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The UK’s biggest comics festival - taking place across Leeds (and beyond!) 17 - 23 Sept. HUGE comic con 22/23 Sept! #TBF18

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Your cosplay outfits this year were on point!! 👉 Thank you everyone that made such an incredible effort and looked so fabulous around the convention 🤩 We love seeing the amazing and original costumes that people come out with!! 🧡 photo credit: @warehouse606 [Image descriptions: amazing cosplayers looking fabulous and grinning happily, they are dressed as various characters, one is Captain America and two people are dressed as Sims]


Thank you @welcometoleeds and for these lovely photos of Aidan Saunders and his on-going nomadic print project - The Print Wagon! [Image descriptions: Aidan stands behind a table looking intense dressed in a stripy suit and bow tie. Around him are awesome black and white prints of various superheroes. In the next photo he is rolling ink over a stencil. Then in the photo after he is using a printing press with a giant screw and hand. The last photo is the finished project - a awesome print of Batman in black and white]


Some great photos by @warehouse606 of our passionate exhibitors chatting to visitors over the weekend. What a pleasure it was to meet the people behind the comics!! 🙌 [Image descriptions: images of exhibitors gesticulating while talking to smiling attendees of TBF18]


Thank you so much to the #TBF18 red-shirt crew!! We cannot thank you enough for the amount of hard work, time and energy you put into this year's convention. You made it such a wonderful place to be and we couldn't have done it without you. We love you!!! [Image description: a large group of people wearing red t-shirts sitting and standing for a photo. Lisa Wood, festival director stands in the middle beaming. Everyone is smiling and looking happy]


What an incredible weekend! We had a blast and hope you all did as well 😁 Thank you to all the wonderful guests, exhibitors & of course our amazing volunteers for making the #thoughtbubble comic con the best yet! See you next year! ☺️ #tbf18 photo credit: @howiehillphoto [Image description: A person with a horses head is dressed as the character BoJack Horseman, they are holding a sign saying Free Hugs in rainbow colours]


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ❤️We hope everyone had a great time. We are so lucky: best volunteers, talented exhibitors, legendary guests, gorgeous cosplayers, incredible food. Stay tuned for more #TBF18 contents in the next couple days ! Thank you, and see you for #TBF19 ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Video Credit : @welcometoleeds @bokehgo 🎬 [Video Descriptions : a child is running, dressed as Spider-Man. Another one is spinning and wearing a lobster costume. We can also see a cosplayer dressed as Deadpool, another one is taking his hood off, looking very mysterious. They are all on the Thought Bubble Festival’s site, running, dancing, posing, they are all very much in character.]


Less than an hour till our amazing Cosplay Masquerade! Get ready for 14:45 💥 #TBF18 photo credit: @howiehillphoto 📸 [Photos Description: various photos of Thought Bubble cosplayers, dressed to impress, voguing at the camera]


Pens in action over this weekends convention!! #tbf18 🖊✨ Photo credit: @howiehillphoto [Image Descriptions: a hand can be seen drawing figures in a sketch book, in the next photo someone is signing a comic and in the last image a collection of pens/artists tools are in a pen case]


Here at #TBF18 you can feed your mind with comics and your belly with great take away treats. This year you can grab a coffee at @rabbitholetravellingcoffeeshop , a pizza at @eatourpizza and vegan döner at @donersummer ☕️🍕🌮 photo credit : @warehouse606 [Image Descriptions : the first picture is the Rabbit Hole Cafe stall, baristas are getting ready for the day, someone with a hat is ordering a sweet treat from them. The second picture features a couple waiting for their döners at the Donner Summer food stall. The third picture is the Pizza Bus, the bus is red, some people are ordering slices. The overall atmosphere is calm and intimate.]


Little shot of our paper mask making workshop - Next up badge making on The Common from 12-1pm!Check out the free guide for a list of all the wonderful activities. ✏️✂️🧡 Photo credit: @howiehillphoto [Image Descriptions: volunteers in red t-shirt sits next to a child whose wearing a paper mask, they are in a tent. The second image is of a volunteer and child making badges outside. They seems very focused and calm.]


We have so many fantastic exhibitors here at Thought Bubble and we are overwhelmed with the amount of awesome stuff that everyone has. It’s your last chance to catch them today till 5pm!! #tbf18 photo credit: @howiehillphoto [Image Description: Aerial photo of visitors buying cool comicy stuff in Victoria Hall]


Thought Bubble Convention day 2! Spider-Man is ready, are you?! Join us today from 10am - 5pm! #TBF18 photo credit: @howiehillphoto [Image descriptions: in the first photo spider-man crouches on the town hall steps ready for action. Photo two: spider-man stands in front of the town hall looking powerful]


Some amazing photos from today taken by the talented @howiehillphoto! If you didn’t make it to the convention today there are still some tickets for tomorrow. Box office opens at 10am 👍👍👍 [Image Descriptions: the first image is of a marquee filled with visitors looking at exhibitors work, the second someone holds out a festival map which shows the site area, the third photo is of lots and lots of comics separated by index cards, one reads Judge Dress another reads Jessica Jones]


Thought Bubble’s massive cosplay event is back on Sunday! Come along and experience a cavalcade of wonderful characters as we decide who’s best dressed enough to impress our judges! #TBF18 [Image Descriptions: groups of cosplayers voguing around Thought Bubble Festival’s Site.]


Our volunteer Fiona is feeling the disco at @donersummer food stall. Grab a vegan döner at Victoria Gardens!👯‍♀️✨


The Wicked + The Divine! Only today till 6pm! Catch them in the Cohen room in Leeds Town Hall. #TBF18 [Video Description: three people standing next to the entrance of The Wicked + The Divine room. They are dancing, looking cheerful, they all have colourful hair.]


We have some awesome Comics Are Alive prints in the entrance of the town hall. Download the Eyejack app to see them come alive! 🙌🙌🙌 [Video Description: A superhero rides through the air against a pink background and a blast explodes from where they’ve just come from. The video zooms out so you can see someone holding their phone as if they are filming the print and a video shows on the phone of the superhero flying through scenes. The still image that is on the print becomes a moving image on the phone]