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There’s a new post up on the blog with a few feelings left from the @barilla #pastaworldchampionship event, along with a recipe for a ‘vegetarian carbonara’ that is also in my book #naturallyvegetarian (don’t ever tell anyone I called it carbonara). This is a photo of tomato pasta I made during our workshop with @moodsnfood , because I posted all the photos I had of the recipe of the post and because when it comes to pasta this is my absolute favorite, and it’s another recipe that’s in my book. I’ll be posting in stories the link to the post and to a selection of pasta recipes that are good for fall/winter! Any favorite pasta combos? Weird ones highly welcome - or, even better, tell me the freakiest pasta combos you’ve ever tried! . . #pasta #italianfood #thisisitaly #onthetable #igersitaly #igersitalia #tablesituation #foodphotography #foodstyling #f52grams #huffposttaste #stillswithstories #faidellordinariounapoesia #naturalliving #lifeandthyme #tomatospaghetti


Pumpkin soup weather! Except it was 20 Celsius outside today. And I’m not complaining about it. 🤷‍♀️ is fall in full swing wherever you are? Find this on the blog archives! But it’s the stupidest recipe really: pumpkin, leek, potato, sage, olive oil, S&P, cook, blend. Garnish with (plant) yogurt, seeds, olive oil. —— Da voi è autunno? Perché qui non tanto. Arriveremo a Natale senza passare dal maglione 🙆‍♀️ . . #pumpkinsoup #veganfood #healthy #soup #fallfood #igersitaly #igersitalia #onthetable #foodphotography #food52 #stillswithstories #thewayweliveinthecountry #naturallyvegetarian #veganfoodporn #buzzfeedfood #naturalliving #countrysideliving


These mixed citrus and rosemary cookies, which I made with bergamot and tangerine and that are up on the blog (see stories for link!). And this is just to say that I can fully vouch for an orange blossom version, where you use 1 tbsp of orange zest and 1 tbsp of orange blossom water instead of the citrus and rosemary, and a lavender lemon version, where you use 2 tbsp of lemon zest and 1 heaping teaspoon dried lavender and the scrapings of half a vanilla bean, and that’s pretty much your Christmas edible gifts sorted (mine, for sure). You’re welcome. . . #thewayweliveinthecountry #food52 #foodphotography #stillswithstories #cookies #christmascookies #foodstyling #thatsdarling #naturallyvegetarian #naturalliving #citrus #baking


There are a couple new posts coming to the blog soon, one about the Barilla event and one other that is still about pasta but is not sponsored and is about one thing that happened at the event that got me thinking a lot. And it got me even more excited about new projects I’m starting with some people I truly admire, excited that I opened up a little personal profile to show my portraits and all things that excite me in a totally different style (go check @itsvalentinasolfrini ! ✨), and excited about the insane amount of photography stuff I’m studying (and that I’ll be sharing here and in my new profile). Pictured: ingredient spread for my veggie carbonara (from my cookbook), even though zucchini aren’t in season anymore. I’m thinking of trying the same exact recipe, but with provolone stems. There’s a version of this recipe for every season ✨ . . #stillswithstories #pasta #carbonara #vegetarian #vegetarianfood #italianfood #onthetable #thewayweliveinthecountry #igersitaly #igersitalia #foodphotography #food52 #spaghetti #naturalliving #naturallyvegetarian


From the wonder of Milan to the wonder of this place almost in one go. I had two shootings already here at @castellodimontegridolfo (which I’ll show you soon via another channel) and I took the chance to photograph this chocolate pear and ginger rustic cake. Recipe in my book #naturallyvegetarian (though the ginger is a last minute addition)! Thanks to Alec for inviting me in this magical place for shootings! ✨ . . #thatsdarling #cake #castellodimontegridolfo #f52gram #baking #foodphotography #thisisitaly #esercizidibellezza #stillswithstories #autumnlight


#worldpastaday #ad #pastaworldchampionship @barilla Today @davideoldani gave a speech and he talked about how there’s a difference between the pace at which we consume social media and that of thoughtful work that delivers but never loses its focus on both the goal and the road to get there. Every time I fret about my work, I remember that it’s actually pretty simple. There’s love, there’s lots of hard work, there is a tiny bit of luck, and that’s it. Pasta is the same: it is a college student’s midnight meal as much as it is your grandma’s lasagna that she spent hours preparing. I’m not saying that pasta is entirely the face of Italy, but it certainly reflects most of its expressions. —— Thanks ro @ch_ecco @lammaigal @peppecant who helped make this shot happen ❤️ . . #thatsdarling #plated #pastaworldchampionship #italianfood #italy #igersitaly #igersitalia #thisisitaly #pasta #foodphotography #foodstyling #vegetarian #healthyfood #f52grams #lifeandthyme #beautifulcuisines #naturalliving #stillswithstories


#ad @barilla #pastaworldchampionship One of the guests talking at the events said that, when it comes to great food and chefs, you should be able to see the face and feel the love of those who made it. It fascinates me beyond belief how all these pasta bowls were prepared by chefs from all over the world, and yet you could see the face of Italy in all of them together with the face of those incredible chefs. It is a well-combined marriage, and an extremely happy one. As happy as I felt when meeting @evakosmasflores , @whatforbreakfast , @ch_ecco , @peppecant , @lammaigal , @brahmino and so many others here. As happy as I feel knowing that Italy and pasta were able to reunite us here and cover all the distance between us. I’m blessed. . . #pasta #thisisitaly #whatitalyis #onthetable #plated #foodphotography #foodstyling #thatsdarling #barilla #italianfood #igersitaly #igersitalia


