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Yesterday was such an amazing experience on the @bhphoto sponsored #GirlsWeekOut!! @rachel_jones_ross took us to @northernlightswolfcentre where we took off on a hike with the wolves running free through a canyon.. before anyone gets upset, understand these wolves have been raised with humans since they were babies... they get to run free all the time and when at the sanctuary, they have large enclosures they live in. In canada it is illegal to release them out into the wild, and even if it was legal, these wolves have never had to fend for themselves. Don’t mistake them for dogs though, they are still fierce animals and live off recently killed meat.. the @northernlightswolfcentre had very specific rules on how to handle each wolf to keep us safe from injury.. —- Flora here is extremely friendly and liked to play with all of us.. Murphy who also came along was more aloof.. Time flew so quickly and 1000 photos later, our time with the wolves had come to an end but not before getting personal photos with Flora.. then it was back to the sanctuary where we had a talk about the history of the wolves and the sanctuary.. all and all it was so awesome to experience and I would suggest it to anyone who comes up for one of Rachel’s workshops... head to for more info about her upcoming all-female workshop! —- ISO 100 F2.8 1/1250 second @canonusa 70-200 @canonusa 6DMK1


Thank you to @slikusa for making our trip to Canada complete!!! Check out this box opening with @missjessbess with some new gear for the @bhphoto sponsored trip organized by @rachel_jones_ross! We’ll be putting these to good use this week!! Thanks for the cameo, Maddie Sparkles!! Minnie mouse voices because of helium air content around vegas... or because I sped up the video to 1.1x to fit in under a minute 😂😂#girlsweekout


Super excited to be headed up to the Canadian Rockies again for the 2nd time in a couple months... thank you to @rachel_jones_ross for putting it together and @bhphoto for sponsoring it! Also thank you to @slikusa & @tenbabags for sending out gear for the trip! Keep an eye on our stories @missjessbess @dreamingandwandering @rachel_jones_ross @kelly_mena @charlottelittlewolf @themandagies for this all female photography event! —- This was taken on the shores of Lake Louise. For anyone who’s been there, you know there’s a crazy amount of people around; I had really wanted to go to Morraine Lake but the road was closed for the season... I handheld shot this low to the ground because I love the snow on the rocks at the side of the lake... —- I don’t recall my settings but I will try to update them when I get to my computer! @tokinausa @canonusa 6dmk1 Processed in LR


Thank you to @TenbaBags for sending out this gear for me, @missjessbess @rachel_jones_ross & @dreamingandwandering!! —- We leave tomorrow for the @BhPhoto sponsored All-Female photographer influencer event created by @rachel_jones_ross; this gear will be perfect for us this trip and more! Check out the Shootout 32L on and keep an eye on our stories for our awesome adventures this next week!


#FBF #FlashbackFriday to an amazing sunset in Yellowstone with good friends.. —- Repost @tracyleephotos ・・・ When we got out of the car, drops were already starting to fall and crowds were leaving the area due to the storm clouds overhead.. we didn’t get discouraged and headed out on the boardwalk with the hopes of the clouds breaking and then completely clearing up for stars later that night... well i love it when a plan comes together like this; we got sunset and clear skies for stars that night... I know I rarely post photos other than stars, but doesn’t mean I don’t take them... I just have to be super motivated by a shot to edit it, and this is one of those shots... the composition was a lot taller than this so I used content aware scale to make it fit for IG’s resolution... it was a lovely trip to Yellowstone with my dear friends @missjessbess @rachel_jones_ross @smpetersonphotography & @brentdangerrose... —— Handheld because I didn’t want to move my tripod from my night composition to scope out the rest of the area; I didn’t know the sky was going to color up like this and spontaneously shot this... —— ISO 100 F11 1/10 second @tokinausa 16-28 @ 22 @canonusa 6dmk1


