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This is definitely one of the craziest feelings on the planet. That moment right when you let go is so surreal. If you are not willing to risk the un-usual, you will have to settle for the ordinary. There’s no such thing as something for nothing. There’s no short cuts, the amount of effort you put in, is the exact amount you get out. SACRIFICE. You MUST make sacrifices to get to where you want to go. And you can activate these sacrifices through decision and action. Wether that’s lifestyle, relationships, health goals, athletic goals, business goals, whatever it is. Have a clear vision, and decide to act upon that vision and do whatever it takes to get there. I’ve been dreaming of moments like this my whole life, it doesn’t happen over-night, but it’s worth every struggle along the way once you get there:). Be a good person, treat others how you’d like to be treated, and go after your dreams from when you were a kid. I believe when we look into our interests when we were really young, ideally 5-12 years old, it’s a great insight into our soul. Chase your REAL dreams, not the ones others made up for you. We are literally on a ticking time bomb. What are you going to do with your life before you die? Better decide. Time is limited. Take action to be the person you were meant to be, the world is yours my friend!


How long are you going to chase something you’re not? I’ve chased so many things that I’m not, that it’s allowed me to learn who I really am. I think fooling yourself and doing things for the wrong reasons can actually be the best gift anyone can ever give themselves if you eventually realize it and come out the other side. I think throwing yourself into the rough unknown, (if prepared) can ultimately make you a person you never thought was possible. The progression that comes from the tough times in life is incredible. We’ve all made some terrible decisions in life, but that makes the good decisions that much better. I believe there’s no such thing as mistakes, we just make wrong decisions, which ultimately allows us to learn for the future. If you achieved everything right away, wether that’s a relationship, action sports trick, new hobby, business deal, or dream job. Life wouldn’t be as fun. It’s the certainty and un-certainty that keeps life interesting. Keep learning, keep making “mistakes” but be sure you learn from them! @gopro


Nature provides many secrets. If you’re not growing, you’re dying. Just like a tree. You must progress, Every. Single. Day. It’s simple, to become more, you must give more. To create more, you must be more. Trees strive to be the most they can be. When’s the last time you saw a tree grow half as tall as it could? Never! So be the most you can possibly be. I didn’t say it is easy, I said it is simple. Strive to become more everyday, and most importantly, involve yourself with things you love. Love is always the answer. Long story short, be like a tree 😂


I’m now offering personal video messages if you, or someone you know need inspiration, advice, sports psychology coaching, etc. They are $20 / video on the @griplink website and 100% of proceeds are going to @feedingamerica. In the meantime, here’s a couple of my favorite things I’ve done on my skateboard 😊 @griplink #griplink


I strongly recommend being very consciously aware of what you are feeding your mind on instagram and the Internet. You will find that you will develop a hunger for the good, or bad “mental food” habits you acquire without realizing it. Hence why many are glued to the Headlines of the News or scrolling a feed without even realizing they are addicted. I believe the internet can be a great tool, or a great threat. It’s up to you and your self discipline, to choose what to engage with on here. It hurts me to see people building Instagram and YouTube pages portraying a self image that’s not really them, for the sole purpose of trying to impress others. If you secretly feel guilty of what I just said, I beg you to change your actions, it will destroy your future. Dig deep. Start today with one action in the right direction that you’ll thank yourself for later. I believe in you.


This particular shark allegedly has been held responsible for two fatal attacks and multiple encounters at this beach. Apparently researchers think it’s one shark that’s been attacking humans here, it would be pretty rare if it was, through out 8 years of known attacks at Surf Beach near Lompoc, CA. Today I was just flying my drone, and then was like, woah, there’s a shark right there :) what’s gnarly is, had there been anyone surfing, the shark was right where someone would be waiting to catch waves 🙄 #greatwhite #shark


