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Werkers, I’m just trying to set some book reading goals that I can actually hit in 2019. • Get into my new strategy and the next three books on my reading list on The Werk! Place now. • Which books made your reading list for 2019? • 📸: @skovro_visuals #BookWorm #ReadingList #BookStagram #BookAHolic #ReadingIsFundamental #ILoveBooks #RealBooksMatter


Werkers, how are you winning your day with your morning routine or do you just wake up and let the day lead you? • Either way, I would love to hear what you do to get the day started. Drop a comment below. • On The Werk! Place this week, I talk about four things that I do EVERY morning to slay my day. • Plus, get into all of the yummy details for this look. Click the link in my bio! 📸: @skovro_visuals #MorningRituals #MorningRoutine #SundayFunday #JCrewStyle #JCrew #SundayMotivation


🎶 Schlemiel! Schlimazel! Hasenpfeffer Incorporated!🎶 = My mom all week long walking down any street in New York 👯‍♀️ • Thanks to @Airbnb #AirbnbExperiences I was able to keep the birthday celebrations going with a Mommy and Me photo shoot in some of New York’s most popular attractions: Bryant Park, Grand Central Station and Times Square. • Needless to say, she had a great time and I secured my spot as her favorite daughter 😜 • #AirbnbPartner #LaVerneAndShirley #MommyAndMePhotoShoot #MotherDaughterStyle #OnlyChildStatus #ChasingDenissePresets


This Velvet Turban will have you like “🎶 Walking past the mirror, Ooo! Damn, I’m fine 🎶” • Shop the latest TWP X MCB Turban Collection on The Werk! Shop ( 📸: @shottinyc#TWPXMCB #BornToFlex #Money #WhatIsThatVelvet


My mom saw that helicopter, turned to me and said “🎶Annnddd I am telling YOU! I’m not go-ING...🎶” 😜 • Shout out to @Airbnb for sponsoring this New York City Helicopter Tour #AirbnbExperiences. • We got flewed out and I was able to love on my mommy in a special way for her birthday this year. • #AirbnbPartner #Airbnb #FlewedOut #YOLO #ItWasPoppin #ILoveMyMommy #ShesMyFavorite #ChasingDenissePresets


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