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los angeles, ca what matters most is how well you walk through the fire

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A jeep and some leaves. That’s all I got.


Call me a safe bet, I'm betting I'm not.


This was one of those moments that only lasted a few minutes. It was cloudy and not much of this lake had started to change colors for the fall. The sun peaked through the clouds and touched down onto the only trees that had begun their transformation for the season. I laughed saying to myself “no way is this happening right now.” And then this kayak launched into the water. This is exactly why I love photography. Have a radical weekend everyone.


When you travel by yourself, your vehicle finds itself becoming an instagram model trying to sell you some fit-tea or teeth whitening products. I rarely post photos of my jeep on here but I think I’m going to start including more about me on this page. I love my jeep and I love fall. The perfect combo.


Fall does exist in California. I just got back from a road trip up and down the 395 in search of the changing leaves. I was overwhelmed with my surroundings since I’ve never really seen fall happen since I moved to LA 8 years ago. Take the drive and explore this beautiful state.


Lots of new music today. Here are some albums that I’ve been listening to. @thestorysofarca - Proper Dose @thiswilldestroyyoumusic - New Others Part One @thrice - Palms @pinegroveband - Skylight @roosevelt_music - Young Romance @hailthesun - Mental Knife Have a radical weekend everyone. Here’s one from @yellowstonenps last year.


I’ve been messing around with some older photos in lightroom. I wanted to capture a different mood especially with this lost coast series. Let me me know what you think.


Here’s one from my eclipse road trip last year. I’ve always wanted to photograph lightning so this was a nice surprise for the drive back home to LA.


One year ago today I was in Wyoming watching the total solar eclipse. There are moments in life that will remain with you forever and for me, this is one them.


Perseid Meteor Shower 08.12.18


What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and Instagram was gone forever? I would be stoked.


I snapped this an hour ago on an overpass walking around my neighborhood. ISO 100 200mm f/9.0 1/640sec


They say the good die young No use in saying "what is done is done" 'Cause it's not enough And when the night gives way It's like a brand new doomsday @architects


Taking a break from here for a while. I’ve found myself wasting too much time getting lost within this app. Time to reconnect with reality instead of living behind the screen.