I believe we are as free as we make up our minds to be. It is a blessing to watch people skydive for the first time, not because of how incredible of an experience it is, but because of how amazing it makes you feel! First time jumpers are disrupting their usual pattern and creating a sense of adventure in their life. It is such a great thing to be a part of. The way we use our body and mind directly affects our emotions and our energy. Change up your normal routine, be crazy, do something adventurous. It has done wonders for me. Even if it’s just smiling more than you normally would. Want to change your life? Disrupt your normal patterns :)


This is dumb. I got this idea watching the original CKY video when I was like 7. Then it influenced me to do it. Don’t do this, I don’t think this is cool, I think it was really, really fun, and adrenaline filled, but I don’t think it’s cool. If you younger kids want to have fun, go skydive, or go fishing... or just take your dog on a walk 😂. Oh, and about 10 seconds after this, Jack (who was driving) hit gravel, spun off the road and missed a telephone pole at 50 mph by a few inches with me still in the back... probably should of died. Anyways, yeah, don’t do this.


I took an overnight flight to Maryland and woke up in a taxi outside of @travispastrana’s house at 8am. I became nocturnal and obsessed with this roof gap, pacing back and forth, some of his guests who were there that day watched me step out of the taxi and immediately start staring at his roof for an hour straight without saying a word, they thought I was for sure psychotic. My friend @comboversteve and I stared at the roof all day. So right before it was about to get dark I said “Steve please help me grab this ladder” (notice it against the house). In that moment I realized there was no way I was going to fall asleep that night if I didn’t just go for it. For the record, climbing that ladder was scarier than skating off the roof. I ended up climbing the ladder twice and skating off it twice due to how much fun it was. Whoever just sent me this from a foreign number, thanks! #scared #shakyknees #pastranaland


I called my friend @ezrakdotcom and we hooked the winch up to his truck. When we arrived we only had a Gopro, I said, “damn, it would of been cool to have a drone” 1 minute after I said that, @common.rider came out of his trailer, introduced himself and says, “I have a drone if you want me to film you”. Keep in mind we are in the middle of the Sierras. Then I was like “amazing, yes please!” So then I said to @ezrakdotcom “it would be such an incredible photo with these mountains in the background.” I’m not kidding you, literally 2 minutes later @_drew_martin_ hikes from way down the river and says, “hey man I’m just camping down the way and I’m a photographer, I brought my gear if you wanna grab a picture” It was so incredible, every wish was granted right there on the spot. This is my backyard, I grew up right here, fishing and camping on this river. I’ve been wanting to winch it for decades, and the day finally came and lined up perfectly. Preparation is important, so make sure you have a clear vision, but also make sure you’re asking the universe for your wildest desires, who knows, maybe a drone, and professional photographer will show up right when you want them to :) so grateful. Make the most of everyday 🤟


I’m receiving calls from Olympians, addicts, influencers, etc when it seems like game over because I’ve been there, I’ve experienced it, and I see right through it. You can overcome any adversity with one word. PERSEVERANCE. I’m on an adventure through life with a game against myself. Here’s the catch, I’ve already won, because I’m not competing against anything besides what I am personally capable of. If you’re just looking to be the best version of yourself, you’ve already won. It’s tough on social media because many are constantly comparing themselves to other people’s highlight reels of how awesome their life is, let’s be real for a second. I beg you to realize, nobody is more important than you, so love yourself and take care of your body and mind. My only intentions with Instagram is to add value to your life. Nobody cares more than you do about how your life turns out, so deep down, make sure you’re being the best version of yourself. There would be nothing worse at the end of your life than looking back and thinking you could have been more, but you took the easy route. The journey of 1000 miles starts with 1 step. So step up, and get after it!!!


This took me 46 tries to get it exactly the way I wanted it to feel. It’s called obsession. Nobody pays me to skateboard, but I LOVE IT. I’ve been in love with it my entire life. I beg you to do what you actually love to do. Let’s play a game, pretend money didn’t exist, what would you truthfully spend your days doing? Now don’t get me wrong, hunger and discipline play major roles in this cliche “do what you love” statement, but AT LEAST align your passions and your job so they are in the same ball park. P.S. who caught that finger flip at the end? 😉 @rabanimal