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There’s nothing you should listen to more than your own intuition. Let it be your guide and you’ll be amazed at the places it takes you ✨🙏🏻


Visited this beautiful temple today! It was founded and dedicated by Paramahansa Yogananda. Some of Gandhi’s ashes are there! It’s a great place to go meditate, such great energy ✨🌈🙏🏻❤️


We spent a week in Mount Shasta and it was such a powerful and wonderful experience. Mount Shasta is said to be the root chakra of the planet, so the energy here is very healing and powerful. We recommend going up the mountain to the sacred places. It is also a quaint little town with many amazing crystal stores where you can get stones extracted from the mountain 🙏



How freaking cool is this picture?! One of our best friends @andrewleuschke @luskymadeit created it for us. Check out his work if you want some cool, unique artwork! