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Digital storyteller w/ a passion for speaking, teaching & community 🇵🇷 I also manage @iamnancyruffin #TheLatinaOprah Let’s connect & collaborate 📲


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Can we talk about "ride or die" partners for a moment over breakfast? . @themommyelf and I debate... a lot. We seldom agree on many things but she is one of my favorite people to work with because her work ethic is hard to come by in the blogesphere. . Tomorrow, she will be assisting me teach a "Livestreaming for Non-profits" for one of my top accounts. . A true gem... If you are not following her, you need to fix your life. . #thesideofmeyouseldomsee


. I am a bridge. I bridge the gap. . Providing access and a clear path from point A to point B. . I help two sides come together. I guide you over the river you cannot cross alone.. . I connect the dots on the map. . I am a landmark, visible from afar. . I am part of your journey. . I am your bridge . I bridge the gap for you. . Personally Physically Spiritually Professionally. . I will get you there. . ❤️, Tio Jibaro 👨‍🌾


I am moments away from delivering a private keynote that I am delivering in El Barrio to 25 brands who have traveled from all over the country. 🌻 They will not only learn who Gloria DelRio is today... but we will tour NYC to see the legacy abuelas like her have created and how it has impacted our lives in our community. 🌻 She will be with me all day. 🌻 I live for this...


Love like this... ❤️


Artists & Writers 📝 Elevate Your Influence Hosted at #LASOPANYC @nuyoricanpoetscafe 🛑 This is not your average creative writing workshop or social media tips talk. 🔥 I am teaming up with my creative partner @paposwiggity to share a special writing workshop that focuses on tapping into your most authentic self. Learn how to reimagine and remix content while maintaining respect for the platforms you are using. 📝 You will walk out with a whole new perspective in how you share your story with your audience. 🔥 This is a unique offering that is currently being developed into a 12 week course. #storytelling #writingworkshop #nuyoricanpoetscafe #latinxart


Yes it does... . #Repost @jasonnaylor ・・・ LOVE COMES IN EVERY COLOR... On my (new) Dentist‘s door!!! 🦷🚪🌈🖤 What would YOU want painted on YOUR door? #dreamdoor ————- Painted with love and @montanacans 🖤


Last night was a movie... Hanging with some bros at the @amor931fm @camilamx en privado concert. Shout out to my boy Nico for the VIP access.


‪I loved Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. It was actually better than most of its live action predecessors. ‬ ‪The story, art and music, all on point but the inclusion factor is the big win here. This is how you create movies that reflect reality.‬ ‪#IntoTheSpiderVerse


From 3X to XL... 141 lbs later and now we enter the strength building phase. 💪🏽 Are you ready for a diesel Jibaro?


Impromptu meetup with some of the boyz... #pooltime🎱


LET'S DISCUSS 👍🏽 Like this post if you think that @starbucks should consider making a contribution to Puerto Rico rebuilding projects with the proceeds from their Coquito flavored frappacino. 🥤 Comment why or why not.


3 more weeks till holiday paradise... Spending time with my mom and loved ones this holiday season is how I want to both end 2018 and start 2019. . #itcantallbehustle


This is what Latino Excellence looks like at #LaSoPANYC... her name is @melissacastilloplanas.


Doña Adela... I miss you so much. So grateful for all the memories and the love you shared thru your comida. If there was a such thing as a substitute abuela... You would be her. . More importantly... your family is doing an amazing job keeping your legacy alive.. . 💗👨‍🌾


Been quiet but honestly, the most amazing things are happening in between posts. . Speaking to kids in school is almost a weekly thing. . Working on an epic project with people I been rocking with for about 8 years. . Big updates to the Puerto Rico Farm project coming up this week. . #lasopanyc has a new home. . and I just signed a deal with one of my favorite happy hour go-to cervezas. . Spending the holidays with family... a real vacation. . Moving again soon? 🤷‍♂️ . #SocialSofrito


Mi gente! 👋 On Saturday November 17th, from 1pm - 3pm, join us for an historic occasion: La Sopa NYC: The School of Poetic Arts Community Writing Workshops taking place in the first venue we imagined as their home, at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe. . #LetsWriteTogether . Our next session features Mexican-American Author and Educator, Dr. Melissa Castillo Planas with a discussion on writing with the intent to publish! . We are starting 4 community writing sessions during the period of mid- November through mid- December that will explore and give voice to personal and societal issues from the perspectives of writers of color and otherwise marginalized writers. . We dedicate this season to former SlamMaster and Capicu family member, Keith Roach. . This series is a unique opportunity where writers from various generations of the African and Latinidad diaspora are teaching in the place most beloved in historical context for our voices. . The first 3 workshops will focus on craft, the capstone workshop will focus on social media marketing for artists and entrepreneurs. . La Sopa NYC @ The Nuyorican Poets Cafe Sat Nov 17th, 1pm - 3pm 236 East 3rd St. Loisaida, NY $20 Each Session, includes access to class blog . Subway: F to 2 Ave J/M to Essex St . About Our facilitator: . Dr. Melissa Castillo Planas is a Mexican- American writer, poet and postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University's Charles Warren Center for Studies in American History. She is the author of the poetry collection Coatlicue Eats the Apple, editor of the anthology, ¡Manteca!: An Anthology of Afro-Latin@ Poets, co-editor of La Verdad: An International Dialogue on Hip Hop Latinidades and co-author of the novel, Pure Bronx. . Her current book project, forthcoming with Rutgers University Press' new Global Race and Media series, A Mexican State of Mind: New York City and the New Borderlands of Culture, examines the creative worlds and cultural productions. Currently, teaching English at Lehman College in the Bronx, New York.


#capicurewind: this past Saturday, @geisha_rose, co-founder of The Capicu School of Poetic Arts kicked off our third residency in NYC at the @nuyoricanpoetscafe to a full house of writers, poets and entertainers. 📝 @loueyfromthehood who is both a LES Native and #NuyoricanAlumn dedicates poetry to #lasopanyc , welcoming us to this sacred space where #LatinoLit & #SpokenWord lives. Check out the video in my stories. 🔥 Next Event: Capicu Culture presents: La Sopa NYC Community Writing Workshop featuring @melissacastilloplanas Who will focus on the art of publishing. @ The Nuyorican Poets Cafe Saturday, November 10, 1-3pm $20 For inquiries please contact lasopanyc@gmail.com.