#TBT #ThrowbackThursday to a hot summer day discovering new things.. click the product tags to see what equipment I use! —- Repost @tracyleephotos ・・・ I have so many photos still left from #TheGreatMilkyWayChase but i'm too excited about this one... @MissJessBess, @Megavai and I have been adventuring and exploring in the off days that the moon was full.. Well that meant spending a lot of time in random areas with HOT temps... Yesterday Jess and I started exploring at 6am and found this wonderful arch that we named Meatball Arch; Not sure if you can see why... --- It was over 109+ by the time we got to the car at 10am with 6 miles under our belts... We then napped and fed ourselves midday while we waited for the sun to go down before returning to shoot this in the 45 minutes of MW we had last night. It was absolutely perfect; weather was amazing and conversation non-stop.. I have decided that Jess is my adventure spirit animal and I look forward to many more scouting and photo missions with her! --- We lit this with 1 (use code TRACYLEE10 for 10% off & free US Shipping), one inside the arch and the rest was just ambient light before dark. This is 10 images stacked, focused on the foreground, blended with 20 images stacked for the sky. --- Foreground- 10 images stacked in SLS for NR ISO 800 F6.3 30 seconds - Sky 20 images stacked in SLS for NR ISO 6400 F2.8 13 seconds - processed in LR & PS --- @TokinaUSA 11-20mm @ 16mm @SlikUSA 634-CF @CanonUSA 6DMK1


I got this season started way too early including heading to the PNW in end of April.. but I had my good friend @smpetersonphotography & @safatajphoto up there so I knew I had to go adventure with them! We spent multiple days chasing across Oregon trying to find clear skies and often got skunked in the process... on this particular day we came across a homestead that had classic John Deere’s and cars all over the property. Well Shaun had no qualms about knocking on the door so we did, and the guy was only too happy to allow us on to shoot photos there.. we went back that night and set up many different comps while we waited for the skies to clear. This was my last one of the night! —- I placed a #LumeCube (click for more info) in each truck and then one from the right front to light this scene. The ones in the truck were on low and close to a wall so they would bounce. I did not have any colored filters on them, so it’s funny the trucks turned out these colors! —- I was standing in tall grass the entire time; did I mention my single biggest fear are ticks???? 😳😳😳 —- ISO 10000 - 20 images stacked F2.8 10 seconds Processed in LR & PS @tokinausa 16-28 @ 19mm @slikusa 634-CF @canonusa 6DMK1


#FBF #FlashbackFriday- is it still closed off from vandalism- does anyone know? - Repost @tracyleephotos: I’ve been wanting to shoot here for quite some time now; even went as far as hiking here in April of last year to scope it out for Milky Way... well, a couple things: 1, it’s not easy to find & 2, once inside even GPS signal seems to not work well.. so this time around I was assuming it would line up like I wanted; thankfully I was right.. —— I had met up with @Ryantoswald on the morning of the 11th day of #TheGreatMilkyWayChase.. he originally was going to head to monument valley but I convinced him otherwise and he joined us on our trek into Canyonlands... We got there around 6 in the evening when it was SLIGHTLY starting to cool off... Even though I knew where to get on trail, I took a short cut following well worn paths, well marked with cairns throughout.. I couldn’t believe how many there were when we cliffed out way too high above the Kiva... when I realized what a disaster the trails were, I made my way towards where I knew the drop in point was, having to back track a ton because of the cliff that we were stuff on top of. —— I have to make a side note; I have no idea where all those cairns came from & am mad at how dangerous it is for people wandering around lost in the hot desert.. can’t believe people put those up as if that’s a real trail... so warning to those who go to visit; make sure to do your research because there is ONE true trail to this sacred place.. —- We shot a beautiful sunset here and then shot some blue hour images before hanging around almost 4 more hours for the MW to line up; this was somewhere around 230am.. we hiked out as blue hour was just starting to lighten up the sky. We walked out NO PROBLEM on the correct trail back. —— I used 3 (use TRACYLEE for free US Shipping) to light this stacked image and blended in a blue hour image for the background mountains. —— Sky & foreground: 20 images stacked in SLS for NR ISO 6400 F2.8 20 seconds - Background mountains: 5 images stacked in PS ISO 100 F2.8 60 seconds —— @tokinausa 11-20 @ 16 @slikusa 634-CF @canonusa 6DM


