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What an honor to be presenting with this inspiring crew last night as we talked about all things style and sustainable fashion. Congrats @jolinma on a wonderful #getyourglowon event!


What’s your label? Minimalist? Conscious consumer? Eco friendly? Thrifter? I’ve never been one for labels. I’m a middle of the road kind of gal who can usually see and empathize with both sides of the coin. I can’t choose. But labels have been on my mind lately. In business, everyone advises you to label your yourself. It’s disguised in the context of branding. And as a former marketer, I can tell you defining and living your brand is everything! But I’m stubborn (I’m a #taurus after all). I’m don’t want to label myself. Instead, I want to live true to my values and who I am. Who am I? I am an idealist in thought but will most often choose the practical option. I like systems and process and am always striving for more discipline in my life. I believe in being intentional. I believe we should stop treating things and people as disposable. I believe we should waste less. I believe limitation fosters creativity. That’s me and what I believe. And that’s what #unfussystyle is rooted in. The idea that you can proudly wear #outfitsonrepeat with a little creativity, practice, discipline (and a system of course!!). I want to inspire others to mix, match and repeat so they can (practically) spend their money on (ideally) taking a skiing holiday in Hokkaido⛷ —next on my list! So there’s my label. Now, can someone help me create a hashtag?? 🤪 #bluegreen #stoplabeling #ownyourstory #womanentrepreneur #personalstylist #busywomenonthego #consciousliving


Harmony- what a beautiful word, right?! And what’s more harmonious than a #monochromaticoutfit I know I’ve been a broken record lately talking about monochromatic, analogous, and complementary colors but it’s because I want you to know that getting dressed erryday does not have to be a complicated, fussy experience! Save yourself time by learning these basics: 1. Be intentional with your wardrobe. Pick 3-4 colors that you love and make it your mission to curate items in those colors. Remember curation takes time because you’re picking items that make your ❤️ skip a beat! 2. Set your closet up so you can easily see what mixes and matches with each other. I organize by color. All warm colors on one side, neutrals in the middle, and less warm (I don’t wear many cool colors) on the other side. 3. Follow a formula when you get dressed. Pick a neutral, a pop of color and a pattern or print. You can see my outfit needs a print to add some interest (blue-green patterned🧣 added to my list ✔️) 4. Keep your looks fresh by using the #colorwheel as your inspiration. When your closet is organized by color it’s so easy to see all the combinations we’ve been talking about. Whew! What a mouthful! Hit me up if you have questions. #unfussystyle #bluegreen #outfitonrepeat #consciousfashion #busywomenonthego #casualstyle #stylingtip #sgblogger #ownyourstory #entrepreneur #stylist


[[[ Complementary Palette ]]] Red and green, two colors that oppose each other on the colorwheel, and #complement one another when paired. That’s what I’m showing you today. If you’re just tuning in, we’re talking about the #colorwheel and the reason is simple. The more you understand how to pair colors together, the more looks you can create from your closet. I’m all about showing you #howto get more miles out of your clothes. My #trick for wearing green and red together and not feeling like a🎄 is to choose colors that have gray or black added to them, like this skirt. Stay away from pairing two bright hues together. Here’s another #tip that will help you get more miles from the dresses in your closet. Style them with a skirt over top. Say wha?? Yes!The dress underneath becomes a built-in slip. This trick works particularly well when you pair a more sheath style dress under an A-line skirt. Remember that when you’re trying to turn your work dresses into party clothes. 👗 The secret is ours! No one will over know 🤫 #unfussystyle #busywomen #styleinspiration #wardrobestylist #morewithless #outfitonrepeat #mixandmatch #minimaliststyle #sgblogger


/// Analogous Palette /// This week we’ve been talking about how to mix up your “go-to” pieces so you get out of that #stylerut. And today we’re taking #analagous colors. Yellow, green and blue are neighbors on the ol’ color wheel making them perfect candidates to pair together. Remember these combinations are waaaay easier to see when your closet is organized by color (are you tired of me saying this yet?!) We’re also taking about getting more miles out of those dresses sitting in your closet. Simple silhouettes like shirt and tank dresses have the most versatility. If you’re trying to be a #wardrobeminimalist then it’s important to add these to your collection BEFORE you start adding more elaborate prints and styles. Tangent over! The second #tip was to think of your dress as separates pieces- as a skirt and a top. The most well known way to think of your dress as a skirt is to layer over top. Bring in prints and color for added interest and use scarves and statement necklaces to manipulate or cover necklines. Next up! Complementary colors!


