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Guitarist for Chromadrive, Night Terrors, and Red Side Visible. Check website for albums and free lessons. Limited private lessons available.


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Santa Cruz and Redwoods


Hello San Francisco


After 3 days in working in Atlanta, I can not think of many better drinks to come home to.


Working on mastering the new Resurrecting ID... Holy cow this thing sounds great. #metal #saxmetal #djent #itdjents #heavyasareallyheavything #mastering


Pedalboard setup for today's Night Terrors show at Whatyouwill fest in Columbus. #pedals #pedalboard #livemusic #festival #guitareffects


Whoa.... A new Era... #newampday #65amps


Finally got one of these pedals. Man, what a sound really. They just sound amazing. I love effects like this, the ones that sort of have a personality. Ones that aren't always precise but are so musical. Very much dig it. #ehx #memoryman #electroharmonix


New song I've been working on. Piecing together new things for a little jazz group. This song is built on a basic major 3 relationship cycle. Coming together pretty nicely.


Night Terrors tonight at the @bopstoptms. 8pm


Come out to Lo-Hio


Did not even know this was put out as an album till a few days ago. Just received it on my way to go see Chris Coles group at @blujazzakron . Come hang.


Was messing around with Shawn Lane lick I figured out, then moving around the fretboard. Here I go from highest notes of the guitar to the lowest. #shawnlane #shredguitar #burning


Messing around with my setup to get a good lead sound, which means I should be able to tap with it, ha. So here is some pretty fast tapping. There is a lot of string skipping and in general I'm messing around with some melodic minor stuff and planing the tapping which incidentally isn't the easiest thing to do very seemlessly. Cheers


A little "Body and Soul" melody. I've taken a greater interest in making expressive melodies lately, it's something I hope to get really good at. People like Lester Young were masters. Anyways, in the guitar there are a lot of ways to be expressive. Here I'm using harmonics blended with vibrato bar work. I hope to keep refining it. Cheers I plan to put together a Jazz group where the guitar is treated more like a horn and the rest of the group is acoustic.


Playing around trying to get a sax like sound, and of course I end up in Holdsworth territory. Not the worst place to be. Figured I'd record me messing around with the sound and feel. But kind of doing my thing too.


My husky even looks good when he's popping out fur, ha. #siberianhusky #husky #lazydog #notactuallylazy #chillin #redandwhitehusky


My wife got tickets to Dave Matthews band Pit seats. Pretty sweet.


Lately, I've been in the good habit of recording my live shows. It has been enlightening to say the least. It is interesting how you think it sounds when you're doing it and compared to what it actually sounds like. I will say, to my ears, it is more rough than pleasant, but I guess that is the way it goes. It also shows what kind of effort this sort of thing takes. We all have these ideal sounds in our heads of what we want to sound like and hope that we are moving towards. But that is why it is important to record yourself so you can actually hear what you sounds like. Like, I realize I have about 2 million more hours of practice before I get closer, haha. But it's not all bad I guess. One thing I always get from my recordings and live shows is the fact that, without a doubt, I always go for it and am, almost always, truly improvising. It does not sound like a lick fest, which I despise, but it is a lonely road this path down this road. However, I can keep taking action on the things I think need the most work. For me, it always seems to be about timing. There are 2 things I fight. Really locking in with the cymbal and my own consistency of time through the line. At least that is how I hear it. However, I don't want to remove the combustion of the "going for it" vibe. So I'm trying to play to masters a bit. But that is where someone like Coltrane or Shawn Lane lived...that sort of fire in time. So record yourself. It is well worth it. Even though it will be a bit demoralizing. Ha. #lifelessons #musicianslife #recordyourself #learning