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Adventure and Travel Photographer 📍Hawaii >>> California All📸are mine. Looking for adventures/causes to photograph. DM to connect!!!

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Anyone want to do some skiing???


Welcome to the Jungle!!!!!


In case you were having a bad day.... here’s a picture of a baby elephant eating sugar cane to brighten your week.


Untie the bowlines and chase the sunlight over the horizon.


Anyone down for a mud run????!!!!


This one goes out to all you poor suckers freezing in the snow. Eat your heart out..... Don’t be too jelly though I’ll come join you in a few weeks to get my fill of winter wonderlands.


Well, if diving isn’t adventure enough, these two wacky gals sure make it one. (Not captured here: nonstop antics and hours of conversation about who knows what.)


Pretty slow paced run yesterday. Really got to enjoy what a beautiful place this is. Still, 8mi and 1000ft elevation is not too bad for a weekend jog.


I dare you to jump....


Into the abyss... I love this photo but it also highlights the sad state many of our reefs are in. While protecting them and improving the environment is a major part of the equation, we also need to support scientists being able to study them so we can truly understand what is causing the deviation.


Barges on the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, Thailand.


Good morning world.


Definitely on the top of our list while in Thailand was going to see and work with elephants. These massive and gentle creatures are something separate from the hustle and bustle of modern life. It is vitally important that we ensure their continued survival for future generations.


Taking a break during my morning run to admire the Lanikai canoe club paddling out.


Getting off the beaten path. Not always safe, but often very rewarding.