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Twenty Four Seven, Three Sixty Five” - brilliant hand lettering by @gehanmagee // We can all relate to this, no rest for the wicked ;) ✍🏼💪🏼 #typographyinspired


“Jj” - Suuper creative type/ illustration by @zorrozombie! // #typographyinspired ✍🏼


“M” - a beautiful concept and piece of design by @duahfrancis - something a bit different too! Great work 💪🏼 // #typographyinspired


“K - Braking out of line perfection” - A super interesting and experimental take on the letter K by @karina.kelle for the #36daysoftype project! // #typographyinspired ✍🏼


“No Regrets Tattoo” - A fantastic logo design by @dalibass! // #typographyinspired ✍🏼


“My favourite design books” - @nevesman has started a brilliant new blog series in which he shares and talks about some of his favourite design books! A link to part .01 of the blog can be found on João’s profile, head over and check it out!! Definitely worth a look if you have an interest in good design and are looking for new sources of inspiration 💪🏼 #typographyinspired


“Handmade Spirit” - An incredibly clean hand painted piece by @pedrodelabebida! 👏🏼 - We love this one!! #typographyinspired


“Create Something New” - Superb bold lettering by @manuricci_ in collaboration with @thefuturishere, stating that “Done is better than perfect” - Reckon there will be mixed opinions regarding this statement, what’s your opinion? ✍🏼 #typographyinspired


“Getting wisdom is the wisest thing you can do” - Brilliant lettering by @stefankunz! 👌🏼 // #typographyinspired


“Free Your Mind” - A vibrant piece by @stephanelopes - We’d definitely recommend checking out the other great work over on Steph’s profile! 🙌🏼 // #typographyinspired


“On Air” - To create this beautiful Nike themed minimalist piece @emmelylaura didn’t use any photoshop or other programs, simply a bucket of water & her iPhone! Brilliant work! 👌🏼 #typographyinspired


“A” - How great is this entry by @anthonyvelen for the current @36daysoftype contest?? Brilliant work 👏🏼 Check out Anthony’s other entry for “B” over on his profile, it’s another beauty! #typographyinspired