#TBT #ThrowbackThursday — Repost @tracyleephotos ・・・ I’ve been on this 2 week road trip all over the Southwest on a night photo mission with @missjessbess and various others along the way... it hasn’t been all rainbows and sunshine; but there’s been some very incredible, WOW moments a lot of the times and for that I feel so fortunate... I feel very bad for all the people in all the fires right now losing their homes. I just got word yesterday one of my childhood friends homes was saved in the Carr Fire while her 3 neighbors were not. 😢😢 so happy for her but sad for the people around her.. the smoke everywhere we have gone except Colorado has been insane... —— I took this selfie on Thursday night at Rocky Mountain National Park when I headed there with @missjessbess, @xlj_photography, @megavai & Joe.. Apparently we barely missed @michaelsimmonsphotography1 that night! I kept having to do this shot over because this wasn’t right or that wasn’t right... in the end, my analness about getting my shots made my photo come out much better than I imagined and I feel like I’m walking away with what I would deem is a memorable and EPIC shot in spite of how hard I was being on myself about it prior to getting it on my computer... On location, executing a shot like this is more than just setting up a tripod and a timer. —— Thank you to @tenbabags; I love being a part of the team! This Solstice 24L was exactly the bag I needed to compliment my travel gear! 2 bodies, 4 lenses, 2 tripods, my star tracked and all of my accessories and lights! —- This image is a total of 49 Stacked and Blended photos; 22 for the sky, 15 for me, and 12 for the water... All stacked in Starry Landscape Stacker. I was running out of time so I didn’t set up my lights, instead I took my iPhone with it’s flashlight on and placed it facedown on the rocks. The light bouncing off the rocks was perfect! —— SKY ISO 10000 F2.8 13 seconds - WATER ISO 10000 F2.8 30 seconds - ME ISO 6400 F2.8 13 seconds —- @tokinausa 11-20mm @ 20 @slikusa 634-CF @canonusa 6DMK1


#TBT #ThrowbackThursday to a beautiful day in Yellowstone National Park shooting with good friends. I was super excited to come here and although I’ve edited very few images from this trip, I have some excellent memories from it! This is a behind the scenes shot of my set up from one of the gorgeous thermal pools in the park. Let’s see if I can motivate to produce this one today! Who else takes shots of their set up like this? I’m kind of obsessed with doing it, lol...


12 minute exposure... I was going to head to sleep for a bit but I decided since I just finished editing this one, I may as well post it.. I was talking to my sponsor @slikusa a couple days ago, bragging about how I had gotten a 12 minute image off the Slik ECH-630 tracker and then I realized I had never edited or posted it!! Well, I did now and here it is along with the settings screen shot so you can see how long the exposure was... I have a very minute amount of trailing in this image taken at 35mm but it really is so little that I can’t find it now that I’m looking on here.. now that I’m used to the tracker, it only takes me about 3 minutes to polar align and then get started shooting; there was definitely a slight learning curve and I hope to put out a tutorial with Slik soon! —- This was during #TheGreatMilkyWayChase in June and I was in Death Valley shooting next to @smpetersonphotography that night. I had cruised out with @ryantoswald to meet up with Shaun and company and we had a grand old night shooting the stars.. I didn’t know if the Slik tracker could successfully pull off 12 minutes with a 6d and a Canon 24-70, but I had done 6 min previously and thought it was worth a shot... thoughts??? —— ISO 200 F2.8 725 seconds @canonusa 24-70 @ 35mm @canonusa 6dmk1 @slikusa ECH-630 Star Tracker @slikusa 634-CF


