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Never ask the lord for a lighter load . Ask for a stronger back . #tplfam


Challenge yourself daily . #tplfam


You doubted me...I needed that . #tplfam


One of the best things is seeing people grow . When I first met @trans_port_er . He couldn’t do anything lol . Months later he’s smashing supersets oF chin ups . At one time he couldn’t even hold himself up . This truly shows with a great work ethic and great attitude amazing things are possible . Proud of you bro . #tplfam


In this pic I'm 16yrs old . 2yrs from being considered an adult . This post is for those 18-30yrs old . What are you doing? . From 18-30yrs should be your "grind" years. The years you expend the most energy and devote the most time to your craft. Work multiple jobs. Get your college, military, or trade school done . Not the most amount of time you're drunk or high or party or front on social media . Now, I've definitely have had my fair share of alcohol and grape swishers lol but there came a point where the blunt and the bottle had to be put down . Right now is the most energy and most opportunities right in front of you and sadly most won't even grab what's right in front of them . And turn right back around and say "my boss don't like me" or "I never get good opportunities" . If you "grind" for 12yrs. You could be set for the next 30yrs...isn't that a great pay off? . If you fu*k up in these years you still have time to turn things around and get on the right track . I see so many young men/women waste time. In the same spot they were 3yrs ago. Still in the same room they got dressed for prom in. You don't want to live like that nor should you . We all come from different circumstances and that does depict the opportunities we have. But, at some point you have to work hard to get ahead. And sadly for some they have to work even harder . Don't accept your current situation for a lifetime . I'm not smarter than you I'm not better than you I'm not even more creative than you . I just actually follow through I just actually show up I just actually completed the work I just actually listened I never gave up . That's what I've seen as an employer that separates those who stay working and those who get ethic, consistency and effort . You're not entitled to anything in this world and as long as you hold on to home you'll never grow . If your taxes looked the same this year as last or you're in the same spot as last year challenge yourself to make an advancement in the next 6 months . Don't be mediocre. Be the shit . Most people will accept mediocrity....will you? . #tplfam #tbt


This is for the hustlers, entrepreneurs and those with ambition . Nobody will believe in you from day 1 . Don’t even take it personal . Nobody will invest when it’s just a thought or a dream . It isn’t theirs . Nobody will root for you when you’re down . They don’t know the feeling . Everyday you have to get up early . Everyday you have to stay up late . You have to be emotionally invested into your grind . Because if you aren’t nobody else will . I remember when I started just having 10 people in a 10hr day was the goal . Now we have 60 women in @thebakeryfitness in just one class . I promise you believing in yourself is all that you need . Should be all that you want . In 3 weeks we celebrate our 3yr anniversary oF TPL . So if a kid with no business degree can be making it can you! . No matter if you in the corner office or on the corner...HUSTLE . Every day cause we all trying to elevate . One love to anybody elevating themselves mentally and in their career . #tplfam


So proud of my team! . @qnconnie has been working with @tanyaislovely and doin classes with @tplsystems and she’s been busting her asssssss!!!!!! . I am so happy for the both of you and admire both of yours work ethics . We really have something special and I’d take you guys and me against any other facility in the state! . Legggggoooooo . #tplfam #tplbootcamp


IG we need a name for this exercise! . What should we call it? . Let us know in our comments . #tplfam



Part of 5:30am . #tplbootcamp #tplfam


Day 1 of #tplbootcamp . Don’t miss out! . #tplfam


Pt. 2 . God has blessed me with so much so fast . He has more blessings for me, my loved ones and TPL . I just haven’t been in a position to receive any of them . He never gives you anything that you can’t handle or anything that you don’t need . I needed to have struggles to be shown and reminded that life and the things I’m taking for granted can be gone any day . That everyday is an opportunity to enjoy life and to be better than the day before . Fears, failure and struggle is inevitable in life . We don’t choose what and when we go through it . But what we do choose is our reactions and actions to them . Self reflection and perspective is truly one of life’s hardest and most rewarding tasks . Anyone chasing success go after it wholeheartedly . But don’t lose your heart when doing so . Remember things in life are just things . They don’t really mean anything . But your mental health and physical health is everything . Being happy is everything . Enjoying and loving your family and friends is everything . My happiest days was when I was in the duplex, driving my Honda, rocking my same shoes for the last year and having my friends over daily . Wasn’t ever about the cars, house, jewelry or anything that’s purchased to look cool . It was all about how I felt when I laid down and got up each day . That’s where TPL and the success of Brett was made . So, don’t take those things for granted like me on your climb to the top . For when you get there and you look down at where you’ve climbed from . It’s a hell of a lot better when you have your crew up there with you, rather than sitting on top all alone . To anyone who supported, supports or even took the time to read both of these posts . From me and TPL we love and appreciate you . On my way to a bigger mountain and I’m taking everything and everyone with me this time . One love...Jefe Out . #tplfam


