changed my mind about which image was my favourite after seeing them mocked up. The last pic is the real thing, which was created by the incredibly talented @the_golden_dandelion (pic via @figtreepictures ) #bouquetpreservation


Up close and personal with this beauty #bouquetpreservation @chef_bri91 @bridesinbloom


We hear these comments ALL THE TIME!! It’s lovely to get the compliment but sad at the same time. Your bouquet will be too beautiful to just wither away. Let us create gorgeous art for you instead 😍. And if this is you, let me just say we love shooting bouquet recreations. And we can take care of all of it for you. Makes a great anniversary pressie! Just saying. . . #bouquetpreservation


My first double bouquet artwork. This is the piece my couple chose 😍 and I’m thrilled with it. Incredible bouquets by @dogwoodflora. Can’t wait to see it all framed and pretty, hanging on a wall. Thanks to @lheventmgmt for connecting me with her gorgeous clients. #bouquetpreservation