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Any doorway that leads to flowers is a magical doorway in my opinion 🌸 /J #melbourne #fitzroygardens #trentandjessie


For the Adventurers & Flower Lovers // Need some fresh inspiration to brighten up your walls? We currently have 3 print collections: “Scandic”, “Fleur” & “Australia” showcasing some of our all time favourite images. Check out our Print Store for full collections. Link in bio. // Please share and tag anyone you think might be interested. #trentandjessie #printcollection #supportsmallbusiness


So much love for this man. I honestly never imagined I would find someone who enjoyed so many of the same things I did, including photo walks and making portraits. You’re my favourite @trentrouillon. Jessie x #trentandjessie #tressieadventures


Starry starry night // we never regret going out to take star photos and stare up at the night sky 💫 #trentandjessie


This afternoon we wandered down to a popular waterfall just off the Great Ocean Road, but were a bit put off by the crowds, so we hopped over a few rocks and took a lightly worn path following the river. A short walk later and we found another waterfall all to ourselves. You can see it in our stories. That’s always our favourite part of exploring, that element of discovery, finding the unexpected 👌🏼 This photo isn’t from today, but from discovering hidden gems in NZ and pretending to be instagrammers 😂 #tressieadventures #trentandjessie #newzealand #newzealandfinds


Just a sideways icy lake in Jasper to helps us all stay cool in this blistering Aussie summer heat. ❄️ #tressieadventures #trentandjessie #canada


Back in one of our favourite places in Australia. Travelling purely for a holiday and it feels glorious. #trentandjessie #tressieadventures #greatoceanroad #visitmelbourne


Yesterday was magic ✨ check out @ephemeralcreative for more. #trentandjessie #ephemeralcreative #newzealand #nzwedding


Getting lost in New Zealand // #trentandjessie


Hey team, we’re signing off for a few days, time to stay present and soak up our days with loved ones. Thank you for your support and encouragement in 2018, it really means a lot to us. Merry Christmas and much love, T&J xo #trentandjessie


New Blog Post // TASMANIA We put together a quick blog post sharing where we went on our East Coast Tassie road trip and our favourite stops along the way. Link in bio. P.S. 5 sleeps til Christmas!!! P.P.S. We’re sending out our December newsletter tomorrow, jump onto our website & click “for photographers” to join our mailing list.


The final image in our “Australia” print collection... “Swirling Dusk” Noosa National Park, Noosa, Queensland Noosa National Park is full of hidden beaches and coves. We could see this particular cove from a higher track and managed to find a lightly worn trail down to the beach. We stayed until the sun set behind us and the colours of dusk danced on the waves as they swirled around the rocks. The light quickly faded to darkness and we hiked back with our headlamps on. It’s always worth staying until the last light, even if it means fumbling in the dark on the way home. // Available in our Print Store. Link in bio. #trentandjessie #australia #noosa


“Indigo Valley” Indigo Valley, Victoria Our friends own an incredible piece of land in rural Victoria, a place called Indigo Valley. It’s one of our most favourite places to visit and escape from the pace of our everyday. When we visit the farm the days seem longer, time slows, sunsets linger and the stars are endless. // Limited edition print - available in our Print Store. Link in bio. #australia #trentandjessie


“Red Rock” The Great Ocean Road, Port Campbell, Victoria The Great Ocean Road is somewhere we continue to return to over and over, there is always new beauty to be found. We were so drawn to the incredible red rock in this location, the mint green shrubbery, the relentless waves and striped cliff faces. As the sun set the landscape only grew more beautiful, peaceful and chaotic all at once. // Thank you for the encouragement friends, we’re so excited to have a few of these prints going to new homes. Just in case you were still thinking about Christmas presents, tonight is your last night to place an order. Link in bio. #trentandjessie #twelveapostles #greatoceanroad #visitmelbourne