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Last light at Fire Wave in Valley of Fire State Park. This was our first visit to the park and if you are gonna shoot here, I would recommend sunrise. The sun gets lost during sunset and most of the wave is covered in shadows from the nearby mountains. I have a few keepers from this trip but the weather seemed to be working against us the majority of the time. This is a single exposure captured on my 24-70 lens.


Welcome to The Valley of Fire. The roads in this park are unreal. I wish the weather had worked out more in our favor for sunrise and sunsets but you can’t win em’ all. This park is about an hour outside of Las Vegas. Awesome camp sites, amazing landscapes and it’s own mini version of the wave. This is a 20 second exposure using a 10-stop ND filter from B+W. I had to find a way to get the cars off the road without resulting to photoshop.


The Redwoods along the northern coastline of California are absolutely incredible.


I’m deleting Instagram off of my phone for the rest of the week. I’ve found myself so consumed by what other’s are doing at any given time of the day. Then the next thing I know is that I just wasted hours looking at everyone else’s life through a screen when I should be focused more on my own. I’m gonna be switching up my content on here as well. Could you live a week without instagram? How about a day? An hour? Here goes nothing.


I updated my web site last night with some new images and removed two pages. I have a blog on there but always forget about it. I’m going to start posting some behind the scenes type stuff and try to be more active over there. Check out the link in my bio. I snapped this one on the most insane boat ride of my life trying to not throw up, drop my gear or get soaked from the crashing waves. If you’re ever on the Big Island of Hawaii, I highly recommend checking out one of the lava tours.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Mother Earth is giving birth!!!


This moment was one of my highlights from last year. I was on my way home from the eclipse and driving straight into a storm. I pulled off the road and setup my camera in the middle of a random town. It was pitch black until the lightning would strike. Photographing lightning is a gamble but also a total adrenaline rush. I was pretty far away for this shot but I felt like at any moment the storm could shift and I would be right in the middle.


Please take me back to the redwoods immediately. The more I explore California, the more I fall in love with this state. I find it funny that people barely leave Hollywood when there is so much more out there to see. We stumbled across these rays en route to hike fern canyon on our annual winter road trip. I paused and couldn’t believe my eyes.


The color palette found at Zabriskie Point during sunrise is out of this world. I’ve never had clouds during sunrise at this location before so this one stood out from the rest. And to top it off, there was a near full moon setting. I feel like Death Valley doesn’t get the love it deserves but this place has become one of my favorite national parks I have visited.


We drove down a dirt road for 40 minutes into the sunset. When we got to the bottom, we found ourselves in a forest once covered in leaves but they had all fallen from the changing seasons. It was us 4 and a herd of Elk on the beach for the rest of the day into the night. The Lost Coast of California won my heart on this trip and I can’t wait to return.


First light at Zabriske Point in @deathvalleynps. The weather said it was to be partly cloudy but it was pretty much total cloud coverage the entire trip except for a few moments here and there. I never understood why people woke up for sunrise until I got into landscape photography. Now I prefer shooting sunrise over sunset any day. I’m trying to use less social media these days so if I don’t respond to a message or post anything on here for a while, you now know why. Have a rad weekend everyone.


Sometimes you gotta stop and look up at what surrounds you. These trees make us humans seem like tiny creatures in comparison. Here’s to many more road trips and trying to keep my sanity in this new year. Have a good one today and I look forward to seeing what everyone creates in 2018.


at exactly twelve o’clock midnight 1973-74 Los Angeles it began to rain on the palm leaves outside my window the horns and firecrackers went off and it thundered. I’d gone to bed at 9 p.m. turned out the lights pulled up the covers – their gaiety, their happiness their screams, their paper hats, their automobiles, their women, their amateur drunks… New Year’s Eve always terrifies me life knows nothing of years. now the horns have stopped and the firecrackers and the thunder… it’s all over in five minutes… all I hear is the rain on the palm leaves, and I think, I will never understand men, but I have lived it through. - Palm Leaves by Charles Bukowski -


Iceland 2018 must happen.


I’m always learning when it comes to photography. The first shot that I ever posted from this series had the white balance set extremely cool and they were all blue. My style has changed over the years and I warmed this series up a bit. The little bit of blue sky now pops way more and the horse looks more natural than before. This moment still gets me every time that I go back and look at these shots. Iceland is incredibly special and I can’t wait to return someday.


Our first campsite was definitely my favorite and I am already itching to return. If you don’t know about @theoutbound, I highly suggest checking out their site to plan your next road trip. I snapped this one of @bluebracket during sunset on the beach. What you don’t see in this photo is the herd of roosevelt elk near by enjoying the last light of the day. Dear Lost Coast, I will see much more of you in the new year.


“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.”


Was stoked to hang with @itsinstagar for his birthday again this year. This was on our way out to Fern Canyon and the sun rays coming through the trees were unreal. I had only seen rays like this once before and that was in Yosemite a few years ago. The Lost Coast of California has become one of my new favorite spots on the west coast. Being surrounded by giant redwoods and some of the best company made this week one I’ll hold onto for a very long time. I’m back out east with my family in New York for the holidays and it’s been great. As this year comes to a close, I look forward to see what next year brings to the table. Hope everyone had a good holiday yesterday. Y’all are awesome.