What happened is that I wrote a blog post. An actual one with photos and text. Because I was thinking about seasons, and about how I really, really should have published something with pumpkin in it - being it almost halloween and fall and so on. But I kept feeling like something else. But then a friend came along and he got me these recipe cards from the Edinburgh botanical garden, and the recipes were all but October-like, and I saw these lemon rosemary cookies and immediately fell in love. Because it’s so warm here that my rosemary is full of tiny purple flowers, and there are all kinds of citrus coming from southern Italy - the first tangerines and clementines and bergamots and gnarly lemons that are mostly skin. So I wrote about this. And it felt kinda good. Check the link in the stories to read about these incredible cookies, about some projects that are about to start, and so on. Also: I’ll be in Milan tomorrow at the #pastaworldchampionship ! There will obviously be pasta. Lots of it. . . #thatsdarling #cookies #lemoncookies #baking #naturalliving #onthetable #f52grams #foodphotography #stillswithstories #ilmioritmolento #rincorrerelabellezza #biscotti


I can now afford the arrogance to say that I can make pasta better than some of my relatives. As I was making these tortelloni, I thought about why. And I think that’s simply because they learned what they were told, for years and years, no questions asked. They made the same thin dough for centuries. But I am arrogant and loved experimenting while cooking alone, and I decided that the dough needed to have a little more of a bite and that the filling needed to be more present. I followed not the recipe, but the cooking ingenuity my mother taught me, and the result is excellent. Apply this rule to other arts or other contexts in life and let me know what you come up with. . . #foundandforaged #thatsdarling #pasta #tortelli #italianfood #thisisitaly #whatitalyis #homemade #onthetable #onthetableproject #vegetarian #foodphotography #ofsimplethings #ig_countryside #naturalliving #slowlived #thewayweliveinthecountry


I once had this conversation about how blue doesn’t actually occur in nature; about how many ancient populations didn’t even have a word for it. I thought about a thing I once read about a tribe that only used 212 words to describe every possible thing. That struck me as crazy and wonderful. And it did, because I do think that it is important to call things by their name - especially bad or scary things, as if we know their name we can identify and recognize them and knowing what they are gives us ways to stand before them and deal with them. Colors that those tribes didn’t have a name for were more difficult for them to pick out and realize they were there, and there you go. 
But if blue, or these flowers, which the florist told me are called Delphinum, still didn’t have a name today, I am sure it would be fine. 
Some beautiful things are just meant to leave you speechless, I guess. (Just like these pumpkin meringue tarts - aren’t they amazing?! Coming to the blog October 15th for #virtualpumpkinparty !! ) . . #thatsdarling #allthingsbotanical #foodphotography #meringuepie #onthetable #f52grams #lifeandthyme #foodstyling #esercizidibellezza #faidellordinariounapoesia #stillwithstories #huffposttaste #naturalliving #baking #pumpkinpie #fallseason


This is one of the images I put in stories that you can screenshot and use as bgs if you like! I tend to use these as backgrounds and love them, so I thought it would be fun to share. These are some wild foraged apples, leftover roses from my garden and gorgeous flowers from @fridasitalia . I am 1) working on revamping my site so I can get back to proper food blogging - giving @squarespace a go this time around, I think. 2) leaving for Rome tomorrow and this time as a tourist, and not for work! So I’ll probably be a little MIA this week as it’s a lot of work - tell me I’m not the only one who dreads having to take care of her own website 🔚 See you in stories in Rome! . . #foundandforaged #allthingsbotanical #thatsdarling #agameoftones #fridasitalia #rincorrerelabellezza #stillifephotography #stillswithstories #frommygarden


[ENG/ITA] what would we create if we were not influenced by trends?
Today, I learned that the word poetry derives from the greek ‘poiesis’, which means ‘to create’. So, how much does our ‘poetry’ depend on what we see other do? How authentic are we? Do we fall into the comparison trap? When it comes to creativity, where is the threshold between trends and culture - the line between tomato pasta and avocado toast; between espresso and unicorn latte? Then there’s me with a flower bouquet (cliché, right?) and a person where I brough them told be that men are hard-wired to experience beauty - that we’re made for those things that make our hearts beat a little faster. 
So I’m discovering things that are not a trend in my creative field. ‘Cause in poetry it’s important to to try and change the metrics; play around with it, find your own and experiment with what you’re not used to. Still, if it makes your heart beat, well - whatever works. ———— Cosa creeremmo se non fossimo influenzati dai trend? Oggi ho imparato che la parola poesia deriva da poiesis, che sarebbe ‘creare’. E allora quanto dipende la nostra ‘poesia’ da quello che vediamo fare agli altri? Nel campo della creatività, come saremmo diversi se non fossimo su instagram e dove finisce la linea tra trend e cultura - quella tra la pasta al pomodoro e l’avocado toast, quella tra il caffè e l’unicorn latte. Poi arrivo io con un mazzo di fiori, visti e rivisti, e una persona nel posto dove li ho portati mi dice che siamo fatti per la bellezza, che siamo fatto per vedere cose che fanno fare al cuore anche solo mezzo battito più veloce. Ho conosciuto con piacere @jugiemme , @balenalab_copywriting e @cardiopoetica . Per vedere come la posies is cambia nei contesti.
Perché in poesia serve anche cambiare la metrica, trovarne una propria, ed è importante farci caso, giocarci e sperimentare. Ma se fa battere il cuore, anche un po’ chissenefrega. . . #portraitphotography #chasingharshlight #naturalliving #thatsdarling #faidellordinariounapoesia #fiorineifiori #esercizidibellezza #dsfloral #botanicalbeauty #allthingsbotanical #foundandforaged #caughtflowerhanded #agameoftones