$$$ Monochromatic Palette $$$ I’m here to encourage and inspire you to get more miles from the pieces in your wardrobe. How? By teaching you how to restyle them again and again and again....you get the point. We’ve discussed how a #monochromaticoutfit simply means to pair tones, tints, or shades of the same color together like I’m doing here with green. Now, I want to show you how to apply this concept to a dress. Some of my clients prefer dresses but feel they can’t #rewear dresses to get multiple looks. Not true! The way you get multiple looks begins at the point of purchase. Look for simple, dare I say, unfussy silhouettes. 😁 This dress is a sleeveless mock turtleneck- which you’ll see more clearly in my upcoming posts. Buying a simple silhouette allows you to change the look by adding a layer over top, a belt, or a statement necklace. The second #tip is to think about your dress as separate pieces. Ask yourself, could I wear this as a top or as a skirt. Not sure what I mean? Stay tuned!


— Complementary Color Palette— In the final post with this blouse, we’re talking complements... who doesn’t love a good compliment 🤷🏼‍♀️😆 As a reminder, we’re talking about how to take the snooze factor out of your go-to outfit combinations using the #colorwheel as our inspo. #complementary colors are any two colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. Red-orange and blue-green is a particular favorite of mine. But I’ll tell you a secret. Complementary colors can be an intimidating combo to try. Why? Because sometimes opposing colors look too dramatic and unpleasing to the eye. 🕶 required! Here’s two ways, I think you can wear opposing colors and still look cool 😎 1) Reduce the scale of the opposing color you want to try. For example, use scarves, earrings, purses or shoes to get that wow factor. 2) Try garments that have a lot of white or black added to the color so that the overall look isn’t soooo in your face. I’ll talk about how to do this in an upcoming post. Give it a try and let me know you’re favorite combinations. All compliments welcome 😁


**ANALOGOUS COLOR PALETTE** We’re talking about how to creatively #rewear your wardrobe, so that you can seem like one of those people who has an endless closet- without having much at all. And we’re letting the #colorwheel be our guide. Last post, we talked about monochromatic color schemes. Today, I want to show you my version of an #analogous color palette. Analogous simply means using at least two colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. Here, I’m considering the skirt to be red-violet, the top to be red, and the necklace to be yellow-orange. It’s true these colors aren’t exact or side by side on the wheel because hey, this is my #reallife closet but hopefully you get the idea. When I organize my closet, I group color combinations together so my eyes easily see killer combinations. For example, variations of reds, yellows, and greens all live on the left, neutrals in the middle, and blues and purples to the right. Are you feeling inspired to style your favorite blouse a new way? Hollaback!


I had the pleasure of chatting sustainable fashion pioneer @rayepadit today about all things @thefashionpulpit- a new venture that’s all about making use of your old duds by swapping them for gently used new-to-you ones. When I asked how he maintained his drive and positivity everyday, he said, this movement is bigger than me. Bigger than any personal stuff I may be dealing with. I just keep going and if one person changes their behavior it was worth it. Thank you for the inspiration and all you do. Local friends- check out his beautiful space in Liang Court.


*Monochromatic color palette* The alarm just rang and you’re staring at your closet thinking, “I have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.” You reach for your favorite standby blouse, and to save time, you pull on the same trousers, shoes, and accessories. It’s a tried and true combination and you have places to be. Sound familiar? Here’s a #stylingtip to get more looks from the clothes in your closet. Look to the #colorwheel (or think back to your 7th grade art class). This is an example of a #monochromatic palette done simply. As a refresher, #monochrome means using any tint, tone, or shade of just one color. Another #protip: organize your closet by color so can easily find similarly colored tops and bottoms. I’m going to show you how to style this #reddishorange blouse in three different ways, so you can kiss stale looks goodbye. 💋 Keep following!


Why post a picture of a color wheel you ask?? My feed is all about inspiring you to do more with the clothes you already have. I hope to show you that, although buying new is an option, it’s not the only option. How many times have you reached for your favorite top, dress or pair of pants and styled it the EXACT same way as before. Same shoes, same earrings, same same everythang. I want to show you how to get more looks (miles) out of those favorite pieces using this handy dandy #colorwheel to help. Like with all things, learning how to creatively rewear your clothes takes practice. But I’m here to help. Stay tuned!


