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Down in Puerto Rico; we have about 45 people working on the #racetorebuild project. This is crew I’ve been working, laughin, sweatin, and drinkin with. The other teams are on house projects. We got the fun project of helping to rebuild a local motocross track, a few small structure, flagging stands, fence work. And track grooming. It’s badass that motocross funded this whole project, and we’re giving some back to the motocross community in PR. @juncosmxtrack @wesselbuilt @gvdcowboy @honeybadger506 @demokog @newwaveconstruction and friends


How do I get my self into these things... fuck it Let’s go south of the border. Next stop Puerto Rico!! #springbreak1999


The ole girl lives to race again. We can rebuild it, bigger stronger and faster than she was before. 23.5hr/24hr hope we can beat our old record #notexactlystreetlegal #Repost @the_therk with @get_repost ・・・ @trevorpiranha time to start getting this beast ready for the track again, what ya think?I also think @street_bike_tommy should come and supervise @nitrocircus @windingroadracing @yokohamatire


New Years last year I set a record for most flaming trash cans jumped in front of the shop. Dang was hoping to beat that record this year, but it doesn’t look like we have the funding this year. Here’s victory lane from last year!!


Does anyone know where I can buy these wheels? I want to show @robbiemaddison what time it is


Pull the pin and hit it again!!!! #enemygrenade #whogavemeamicrophone 📸@scootercooper


We had a day off here in Stockholm so we went to the beach warehouse for some beach volleyball competition... losers had to jump in the harbor.... my team lost, but not because of my two time all American beach volleyball championship effort. @thebeach_se @beachtravels @jedmildon @jarrydmcneil @harrybink @nathanabrown @dovribnick @codystauder @butters986 @ronnie_the_animal_nilsson #viskalevaforalltid


Don’t believe what you see in the videos... it was a meteorite that took down the mail truck. Everyone watch out for those damn meteor showers, they can strike at any time with out warning #boeingbombs #spacepeanut


We made it 23.5 out 24hrs and our 7 black flags took us out of the race. Our complete disregard for the physical limitations of a 4500lbs car-truck resulted in 5 loss of controls penalties and 2 passing under yellow penalties, the damn referees hated us. We almost finished, but at least we beat the only other el Camino in the field. And as I knew it would a 350 small block Chevy took all the abuse we could throw at it for 24 hours of sustained 5k rpm. A god damn ford wouldn’t have survived that that’s for sure! But huge shout to @spiess_fabrication @isaac559 @witsendfab247 @sarlimotorsports for helping me get this thing built. and another shout out to @yokohamatire for everything. And the biggest shout out to @windingroadracing our factory mechanics for keeping the whole package together. We almost made it fellas. Motor still runs by the way and it didn’t need any maintenance during the race...cause it’s a fucking Chevy! Best v8 motors ever made!! If it don’t got pushrods in it, your gonna end up pushing that thing home!! We did lose 4thgear in our super t-10, fuck you @borgwarnerperformance should have gone with a Muncie m22 #rockcrusher @24hoursoflemons #24hoursoflemons #yokohamatire #heartbeatofamerica #likearock


Hell, we’re about 10hrs in to the 24hr race and I’m damn impressed this car is still hanging together with the amount of abuse we’ve put it through. A stock sbc350 turning 5krpm for 10hrs is fucking impressive. We’ve about lost 4gear in our t10 trans though. But big shout out to @isaac559 @spiess_fabrication @witsendfab247 for helping me get this thing built. She’s still going strong boys!!! There’s not a car out here that can keep up with this cars exiting speed or straight away speed. Damn thing just doesn’t stop or corner. But I’m most impressed that our @yokohamatire are still holding up. This pig is over 4500lbs and those tires have been riding hard and don’t show any signs of wear. Fucking amazing. @travispastrana @lynzskate @street_bike_tommy amazing driving team. Let keep this shit together for another 14hrs #savehazzardcounty


I won best trick chugging a beer tonight in the giganta segment live on Facebook... THANK YOU SAN JOSE!!!!


Don’t mind me fellas, I’m just gonna drink a few for quality control


#3style demo last night in Edmonton. We’re getting our shit together for tomorrow night in Vancoover #freethe3 and by shit I mean we’re just drinking beers 📸 @nathanabrown


Had a dang day off tour, so shot on down to redbud to watch the #MXON qualifiers and cheer on the boys of #teampuertorico. There’s still some fight left in those old dogs. Today is race day track conditions are fuckin miserable, but team Puerto Rico ain’t scared to get dirty. Get after boys!!!! #puertoricovstheworld @travispastrana @r_sipes kdub14


Hey man, if your lookin to see the fellas throwdown in the competition part of the show, check out MySpace tonight, or don’t; I don’t really care #cashmoney #bringinitfrom99to2000