Another one of these photos I’ve been sitting on all summer to edit.. This was from a trip I had headed up to the area near Zion and Bryce with some non-photographer friends.. Lucky for me one of them was interested enough to tag along with so I didn’t have to shoot alone; we took naps each evening and then rolled out of bed at 1am. We had been hiking and exploring earlier in the day and I spotted this composition and knew I wanted to shoot it so we hiked a little ways in to get there by 2:30 am when the moon was just setting. I was new to shooting at much longer focal lengths and 20 seconds for the sky At 28mm didn’t seem bad (I love shooting at 28 now). It still doesn’t as I don’t see any trailing of the stars but I don’t understand why I don’t! The foreground was 2.5 minutes each image but stacking helped clean it up pretty nicely! - Even in April I was chilly and wearing my snowboard jacket to keep warm and gloves on my hands.. thankful that my friend joined me because doing this shot wouldn’t have been nearly as fun. Do you prefer to shoot with friends or alone? —- 10 stacked image - foreground ISO 6400 F2.8 2.5 minutes - 20 stacked image - sky ISO 10000 F2.8 20 seconds —- @tokinausa 16-28 @28mm @slikusa 634-CF @canonusa 6DMK1 Processed in LR & PS Stacked in Starry Landscape Stacker


#FBF #FlashbackFriday to a dramatic night in Northern AZ with good peoples and fun memories! —- Repost @tracyleephotos ・・・ Our trip was supposed to be about Milky Way last week and it ended up being inadvertently about storm chasing. @missjessbess and I met up with @milkywaymodel and @_ChristianLoya and took the very sandy journey out to White Pocket for the night. We were hoping that it had rained enough for their to be pools of water for reflections but we weren't so lucky.. --- I had spotted this comp on my last trip here in November and we got equally as skunked last week as we did back then. We had 50mph gusts rocking us and our tripods as we tried to shoot our Blue Hour foregrounds.. The skies were clear but it was a race between the clouds and the Milky Way and the clouds took the checkered flag as the light was dimming out of the sky.. --- I can't believe that this image still came out as good as it did considering how bad the wind was and how hard I was holding my tripod down and squeezing my eyes shut! The lightning wasn't striking out of the clouds so best I got was them glowing brightly... I used @photopills before it was dark to verify what time we would need to shoot this for MW... This is a blend of multiple exposures, stacked in Starry Landscape Stacker ---- Sky 20 images ISO 6400 F3.2 10 seconds - Lightning 1 image Sky 20 images ISO 6400 F3.2 10 seconds - Foreground 10 images ISO 400 F2.8 30 seconds ---- @SlikUSA 634-CF @CanonUSA 6DMK1 @CanonUSA 24-70 2.8 Processed in LR & PS


So way back in June I did #TheGreatMilkyWayChase... I went a great many places, I made a bunch of new friends, and I shot more photos than I have even been able to edit.. - This photo was taken near the end of the GMC when I was with @ryantoswald @smpetersonphotography @debheyerphoto & more! We went up to shoot the Ancient Bristlecone Forest and I have to admit I was SOOOOOO exhausted. Although Ryan and I made a pretty full exploration of the grove, when it came down to it, I picked this tree that I had seen the previous time I had been there... I made very little effort and only shot from Milky Way rise to just after the moon set... Then I put my camera on time lapse and went to take a nap. —- Going through the photos later, I could see my lack of effort in my photos and no matter how many times I tried to edit, I just wasn’t liking what I was coming up with.. I realize now that it was my laziness from that night reflecting in my edits and after I gave it some time and tried again, I indeed like some of the photos from that night.. I have found that I often need to walk away from an image and come back to get inspired; shooting the image is only half of the battle. The lighting in the background of this image is from the moon as it was setting; there was no longer any moon only ambient light on the tree.. —- 20 images stacked in SLS ISO 8000 F2.8 15 seconds @canonusa 24-70 @ 24mm @slikusa 634-CF @canonusa 6DMK1 Processed in LR & PS


