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#250KCHALLENGE WEEK 1 CHALLENGE You’re making a big commitment to change. Who (or what) is your inspiration? Share your story for a chance to win an @optimumnutrition Prize Pack and a year-long subscription to @bodybuildingcom All Access! Don’t forget to tag it with  #250KCHALLENGE @bodybuildingcom @optimumnutrition for your chance to win! #transformforlife #weeklychallenge #bodybuildingcom #buildyourbody #transformation #challenge #week1


It is a lot! $100,000 is a game changer and it can happen to you! Take it from four of our past winners and see a glimpse into their experience. It is not too late to get signed up. Bring a friend or go it alone, we will have plenty of motivation for you along the way! Register at the link in our bio. Special thanks to @pat.magno @rkoolen @geelove00 @sharmaine.diaz #250kchallenge @optimumnutrition #transformforlife #buildyourbody #bodybuildingcom @bodybuildingcom #transformation #challenge #motivation #firness


If you are not in here yet, you are missing out! Register for the #250kchallenge at the link in our bio and get started now for a shot at your share of $250,000! We have categories where you can win $10,000 and a top prize of $100,000! Join the most motivating fitness community around. #250kchallenge #transformforlife #transformation #challenge #buildyourbody @bodybuildingcom @optimumnutrition


Congrats @phoenix_girl_rising for hitting another goal and motivating people in the #missionpossiblepat challenge! You are an inspiration as you continue to push for bigger and better things! #transformforlife #bodybuildingcom #buildyourbody #transformation #challenge @bodybuildingcom @possiblepat #Repost @phoenix_girl_rising ・・・ BIG UPDATE!!! I am now down 255 pounds!!! For this Throwback Thursday dug up a photo from back when we were house hunting and before I started this journey. Same house, same location; but an entirely different girl stands in the same place. Different in looks, outlook, and mentality. The only thing that remains unchanged is the DNA. Now while I am proud of what I have accomplished, the truth is what I have done is possible for anyone to achieve. ANYONE. No matter where you are at, as long as you fight for it and never give up you WILL reach your goals. Put in the work and results will follow!


Tonight we’re going live with a crew that lost close to 1000lbs Don’t miss out Q&A so ask all tell all with @possiblepat @danny_getsfit @evofityxe ! Tonight at 6pm Mst or 8pm est or 5pm pst!


@alexcarneiro and @melinafitness signing the @bodybuildingcom Commitment Wall! Representing @optimumnutrition they will be your support for the 2018 $250,000 Transformation Challenge. You will be in great hands! Early registration starts December 18, stay tuned... #250kchallenge #transformforlife #buildyourbody #bodybuildingcom #optimumnutrition #transformation #challenge


#FanFriday That face you make when you see your obliques for the first time! Shoutout to Alan on of our #MissionPossiblePat challengers who is about to hit the 100 pound mark in weight loss since March of this year. Your journey has inspired us, keep crushing it! Can’t wait to see your progress at the end of the challenge. Be sure to tag us in your transformation and progress pictures to be featured! #TransformforLife Repost @loudalan_losing_it ・・・ A little #transformationthursday I can't help but get excited when I can start to see new muscles I've not been able to see before. I do realize this is very small definition line , but when you work so hard you can't help to celebrate. Hello Obliques it's nice to meet you. #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #motivation #obliques #missionpossiblepat #bodybuildingcom #stillinit17 #transformforlife #bestself #1214crossfit @bodybuildingcom @transformforlife @1214crossfit #teamnextlevelgainz #dymatize


Happy #FlexFriday! We are halfway through #MissionPossiblePat and we want to know how you are all doing. Let’s hear your progress update! #TransformForLife #Bodybuildingcom #BuildYourBody ⠀ ⠀


This is it. The deadline to sign up and upload photos is Sunday, October 8 at midnight MT. There is $25,000 in prizes up for grabs! This challenge will give you the motivation that you need to end 2017 strong with motivation from @possiblepat, @bodybuildingcom and your fellow challengers! Join today and renew your commitment to be your #bestself. Link is in our bio. #missionpossiblepat #transformforlife #bodybuildingcom #buildyourbody #transformation #challenge #weightloss #motivation