Pt. 1 . Some men are lost in their own fire . Some men are created from it . At 25yrs old I secured the 🎒 as we say now lol . I opened up my first business . An 11,200 sq. ft mega training facility . A facility that’s over a 1 million dollar investment after it was all said and done . I really don’t even think at the time I could even count to 1 million lol . Fact of the matter is with my partner I was intrusted with knowing how to make things work and grow . I had never been an owner, done payroll, managed an extensive team or every nuance of a facility . In the process and looking back I lost who I am as a man and owner . I lost what made me and I lost some of the people who believed in me when I had nothing . The success, money and power trip I had forsure altered my views and what I placed value in . I had and have nobody to answer too for the last 2yrs and 11 months . When you have no checks and balances and you don’t create them for yourself and you’re making things work . The immaturity and inexperience tell you that you don’t have to listen to shit lol . Buying cars, houses and just spending how you want because you’re able too at such a young age can make you believe you’re invincible, which is far from the truth . I lost myself in this whirlwind and anyone trying to steer me to the right it was never listened too . I thought becoming an owner would make me a proud man but found it’s actually in reverse. Being a proud man is what made me an owner and successful . Success isn’t about money although you need it. Success is understanding who you are as a person and reaching your full potential whatever that may be . I’m writing this because I get so many messages on how I and TPL grew so fast and or big . And The truth is because I was being Brett, and Brett is actually special and so are you . He knew who he was and what he wanted to be and did just that with nothing else . And with this thought of the type of success you want to have never allow that to dictate who you are . I’m so focused on what I need to do. TPL and myself will be better than it’s ever . Pt. 2 next post


Want to run fast? . Want to jump high . Want to have a great lower body? . Want to be strong? . Add this into your routine and you won’t be disappointed . Turn the volume on and tag a friend 😀 . S/O @illjonathan with the camera skills . #tplfam


From the 🐐 . Enjoy the process . @realcoleworld is the greatest . Tag a friend/Comment/Save . #tplfam


Ladies, Ladies, Ladies . TPL & @thebakeryfitness have become the go too for many women who want to sculpt their bodies . Whether they want to work on their 💪🏾 or 🍑 . We got y’all covered . Slide thruuuuuu . #tplfam #bakerybae


Our new challenge #TPLBootCamp . Dates Sept 10 - Oct 13, 2018 . Rules 1. Train 5 sessions weekly 2. Eat 2 servings of fruits/Veggies daily 3. No Fast food/alcohol/soda/juice/beer 4. Gallon of water daily 5. 100 abs before bed Mon-Fri and post it . Price 1. $130 (Challenge only) 2. $150 (Challenge & 30day meal plan) 3. $200 (Challenge/ 30 day meal plan & 1 personal with trainer of choice) . #TPLBootCamp is a new challenge being held here @ TPL. We have been working tirelessly to bring another yearly challenge that can rival our #tplmarchmadness that we have done for years now! . #TPLBootCamp is a 5 week challenge. Where you aim to train 5 out of our 6 training days. For this challenge we will be having a bakery class Saturday mornings at 8am . Each day will be a new fitness focus and you’ll have daily challenges each day to complete! . Current TPL members for every friend of yours that signs up for #TPLBootCamp you will receive $10 off your next month . Those who pass the fitness test on the last day of the challenge are awarded a discount for their next month . Spread the word . Message if interested Tag a friend . #tplfam #TPLBootCamp


Pistol Squat . Coach Jefe . Athlete @vee_tee123 . Shooter @illjonathan . #tplfam