I was really hoping to make it back here again this season but it might have to wait till next year! #TBT #ThrowBackThursday —- Repost @tracyleephotos ・・・ So the other night, @missjessbess and took off to the Grand Canyon in search of this viewpoint we had been obsessed w/ for some time. I didn’t know what it was called, so I pored over maps until I figured it out; we took off to pick up permits from the Navajo Office in Cameron, Az.. — We walked into the offices at 3:45 pm, but I guess we were wrong and it was actually 4:45; the Navajo nation is on Mtn time. The gentleman opened the door for us and when we asked for a permit, he issued it as well as gave us a map with very difficult directions on how to access the edge of the canyon. we didn’t know that other than us, the canyon had been closed to visitors since May... (we found this out after the fact and even called the office to verify..) — We very happily took off to our destination and although made many stops along the way for photos, arrived to the edge of the canyon in plenty of time before the sun went down; we couldn’t see it because of storms but it hadn’t set yet. — We backed the Jeep up to the center edge of the canyon where we could sit in the back of the vehicle & still adjust our cameras.. we could see clouds rolling in but we’re hoping they would clear by the time the milkyway rose.. I let a timelapse run while I waited for the next few hours and we fell asleep in the back of the Jeep. About 330 am, Jess moved up to the front seat and I checked my shots for a slight glimpse of the MW... I got nothing good, but as blue hour arrived, so did clear skies! Jess joined me in this very short opp to shoot the Milky Way perfectly aligned almost west at the center of the canyon as the light was starting to brighten the sky. I LOVE how prominent Mars is on this image because of the clouds! Lower pano I shot at am Blue Hour. — I shot a 2 frame horizontal orientation vertical pano with 20 stacked images in each. — SKY: 20 images stacked ISO 10000 F2.8 10 seconds - Foreground: 20 images stacked ISO 100 F11 1/13 second — @tokinausa 11-20 2.8 @ 16mm @slikusa 634-CF @canonusa 6DMK1 Processed in LR & PS


#FBF #FlashbackFriday To this date, one of my favorite photos... —— Repost @tracyleephotos . Reflection Canyon.It was brought to public light by a Nat Geo photographer named Michael Melford for a story, Glen Canyon Revealed in 2006. The canyon got "famous" when Apple TV added it to its screen saver in 2012. (I recently learned that Google added an image of Reflection Canyon to IT'S screen saver by another photographer- weird lol) In 2010-a photographer name Ranier Grosskopf had seen the article by Michael and arranged to journey to the canyon and created a series of way pojints that I used to follow to get there 5 years later in 2015. I made sure to learn from his mistakes- I paid attention to the water levels in the lake and went there at its lowest level in end of April last year. I posted the images I got & became "friends" on FB and Instagram as a result with @MichaelMelford. He gave me props for making the journey by foot- he had done it by boat. I decided to make this an annual trip &went again last week. The journey? For me it's a 5 hour drive up to Escalante, UT.From there it's a 55 mile drive down Hole In the Rock Rd, parts of which can need a 4x4 to navigate. We were lucky, the road was in pretty good condition.I've since heard it's been completely washed out;about a day or so after we left. From the point we parked, it's another close to 10 miles over varied terrain with no trail. I have many sets of waypoints now from both Ranier Grosskopf and myself;mine has a steep but big short cut listed in it. Last year I did it as a day hike w/ 2 friends.This year a larger group of friends accompanied me out there &we camped at the top of the canyon so we could shoot the milky way &the was an epic experience;one that was not easy &needed quite a bit of planning due to water/heat constraints. We were lucky that it rained the week before & there were plenty of potholes to filter water from. If you decide to go, do so with the plan of carrying enough water for the entire trip. I had enough, but one in our group had underestimated and not rationed well.