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Just a hobbyist guitarist, I guess. - Italy 🇮🇹 #guitar #acousticguitar #fingerstyle ⬇️ YOUTUBE ⬇️

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Here's our guitar cover of "Gravity" by John Mayer, recorded about one year ago. Do you remember this video? 🤩 ____ #johnmayer #guitar #guitars #guitarporn #guitarra


What's the title of this song? ____ I put my smartphone into the soundhole of the acoustic guitar and I played in front of a mirror. FREE TABS available: send me a direct message -> @tommy.guitar ____ @soundbrenner #guitar #guitars #guitarporn #acousticguitar #guitarra


ThrowbackThursday! Here's my instrumental arrangement of "Perfect" by Ed Sheeran. ➗ Just acoustic guitar + piano: how does it sound? _____ -> @tommy.guitar _____ #edsheeran #acousticguitar #guitar #guitarporn #guitarra


Took a study break to clear my head. 💆🏻‍♂️🕯 This is a raw idea combining chords and some arpeggios: hope you like it! Have a nice weekend! 🙋🏻‍♂️ _____ 👉🏼 @tommy.guitar _____ #guitar #guitars #guitarporn #guitarra #fingerstyle


GIVEAWAY CLOSED: the winners were emailed. _____ I've been working with the Soundbrenner for almost one year and I'm psyched to take part in their giveaway. Soundbrenner is the company that created that awesome vibrating (and flashing!) metronome which you saw me wearing, on my wrist, in many videos. They annouched that they're releasing a NEW LINE of wearables, the Soundbrenner CORE, and they offer a chance to win one. _____ What's the Soundbrenner CORE? The CORE is a 4-in-1 smart tool music that you can wear. It features your everyday watch plus your essential music tools including a vibrating metronome, a magnetic twist tuner and a decibel meter. You'll be able to keep all these music tools on your wrist, no matter where you go. This product is going to be launched on Kickstarter in October the 2nd, so make sure to check it out. (Watch the video above!) _____ Sorry for the long caption guys! I know, I'm not used to do giveaways, but Soundbrenner is a company which I really have confidence in and I love how they have been working on bringing a breath of fresh air in the musicians world. ________________________________________ #soundbrenner #soundbrennercore #4in1smartmusictool #music @soundbrenner


That moment when you need someone to jam with, so you decide to clone yourself. 👬🏻 Here's the 2nd part of my arrangement of "Fix You" by Coldplay. Tabs available for free: send me a message. 👉🏼 @tommy.guitar _____ Acoustic Guitar: "Beetle Blues Orchestra" by @gaudenziguitars _____ #coldplay #guitar #guitars #guitarporn #guitarra


Sometimes I like to take my guitar and play on a backing track. In my opinion, that's a really good way to revise scales and explore the fretboard. 💡 (This video was recorded almost 1 year ago) _____ I found tons of definitions of what a "musical improvisation" is, but I'd choose this one: "Play or sing (music) extemporaneously, by inventing variations on a melody or creating new melodies, rhythms and harmonies." _________________________________________ 👉🏼 @tommy.guitar 👈🏼 #guitar #guitars #acousticguitar #guitarporn #acoustic #guitarra


Do you like Coldplay? 🌈 Here's my instrumental arrangement of "Fix You". In a couple days I'll post here also the second part of the video... Hugs! 🤗 ____ FREE TAB available: send me a direct message. 👉🏼 @tommy.guitar Guitar: "Beetle Blues Orchestra" by @gaudenziguitars _________________________________________ #coldplay #guitar #fingerstyle #guitarporn #acousticguitar #guitarra #guitars


New toy! 🤩 BEETLE ORCHESTRA guitar model, built by @gaudenziguitars ...New video soon! 📽🎸 _____ #guitar #guitars #guitarporn #acousticguitar #fingerstyle


Just come up with this new tune: I entitled it "Falling Down". 🍃 It needs some more work, but I like it. _____ TAB: Yep, I also made the tab of this short tune and I provide it for free -> send me a message. Don't forget to tag me if you make a cover of this: I'll check it out. 👉🏼 @tommy.guitar That thing I wear on my left wrist is the PULSE by @soundbrenner , a really cool vibrating metronome. _____ #guitar #guitars #acousticguitar #guitarporn #acoustic


Many of you asked us to arrange a song by playing it on the same guitar (as we did a couple weeks ago). So here's a new guitar cover for you: "Smells Like Teen Spirit", our tribute to Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. Cheers! ❤ _____ Bass line: @tommy.guitar Lead line: @andreabrienzaguitar _____ #kurtcobain #guitar #guitars #guitarporn #acousticguitar


Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall Want to learn my arrangement of this song? Just send me a direct message: tabs are available for free! 👉🏼 @tommy.guitar 👈🏼 Guitar: BEETLE ORCHESTRA by @gaudenziguitars _________________________________________ #pinkfloyd #guitar #fingerstyle #guitarporn #acousticguitar


Any RHCP fans here? 🌶 _____ Left: @tommy.guitar (drop B tuning) Right: @andreabrienzaguitar _________________________________________ #guitar #rhcp #redhotchilipeppers #guitarporn #acousticguitar


Having fun with my loop station and acoustic guitar. 🌱 Hope you like this short tune! Tip: Start with a chord progression, then try to find some nice melody and work on it by exploring many different developments until you run into a good one. 👉🏼 @tommy.guitar 👈🏼 _________________________________________ #guitar #guitars #acousticguitar #guitarporn #solosection @elixir_strings


That moment when you and your friend want to play a song, but there's only 1 guitar. I swear that it was harder than it seems. 😂 Let me know if you want to see more covers like this. Ciao! 👋🏻 _____ Bass line: @tommy.guitar Lead line: @andreabrienzaguitar _________________________________________ #guitar #guitars #guitarporn #guitarra #acousticguitar


SLASH - By the Sword Just needed my weekly dose of rock music. _____ Free tab for this song: send me a direct message! 👉🏼 @tommy.guitar 👈🏼 _________________________________________ #guitar #slash #gibson #guitarra #guitars


10 riffs in 1 minute! ⏱ _____ 👉🏼 @tommy.guitar 👈🏼 #guitar #guitars #acousticguitar #guitarporn #guitarra


Sketching an ambient tune with my acoustic guitar and some effects: I always find this kind of music really relaxing. 🌠 _________________________________________ #guitar #guitars #acousticguitar #fingerstyle #guitarra @soundbrenner