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🙏🏼 Chakra Yoga Teacher Trainer & Student ➰ PSYCH-K®️ Facilitator 🔜 VIC Retreat 🐨 - 03/19 🔜 KP Retreat 🇹🇭 - 06/19 📍 Melb, AUS 📧 ti.lee05@gmail.com

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Would you like to spend a weekend here with me? 2019 Retreat details (Victoria) released soon 🙏🏼 Save the date! 29/03/2019 - 31/03/2019


An excerpt from my journal (my heart): “Everything in which we are searching for, already exists inside of us. We keep looking externally for moments of gratification, (instant gratification) through labels, experiences, objects, people, relationships, praise, only to realise that something is still missing. You see, we have been looking in the wrong places. We forget that the journey must start from within. For no amount of external peace will ever be enough if we have not yet cultivated inner peace within our hearts & our minds. These external means can & will dissipate as change is the only constant in life. & then we find ourselves back in that place where we try to fill up that void. Not the kind of void that comes from emptiness, from no-thing, from zen. But the kind of void that longs to be filled as it has not yet found itself as whole. Acquired & learned fears pave a path full of insecurities, judgment & disconnect. A disconnection & discontentment of what we have & who we are. So we try and get more & we try to be be more through whatever means makes sense to our rational minds at the time. Only to move further & further away from our truth & the true nature of our divine Self. Let it go - let it all go and you will find the richness & fullness of Now. & it’s always been there. You’ve just been too busy searching to see. To see beyond all of the layers, the true beauty that radiates beneath all of the superficial “stuff”. The kind of beauty that can only be felt with an open & compassionate heart. & once it is felt, finally the eyes can then truly see as the veil is lifted. This is where freedom rests. & it rests inside of you. It is with you always. Patiently waiting for you to remember. Patiently waiting for you to come back home.” Om shanti, beloved 🙏🏼


The food that we choose to eat can either help to create an environment that encourages our bodies to heal, or it can do the opposite. • • This beautiful raw cheesecake is one of the desserts on the menu for our healing retreat. Not only nutritious, but also delicious 😋 • • Dates for 2019 are on the way! • • 📸: @brandenberger


I am excited to share with you all that details for my jungle offerings (Thailand, Koh-Phangan) in 2019 will be released soon! Will you be joining me next year? 🙏🏼♥️🙏🏼


Melting form back into formless 🌫 • Covering 5pm Yin for the next few Sunday’s while the beautiful @mark.pheely is away at @westsideyogaschool


Simple - Spaghetti Aglio e Olio (e 🍄 e 🌶 )


Growing up with boys & having predominantly male friends, I never really knew what it was like to be surrounded by females. Our retreat gifted me with the powerful connection of divine feminine energy coming together as one unit - Grateful for the gift of sisterhood 💝


Observe your thoughts - the body serves at the pleasure of the mind, both conscious & subconscious 💡


I get a lot of questions about how Chakra Yoga heals illnesses & diseases. When we begin to understand how the chakras are connected to everything, it all begins to make sense & is actually very simple. Knowledge = Power 👊🏼 • • Here is a short video of us during our 2018 Healing Retreat where we healed all sorts of “incurable diseases“ ✌🏼


Empower, Transform, Awaken - Healing Retreat 2018 • Happy. Healthy. No drugs. No surgery 🙅🏻‍♀️ • Missing my spiritual family 🤗


Cool Cat 🐱 & Cool Chick 🐥 signing off 👋🏼 Stay tuned for our next offerings!


Deepest gratitude to our spiritual family for the love & commitment over the last month during our 2018 retreat 🙏🏼. Together, we healed “incurable diseases” & freed ourselves from outdated belief systems - no doctors, no surgery, no conventional medicine, no bullshit 🙅🏻‍♀️. My endless love goes out to each & every single one of you who poured every last bit of energy into this practice 😍. I could not be more proud of the huge amount of progress everyone has made in such a short space of time . With all of my love, forever & always ♥️ • • 📸 : @arkietad


Nourishing on our healing retreat with these gorgeous buddha bowls 🌱