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I’ll be careful, with you.


It was so fun working with a bunch of talented ladies. Thank you, @seejencolor @_oh_kelsey @heypickle <3 y’all are awesome 😎


Find your inner peace.


Halo? Fortnite? Anyone? Invite me to the party I have my headset on. #shihtzu #dog #dogsofinstagram #Coco


Regardless of what happened during the game, this lady gave it her all to play. She won. Don’t make it sound like it’s her fault when the ref was a joke. @serenawilliams will always be the Queen, but that doesn’t mean new queens couldn’t be nurtured and emerge. Learn from Serena’s exceptional sportsmanship and congratulate @naomiosakatennis Congrats, Naomi!!!


Usually I post videos like this to my stories. But when your high school friends make a rare appearance...that shit should be preserved. It’s been a while, @glenn_man @jkma17 & DINO!


When you have a Queen on the tables...👸🏿@djkaycali


We are the Crazy Asians. 😬 Not rich, just crazy. Well, @kyragabryelle and I are. I don’t know about @mightymikethedj maybe he’s a crazy rich asian, you never know. 🤷🏻‍♀️😆


I wish people translate their minds into soundtracks sometimes. I understand better that way...


Thank you @kenomarco for taking videos of me - I feel like Queen Bey last night. Not much #lemonade made tho, more like frigging Long Island ice tea. I don’t know what I’m talking about anymore I’m just rambling. #femaledj #femaledjs


I snapped this photo when we all went on Family Vacation years ago (2009, I think?). Over the years, there were so many different sides of you that I tried to catch up to. I sometimes regret not being a good enough granddaughter, regretting not being able to understand your complicated mind better in the past. However many unorthodox ways you’ve plotted to bring the family together, is what I respected the most. In the end, you just want to hold the family together - my love/hate relationship with you will not stop till the end of the time. Happy birthday, grandma. Rest In Peace.



I want to express how much I’m proud of being the big sister of this little nugget. I watched him grow from a baby into a mature man with an independent mind and someone who’s not afraid to speak his truth. He works hard and always manages to excel at things he wants; I mean he’s picky as hell and stubborn as fuck though - but he’s exactly who I semi-raised him to be. I’m sorry that I missed a big chunk of your life when you returned to Taiwan. That was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do, was to hear how upset you were on the phone. Nevertheless, just by how well I know you and how smart you are, I’ve always known you were gonna be fine without me. Despite the distance, I smile every time daddy and mommy update me on how fast you picked up Mandarin (no surprises there), what interests you’ve developed, and the goals you have set for yourself. 你是個多愁善感的人 而且人又善良 不論是對人或對事都記得: 一定要學會做自己能力範圍內可做的 (Don’t bite off more than you can chew) 千萬不要忘記照顧自己的身體 不要對不值得的事情太執著 也不要太鑽牛角尖 伶牙俐齒的你 偶爾要記得口下留情 (就嘴巴不要太賤吼) 學會換個角度思考 (with your stubborn ass) 在你眼睛盯著給自己定的目標邁進的同時 不要忘了愛你的家人 Congratulations again on getting into a good college! I worry about you moving out of the house (not that I live there, but you know), but deep down I know you’re fully capable of taking care of yourself, just like how I know I will always be proud of you and love you, little nugget @howard111898 💕 #siblinglove #大學新鮮人 #proudsister


Hurry home, baby boys. Mommy misses y’all. #morkie #morkiesofinstagram #dogsofinstagram


How sophisticated, Coco!...with a dead raccoon on your back...@.@ #shihtzu #dogsofinstagram


#tb 2K12. Pre-Jeska. 😈