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I turned $12k into $5 million while traveling the world, I now teach and am looking for more dedicated students and I’m also co-founder of @karmagawa


Back in the Middle Ages when getting knighted you would get slapped in the face so I had to demonstrate this by slapping @billygeneismarketing with $10,000 cash in front of a rather shocked crowd of his students...so, let’s have some fun and do a little #cashgiveaway I want you to leave a comment if you’d like to be slapped with $10,000 cash and tell me why and may the best comment win! #douchebags #richpeopleshit #gettingknighted #jewmoney


⚠WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES⚠ Repost @karmagawa 300 pangolins are brutally killed like this every day, an estimated 1 million pangolins have been killed in the last decade alone and now they have become the world’s most heavily trafficked animal and an endangered species too. This is an undercover graphic video we need you to watch and share with your followers so people can see how these innocent animals are brutally killed for their scales to be used in traditional Asian medicine (despite having ZERO medicinal value whatsoever because just like our fingernails and rhino horn, their scales are simply made of Keratin), and to be eaten too as their meat is considered a delicacy despite being banned worldwide since 2016! We cannot just sit by and allow this to keep happening as these animals deserve better so the first step in saving these animals before they go extinct is to share this video with your followers, repost it, tag animal lovers in the comments below and know that the key to lessening the killings of pangolins is by working together to educate the world and spread awareness of this horrific issue! We’ll post much more soon on how exactly we intend to save the pangolins since we are in discussions with several organizations as to the most effective measures we can put in place, but for now please help us get the word out as not enough people know about these senseless killings and 1 million pangolins have paid the ultimate price in just the last 10 years alone...so let’s use our platforms to help these animals before it’s too late! #karmagawa


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