I’ve been busy! Learning, learning, learning, all the the things. What are you up too? #fashionbooks #ninagarcia #davidzyla #leatriceeiseman #color #seasons #style #sgblogger


And that’s a wrap! Two(ish) weeks in Scotland with three shirts, three pairs of pants, three pieces of outwear. • How’d I do? If I had to give myself a grade I’d give a solid “B”. Why not an “A”? • As I mentioned, we drove- a lot! I didn’t account for how much this would impact the shape (and smell!) of my clothes. Midway thru, I definitely wanted to do laundry- which is never a good thing! If I had to do it again, I’d bring one more complete outfit. Now the question is what would I add?? 🤔🤔 • What’s your biggest packing blunder? Or what do you do really well that I can copy? 😬 #roadtrip #scotland #packlight #unfussystyle #sgblogger #everydaystyle #casualstyle #outdoorstyle


On the road from Edinburgh to Glencoe stopping for a quick bite of mashed potatoes and peas. Yum! • Speaking of on the road, I want to encourage any gal who travels in yoga tights to rethink them and instead, turn to joggers. • I’m not gonna get all preachy about walking around in yoga tights, it’s a big thing in the #pnw and I’d be shunned. • My rational is simply this- Joggers pants don’t stick to your bits and are waaay more comfortable to be in for long periods of time (nuff said?). You can buy them in quick dry material so they are easy to wash and bomb.com in the heat if you’re sweaty. Last thing- zippered pockets! Who doesn’t love those when you’re traveling thru the airport. I know, I know, I’m a super functional stylist. • Mine are from @athleta#casualstyle #scotlandtrip #realoutfitgram #whatiwore #stylist #outdoorstyle #packlight #travelfar


Sometimes it’s hard for me to remember to stop and vogue for the 📷. I guess that’s a good thing- living in the moment and all that jazz. • Let’s talk about vests! Back in my younger days I worked for a lil ol’ outdoors store called @uncledansoutfitters (If you’re in Evanston, IL check them out). • Anyway, it was here that I learned the basic principles of layering for warmth. I applied those principles in Scotland so I could pack as light as possible and still be prepared for the ☀️ and 💨 • Here’s the gist: 1️⃣a base layer, which should fit snug against your skin. 2️⃣ your insulation layer, where your warmth comes from 3️⃣ and your outer layer, which protects from wind/rain elements • That’s it! You scale these pieces up or down depending on the climate. • Many people make the mistake of packing a big heavy coat fearing chilly temperatures. Don’t do it! Pack a vest instead. Especially if the weather changes as much as it does in Scotland! • Vests are way more versatile. They allow you to dial up or down your temperature so you can adjust easily to the conditions around you. They are way less bulky and can also add interest to a basic outfit. • Now, can we talk about how cute it is that this highland 🐮 loves to be scratched?! #unfussystyle #realoutfitgram #scotlandtrip #roadtrip #everydaystyle #outfitoftheday


You know I be getting my layers on...🙆🏼‍♀️🙆🏼‍♀️ (is that raising the roof?) I wanted to give major props to my #hubby for this picture. He’s usually annoyed when I ask him to take a picture (or more specifically, multiple pictures) but on this occasion he not only got a great picture of my #layering combo but even directed me to turn my head to get the most of the lighting. That’s love! #scotlandtrip #roadtrip #packlight #plaid #stripes #stylist #thanksboo #casualwear #unfussy


In case you haven’t already met, I’d like to introduce to you @sundryclothing, a brand that does #casualwear right. 👋 On this night, I was planning to change before dinner but ran out of time. If you’ve ever driven around #isleofskye you’ll understand why. Anyway, we rolled in two minutes after reservation and luckily, I felt comfortable enough to stay in this sweater. I’m such a fan because of their uniques details like slit sides and side buttons and I’ve found their effortless shapes hold up to washing (and multiple wears) over time. Get you some. Ps. Try @thethreechimneys If you ever have the chance. Sitting in the kitchen is even better. #roadtrippin #outdoorstyle #styleinspo #whatiwore #unfussy


Here’s 3 reasons why I’d recommend you travel with a button down shirt or make it a part of your #capsule collection. 1. You can trick people into thinking you put in more effort than you actually did. Evil genius! 2. You can wear it at LEAST four different ways. Fully buttoned, unbuttoned, layered under a shirt or sweater, or layered over a shirt, sweater or dress. 3. It’s extremely versatile for differing weather conditions. It will protect your arms and chest in the sunshine and it can be layered up for cooler conditions. In a place like Scotland where the weather always changes- it’s been a lifesaver! I love this version from @jcrew. It’s a slim fit summer edition so it’s very lightweight and easy for layering. Plus I love the color! #unfussystyle #whatiwore #travelingram #casualstyle #wardrobestylist #styletips