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I woke up in the hospital 3 nights ago in excruciating pain, I awoke from the dream like it seems you’re in when you’re under the oblivion effect of endorphin. I compressed 3 vertebrae & my L1 vertebrae burst into my spinal canal hitting my spinal chord but not imposing. Falling from 1 foot higher I would be in much different condition. The real heroes of moto are my friends like @brucecookfmx @jessynelson79 @smagical @tgodfrey155 and others who have paid the ultimate price in pursuit of there passion. I look up to all of you guys for your strength and courage more than you’ll ever know, and I salute you. Things happen so quick. I have flipped dirt bikes hundreds of times, and this time, I intentionally bailed to be funny and land on my butt. I ended up missing the landing & went from expecting a soft cushion landing, to a hard surface and went completely numb instantly. I was so confused because I was in so much pain, squirming watching my body freak out and move, but I couldn’t feel it. Next thing I’m in the hospital alone with a Neuro Surgeon telling me they intend to operate immediately. Thankfully I was clear headed to deny surgery. I didn’t even know what hospital I was at as multiple gun shot victims rolled by me into the E.R. I got my X Rays to my normal surgeon and I’m feeling a little better everyday... 5 of 5 surgeons involved all suggest surgery will take place... but emergency surgery is not needed, so I’m just waiting it out. As of now, I can stand for a few moments at a time, it really puts life into perspective. Since I have your attention, please take one thing from this, Life is uncertain, please appreciate every moment you’re breathing. We all have no idea when it will be gone. Thousands of people have messaged me to send love and I am beyond grateful to you. I wish I could answer every single one of you. Please know how grateful I am & how much I am learning from this experience. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. I love you all. Thank you for being there for me ❤️


Look who brought me some avocados! Broke some vertebrae which bulged close to my spinal chord so still trying to figure out the surgery game plan with doctors. We’ll see what happens. Refused pain pills and morphine about 15 times so far. Gotta be stubborn & feel the pain to learn. Nurses think I’m crazy 😂 I love you all. Thanks for the support ❤️ #nitrocircus #smilemore #griplink


Same mind-set, different passions. We’ve come a long way since 1999 @jeffbezos


I kinda stopped skateboarding for a while to take care of my body... but you’re a by-product of your surroundings and my front yard is a skatepark so I guess I’m out of luck 😂 @hunter_olsen #tree


Usually I surf one or two days a year, but I decided to book a 7 day surf trip on @griplink with @nicatime. It was an incredible experience, extremely reasonable pricing, and I learned a ton about surfing and the culture. A lot of us need a place for talents and passions to be shared. If you have something unique to teach and feel like being your own boss. Check it out. Also please tag any friends who might be looking for a place to share their unique passions, or personal offers with the world! Love you all, thanks for the support ❤️ #coaching #flying #filming #photography #art #karate #jiujitsu #snowboarding #skateboarding #motocross #skydiving #adventure #aircraft #camping #surfing #boating #basejump #paragliding #skiing #griplink


If we are infinite energy, and we have arrived this “dream” we call life for an undetermined amount of time, then we really only have control over one thing, and that is, what we do while we are here. How we think, how we act, what we build, our choices, and how we view situations and ideas, this will collectively decide the outcome of our universe, and the people and things in it for generations to come. Let them cut in front of you in traffic, tip the server more than necessary, hold the door open. All of this put together will be the change. Be beneficial to the world. It is up to us.


It’s times like these that test our strength, our courage, our gratitude, and how much of a blessing it is to be alive. If you were affected by the California fires. You have two options, look at how much we have lost, or look at how much we still have. I know we must all be appreciative that we can breathe, and live another day. The only real choice we have as humans is the outlook we have on any given situation, I keep telling myself, things must burn down to come back much stronger, this one will just take some time. Hang in there.


MALIBU, CA. GET. OUT. Materialistic things are not worth your life. Please get out. Please don’t be stubborn. We must move forward and rebuild once the storm calms. Drink lots of water. GET OUT. We have no control. Mother Nature wins, it’s tough to watch our possessions burn in front of our own eyes, but it’s not worth your life. We can rebuild once the Apocalypse passes. Please. Please. Get out.


The wonders of the internet... He taught me some airplane knowledge, and we took his plane to go skydive out of another plane 🤔 This is what I did today 😂 Thanks for coming down @jonas_marcinko #skydive #taildragger


I just drove 12 hours and bought this little airplane... seemed like a good idea. I have no idea how to fly, but figured if I bought a plane it would give me a good reason to learn. Sometimes I feel like a Grand Theft Auto character with good intentions 😂


This is definitely one of the craziest feelings on the planet. That moment right when you let go is so surreal. If you are not willing to risk the un-usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary. There’s no such thing as something for nothing. There’s no short cuts, the amount of effort you put in, is the exact amount you get out. SACRIFICE. You MUST make sacrifices to get to where you want to go. And you can activate these sacrifices through decision and action. Wether that’s lifestyle, relationships, health goals, athletic goals, business goals, whatever it is. Have a clear vision, and decide to act upon that vision and do whatever it takes to get there. I’ve been dreaming of moments like this my whole life, it doesn’t happen over-night, but it’s worth every struggle along the way once you get there:). Be a good person, treat others how you’d like to be treated, and go after your dreams from when you were a kid. I believe when we look into our interests when we were really young, ideally 5-12 years old, it’s a great insight into our soul. Chase your REAL dreams, not the ones others made up for you. We are literally on a ticking time bomb. What are you going to do with your life before you die? Better decide. Time is limited. Take action to be the person you were meant to be, the world is yours my friend!