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@bemorephotos with the 3rd shot of the takeover. This drone shot was part of a road trip where I mapped out several locations on the way. The key here is symmetry and colours. The terrain was normally green but I thought I would warm it up a bit. This is a very popular shot in my portfolio. Maybe one of my best from the air. What do you think? #trappingtones for a feature.


@bemorephotos back again. This place was one of my favourite places to visit. Its a private property in Copenhagen. If leading lines and curves are your thing I hope you enjoy it. Definitely one of my favourite photos Iโ€™ve taken. Hope your enjoying my takerover. Remember to tag #trappingtones for a feature.


@bemorephotos here with a takeover of @trappingtones. Stay tuned for the rest of the day to see more of the images.


@heyguystudios With my last image of the takeover. A memorable sunrise for the ages, taken during my first and only trip to Grand Teton National Park.


@heyguystudios Falling Down Falls - Staring down North America's tallest waterfall, Yosemite Falls, and watching the rainbows come and go at its base - a rush unlike any other.


@heyguystudios here with today's takeover. This is from one of the most magical experiences of my life, a doors off heli ride over the Na Pali Coast. We took off under blue skies and soon found ourselves in the clouds with rain hitting us sideways. But, as we made our way through the island and to the coast, the rain stopped and mother nature greeted us with one of the most vibrant double rainbows I've ever seen.


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@carloslazarini back again. This image went semi viral for me. It is one of my favourite images I have ever taken. What do you think ๐Ÿค—


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Hey guys @davide.anzimanni here again, ask me anything ๐Ÿค—


Hey guys @davide.anzimanni here with the first image of this @trappingtones takeover.