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Showcasing the most talented BMX riders from across the globe in a fun atmosphere.

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Vans BMX Pro Cup 2019 dates to be announced soon. London rumors, returning to Malaga rumors. Brazil doesn't look promising... A new location in Mexico are in our discussions and Australia looks good to go at this point.. More soon. Thanks for your patience. @KrisFoxBMX Malaga, 2018 by @ColinMackayBMX #vansbmxprocup


@A_ngieMarie 📷 @ColinMackayBMX | Sydney, Australia 2018 #vansbmxprocup


@BoydHilder had a huge year, we can only imagine what’s in store for 2019. Photos: @DoleckiVisuals from Guadalajara, Mexico August 2018.


How good are Cauan Madona’s can-can’s!!? Sydney, April 2018 (@madonabmx) 📷 @ColinMackayBMX 🇧🇷


@DIGBMX Rider of the Year @WalshCorey. Sounds about right to us! Photo from Five Dock, Australia back in April where Corey took 6th. What a year it has been! Looking forward to releasing the 2019 tour dates soon... 📷 @ColinMackayBMX


It’s not just all about high airs at the Vans BMX Pro Cup. @KrisFoxBMX goes deeper than the Pacific Ocean with this one from Huntington Beach in 2018. 🎥 @justinkosman #vansbmxprocup


Will we return to Five Dock in Sydney, Australia in 2019?? It was worth it in 2018. @DennisEnarson Spine Nothing 📷 @ColinMackaybmx #vansbmxprocup


It’s hard to believe Josh Dove (@dovey03) is only 15. He’s absolutely ready to rock n’ roll and you can expect to see him riding in the Vans BMX Pro Cup Tour in 2019. Clip: @kobybmx @thevillagebmx


I've reached the mountaintop!" the student boasted. "Yes, but you still have to scale the stars," the master replied. - Matshona Dhliwayo


The rise and rise of @DennisEnarson. 2018 Vans BMX Pro Cup Huntington Beach, California stop winner. @RideBMX NORA Cup Video Part of the Year + Transition Rider of the Year.


Wednesday 11/7/18 we launch The Path to Pro Cup: Episode #4 Angie Marino (@a_ngiemarie) | Video: @justinkosman


What’s up with the 2019 Vans BMX Pro Cup?! Well, there are rumors of Australia hosting the Vans BMX Pro Cup World Championship Finals stop, there are also rumors of a Brazil stop... Stick with us while we make some calls and do some location scouting... @mikehucker at Five Dock, Sydney, Australia back in April. Clip: @justinkosman #vansbmxprocup