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The truth isn’t always easy but it keeps us fighting for you and helping others make the connection. Our daughter makes us so proud in her plight to make this world a better place ❤️❤️❤️we will be there right by your side @kyla_hinx photo by @animalliberationphotography #veganactivist #ourfuture #vegan #veganfamily #donthidethetruth #vgang


Today we stood together as a family to try and create change for the future. Along with 170 other amazing activists. We don’t keep the truth from our children....they see first hand just why we can’t do this anymore. We are honest in how our food is processed. Look past the marketing, look past the propaganda, take off the blinders and make informed choices. Our family is thriving on a vegan diet so why can’t you ? There is no nutrient you can’t get from plants so to me I question why. This is a barbaric industry and should of been left in the dark ages. The sooner that happens the better. If your not vegan yet, why not ? #veganactivist #vegan #veganfuture #wewillrisetogether


I really am no ordinary dog. I have had a second chance at life and I show my family every day how much I appreciate being rescued. No animal deserves to be treated badly or sentenced to death for our convenience or our tastebuds when there is no necessity to do so. Doesn’t it just show how loving animals can be that even after they have been ill treated, they can still have trust in human kind? Let’s take a leaf out of their book and show that compassion to all animals. Look into your heart and ethics and make kinder choices that don’t involve the suffering of others. ❤️ #veganistheanswer #greyhoundsofinstagram #veganfamily #friendsofthehound #elementarymydearwatson #rescuedog #vgang


Caboolture rodeo protest. A bit of chalking too. @animallibqld #veganfamily #veganactivist #notoanimalcruelty #rodeosarecruel


Will their generation ask why we did this to animals ? Be on the right side of history. Be Vegan and no longer do harm. #vegan #veganfamily #raisingvegankids #veganactivist #veganactivism #vegankids #aveganworld #vgang


Was so awesome to catch up with @that_vegan_couple yesterday after their big tour around the world inspiring and motivating. We decided to become patreons as we believe in the work they do. Such positive energy they bring everywhere they go. Got off the plane from Chiang mai and at the cube the next day looking bright as buttons. Thank you for all you do and for always having time for everyone ❤️❤️❤️


Today our family stood together with so many other awesome activists for International Cube Day ! @millathevegan We stand together to give the innocent a voice. Veganism is growing. More and more people are realising to save ourselves, the planet and truly be compassionate....veganism is the only answer. #vegan #veganfamily #anonymousforthevoiceless #vegankids #standupforwhatyoubelievein #vgang #raisingvegankids


Watch my story ! A lady walked in wearing a real fur vest. She was loving the attention till my husband and I got to her. Hopefully she thinks twice next time. Not the attention she was after #standingupfortheanimals #bethevoice #makeadiference #vegan #veganactivist #leavethefurontheanimals #fakeit


You really cannot go wrong in putting together a Buddha bowl. My made up rules consist of greens, veggies (today they were raw sprialized), nuts, grains, legumes and protein (tofu today), something sweet(orange), topped with a yummy homemade dressing. #vegan #health #yesthereisprotein #wholefoods #veganfamily #buddhabowl


After purchasing a truckload (ok not quite) of strawberries from a local farm we decided to make REAL strawberry milkshakes #vegan #strawberry🍓 #supportlocal #veganfamily #nonasties


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