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"Get armed,get trained, get fit and get ready"-#3PN "God, Family, Country and Guns"🕇👪🇺🇸🔫 #ΜΟΛΩΝFUCKINGΛΑΒΕ #THREEPERCENTNATION LongIslandPatriot

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✴Would you bail me out?✴ #threepercentnation


✴Dear women, you see men aren't smart. Take it easy on us, it takes time to figure shit out. Some times 100 years. ..✴ #threepercentnation


✴THIS WHOLE POST INCLUDING THE CAPTION IS A REPOST from @stilettosandshotguns: A small piece of my story. This poorly written law here in Washington State created a completely arbitrary system based on no structure of identifying what mental health issues, or how long ago they occurred to decide how individuals are permitted to own firearms. I starting creating the organization @wethefemale_official the first of this year because I saw a need for women, particularly domestic violence victims and single mothers living in high-crime areas to be educated in not only their constitutional rights, but when and how it is appropriate to use a firearm for self-defense. Little did I realize how important that organization would be seeing this bill passed yesterday. I'm stepping up to fight for my rights. If you're interested in joining me, send me a message.✴ #threepercentnation


✴Unfortunately true✴ #threepercentnation


✴If you don't already own it, you most likely don't need it. #3PNwisdom#threepercentnation


✴Badass✴ #threepercentnation


✴😂✴ #threepercentnation


✴Get out and vote. Let's outnumber the tide pod eating voters✴ #threepercentnation


✴Early voting polls show democrats leading amongst WW1 veterans.✴ #threepercentnation


✴Dear Entitlement Generation, Stop burdening society with your debts. Want something? Earn it!✴ #threepercentnation