If you are not in the Facebook group for #missionpossiblepat, make sure you join and watch @possiblepat Live tonight at 9pm EST!  The link to the group is on the challenge page linked in our bio.  Only 6 days left to register and get your pics up! #transformforlife #buildyourbody #bestself #transformation #challenge @bodybuildingcom


The man, the myth, the legend! #Repost @possiblepat ・・・ Post leg day cardio! thought it was funny that I was struggling but we all need to struggle and Step out our comfort zone, try doing things differently, challenge your limits, challenge your body, challenge your mind! In order to become better you must challenge yourself daily understand with out change you can’t grow!!! #missionpossiblepat #youvsyou #teambodybuildingcom @bodybuildingcom


#returntoolympia winners in the house at the @mrolympiallc show in #lasvegas! This weekend has been amazing so far and there is more to come! #transformforlife #bodybuildingcom #bestself #buildyourbody


Week 1, Day 1: Get rid of temptation! @possiblepat talks first steps to cleaning up your diet. So important! Full video on the Facebook group. Make sure to tune in for the Facebook Live tonight at 9pm EST to ask questions and learn how to do it right! #missionpossiblepat #transformforlife #buildyourbody #bestself #bodybuildingcom @bodybuildingcom


Alright #missionpossiblepat challengers that have not been receiving emails...registration was down over the weekend, so if you registered Friday through early this morning you will need to click the button to submit once again (link in bio). We have found those that uploaded over that period and are adding them to the fully registered list. Email coming soon. We have also identified why many of you have not been receiving emails that registered previous to the weekend. We are working to fix that situation as well. Keep an eye out for a random confirmation email with upload instructions in the near future. If in doubt about your registration, you can always re-register. Registration goes through October 8 so no need to panic and also no need to re-upload pictures. #nohashtagsjustsorryfortheinconvenience


Find your possible and take a shot at your chunk of $25,000! Join @bodybuildingcom and @possiblepat for the next 16 weeks for motivation to make the positive changes and reinvigorate your training. It can be a struggle to get through the holiday season without losing site of your goals, so join the #transfomforlife community and join the #missionpossiblepat Facebook group for additional support! Link in the bio. #buildyourbody #bestself #weightloss #motivation #challenge #transformation


Many of you have already jumped in on this, but for those that haven’t, check out the link in our bio.  This challenge has some excellent energy around it.  The support that we have seen from everyone in the Facebook group has already been inspiring everyone and @possiblepat hasn’t even joined the party yet!  Weekly Live check-ins, weekly challenges and helpful articles from @bodybuildingcom are just icing on the cake to Pat’s motivation!  Commit with us for the next 16 weeks and find the motivation you need to achieve your next goal! #transformforlife #missionpossiblepat #weightloss #challenge #fitnessmotivation #transfomation #buildyourbody #bestself #bodybuildingcom #possiblepat


@momrunstherace has been with us since the beginning of 2016 and has been working toward great things ever since! Use the free @bodybuildingcom resources and be rewarded! #transformforlife #Repost @momrunstherace ・・・ #transformationtuesday first pic is me over 232 lbs, middle is my before pic for #250kchallenge from @bodybuildingcom 2016 the first challenge I ever competed in from them and was also the first time that I ever started weightlifting using @ashley.horner program #charliemike ... my after pic is me currently after the 6 week @bodybuildingcom #returntoolympia challenge which during the challenge I did @krisgethin 12 week trainer. #bodybuildingcom #bestself #transformforlife #beforeandafter #beforeandafterweightloss #weightlosstransformation #momrunstherace #fitnessjourney #krisgethin #ashleyhorner #ashleyhornertransformation #ashlete


They have put in the work and encouraged many of you along the way!  If you have not voted yet, come by and let us know which @bodybuildingcom employees deserve to travel in style to the Olympia and you could win a trip with them! #returntoolympia #employeechallenger #lasvegas #bodybuildingcom @mrolympiallc