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What happens when you try to use your wife as an excuse to not join the #bowlcutacademy 😂 @jim_dechamp @harrybink @nitrocircus @stephaniedechamp #dangerranger


The @nitrocircus #BowlCutAcademy will be running auditions at Pastranaland next summer to join the ranks of @harrybink @rwillyofficial @jedmildon @sheenyfmx @nathanabrown @beaverfleming @jaietoohey @jamiehullofficial @mattwhyatt and myself along with other “elite” action sports faculty. To enter, simply shave in a bowl cut, make that your main instagram picture. Then write no more then 3 sentences on why you should be invited to Pastranaland for our next @nitrocircus event (which will be held sometime from August - October 2019, date pending) to compete with @nitrocircus for pit bike - @bagjump - @velosolutions_global pump track and @polarisrzr time trial glory. This Christmas Day I will select the best 5 from the comments below and dm you with the golden ticket and more information. Entrants must be at least somewhat competent riders and drivers. We don’t care where you came from or what you look like.. but before you enter, remember that their ain’t no sissies in our hall of fame.. I’ll check back on Christmas Day. Good luck with your #LloydChristmas and I look forward to riding with you next summer! @smagical


5th time’s the charm 😂 the crowd in Paris was amazing and all the riders threw down bigger then ever. Probably the best Nitro Circus show to date. Stoked to ride away from the #AusiRoll on my @hyperbmx .. also, side by side double flips from @sheenyfmx and @tompages . Front flip nac from @motoduff and a gnarly front flip over rotated crash by @harrybink (see last post) that he was a 🧙‍♂️to walk away from.. @redbull @kevlarbrand @alpinestars 👖@canvas_mx #goodtimesgreatfriends Not used to landing and that wall comes up fast 😂


Such a rad day at @redbull and #hangar7 .. got to fly a heli and saw same epic views from a cool perspective. Heading to France now for the final two nitro shows. Can’t wait to ride with @tompages and land that ausiroll on my mtn bike this weekend. See you soon Paris. @nitrocircus



1st time with a wing suit. So rad to be able to do this @indoorwingsuitflying tunnel in Stockholm. Thanks to @xstewart for keeping me alive and giving me the #crashcourse to letting me hold my own leash 👍😂 @nitrocircus #wheresron @rocket47s #mdwreckingcrew


Pre-show karting with the crew at @gokartstockholm #goodtimes where were you @bilkofmx ?! We needed you to take down the Swedes!!


Ten pounds lighter and a lot more durable.. #justthebeginning with @kevlarbrand this is a prototype they designed. I’ll try it out in the Paris show this weekend and that’s just the beginning. So stoked to have #kevlar on board and daring bigger to help the action sports world with everything from @hyperbmx to Moto to @bagjump to @alpinestars .. #lightersaferstronger @nitrocircus


Epic start to the European #YouGotThis Tour. @motoduff #mdwreckingcrew @nitrocircus @kevlarbrand @hyperbmx #family can’t wait for Stockholm and Paris shows this week.


0 for 3 on the ausi roll.. 3 for 8 if you count every mtn bike jump so far this tour. #Gigantaramp is winning. @hyperbmx is proving more durable then I am. Sticking to moto for the next few shows but need to get redemption in Paris before this #yougotthis tour ends! @nitrocircus @redbull @canvas_mx @cbdmd.usa @kevlarbrand @ride100percent @evssports