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Hold my beer and watch this.... Next stop Denver, and the biggest party of the tour #freethe3 #3style 📸 @scootercooper


I won best trick chugging a beer tonight in the giganta segment live on Facebook... THANK YOU SAN JOSE!!!!


Don’t mind me fellas, I’m just gonna drink a few for quality control


#3style demo last night in Edmonton. We’re getting our shit together for tomorrow night in Vancoover #freethe3 and by shit I mean we’re just drinking beers 📸 @nathanabrown


Had a dang day off tour, so shot on down to redbud to watch the #MXON qualifiers and cheer on the boys of #teampuertorico. There’s still some fight left in those old dogs. Today is race day track conditions are fuckin miserable, but team Puerto Rico ain’t scared to get dirty. Get after boys!!!! #puertoricovstheworld @travispastrana @r_sipes kdub14


Hey man, if your lookin to see the fellas throwdown in the competition part of the show, check out MySpace tonight, or don’t; I don’t really care #cashmoney #bringinitfrom99to2000


Everybody else is practicing before the show... I’m just trying to watch Nascars turn right at the #Roval in Charlotte. #doinitfordale #roadcoursesrule


I’ve always been a overachiever, gave it 110% on this one. We’re teed up and ready to get some here in Montreal #yougotthistour #shutitfrenchie #whatswiththegravyfries #beerscantgetheresoonenough


Gettin ready for Talladega, Takin the restrictor plate off the red dragon #Hendricksmotorsports #rcr #roushfenwayracing


We out here at “the dilla” come find us and let’s drink a beer #woooooo @travispastrana @smagical


We ain’t been drinkin, we just split a 6 pack of 40’s on the drive up


Caesars Pool ain’t that fucking hard to jump... I did it on my 3wheeler and ain’t no tv crews showed up for me. Balls in your court @travispastrana I already made the jump #evellive @history #freethe3 #3style @shinestythreads


We fuckin did!!!! The end of tour!!! Final train and final seconds of my top end #freethe3 #3style @brucecookfmx


#Repost @sonycrackle with @get_repost ・・・ Just 1 WEEK until you're flipping through the air just like the guys from @NitroCircus. Get amped for #ActionFiguresTheMovie 2 coming to Sony Crackle on June 28.


Just upgrade to this new big tire mud machine. Guess three wheelers aren’t illegal if they gots steering wheels #freethe3 #3style #unbanned #nothingrunslikeadeere #johndeeregreen #billyboblovescharlene #inletters3fthigh #thewholetownbsaidtheboyshouldhaveusedred


3wheelers are built to flip man #freethe3 📸@mmxnation


Sometimes you just gotta man up and ride the mechanical bull. @cowboykenny690 is this what the steel rodeo is all about?


Woooooo...tomorrow kicks off the east coast rounds of Nitro Circus Next Level tour. 6 shows in 8 days York, PA-> Virginia Beach-> Myrtle Beach -> 2x Pittsburg-> Cincinnati see y’all there 📸@brucecookfmx