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The Faroe Islands have some of the highest cliffs in the world, this ones reminded me a bit of the famous Cliffs of Moher in Ireland! Can you spot the people standing on the edge far away in the distance? 😧 Fun fact: I posted a photo of the exact same location a couple of weeks ago, just 2 hours earlier on that day. Due to the dense fog, the place looked completely different! You‘ll see the cliffs on the hike along lake Leitisvatn on Vágar island.


The Icelandic horse, although often just pony-sized, is a very special and hardy breed of horse. Did you know that Icelandic law prevents horses from being imported into the country? Therefore, Icelandic horses face very few diseases and consist of only one single breed. 🐴 Moreover, if a native horse leaves Iceland, it is not allowed to come back to the island ever again. Pretty interesting concept, isn’t it? The horses we met along the road were all super friendly and excited to see us, very much like their human counterparts 😁!


Any fans of foggy and moody landscapes here? 👀 In that case, the Faroe Islands is your place to visit! Not even ten minutes before I took this photo there was zero fog and a completely clear view. Oh well... adds to the atmosphere, right? 😁


Snæfellsnes peninsula has some of the most iconic buildings in Iceland: pitch black churches, remote wooden farms and bright orange lighthouses! 🍊 Combined with the stunning backdrop of glaciers, waterfalls, lush meadows and the ocean on the other side, they make this magical place even more spectacular! ✨


Most impressive view? Probably this one. Kallur lighthouse at the most northern point of Kalsoy, part of the Faroe Islands. Only reachable by ferry and then by foot. Inhabited by hundreds of sheep and birds. Perfect! 🐑🌿🌊


Tórshavn is the largest city in the Faroe Islands, at the same time, people say it’s the smallest capital in the whole world! 🗺 I did not expect that the official Parliament would look rather residential (typical Scandinavian red houses and grass roofs), but isn’t it such a cute place? Everything in the Faroe Islands is quite different and extraordinary, therefore, the governmental buildings fit right in there! 😅 It’s also the oldest part of the city, many of the houses you see on the photo were built in the 16th and 17th centuries and are still in use today.


The famous Búðakirkja at the southern shore of Snæfellsnes peninsula! We had perfect conditions when we visited, the combination of the really green grass and the deep blue sky was just spectacular 😍. Anyone knows why Icelanders decided to paint sone of their churches black 🧐? It’s such a particular color for a building. I‘m a fan, though!


Lord of the Rings, anyone? 🧙🏻‍♂️ The stunning Gjógv gorge and harbor reminded me a lot of the movies. I expected elves to show up and sail away with those boats into the foggy ocean 😄. Didn’t happen (...), but still, the place is mysterious and amazing!


The famous 'floating' lake of the Faroe Islands! It’s not only the largest lake in the islands, it also seems to float on top of the ocean from certain angles. You will get to this viewpoint after a nice hike along the shore of the lake to the most southern part. Be aware that the land belongs to local shepherds, they blocked some of the routes when we hiked there. When we arrived, the whole lake was covered in clouds. Only after waiting for an hour, it cleared up and we were able to see this spectacular scenery! 📸


My favorite remote church in Iceland! Close to Raudisandur beach, this place is only accessible if you’re willing to climb a mountain on a pretty steep and dusty dirt road. As a reward, the area around this cute little church is pretty magical! ✨ How to get there: Turn left on your way to Latrabjarg bird cliffs and follow road 614 for 20-30mins. Pay attention to the weather - I wouldn’t drive there when it’s raining or snowing 🌨.


I guess this is what most people have in mind when it comes to the Faroe Islands. It’s a very popular spot for photos but that doesn’t make it less magical. Gásadular is actually the name of the small village that you can see in the distance! I heard that only 12 people live there. The waterfall itself is called Múlafossur. Definitely one of the prettiest places I‘ve ever visited in my life! 😍✨📸 To reach the waterfall, you need to drive through a long and narrow tunnel from Bøur. We had the worst luck with the weather for the whole day but the moment we arrived there, it cleared up. You never know on these islands, conditions can literally change within minutes!


Gjógv is one of those places I’ll never forget - the drive there is adventurous, the location of the town itself is stunning and the small natural harbor (the gorge on the right, Gjógv literally means gorge in Faroese) completes the picture perfect scenery. At that day, the fog was following us everywhere. Just shortly after I took this photo, the whole village was covered in mist and you could barely see the houses anymore. It definitely added to the mood though! 🤷🏼‍♂️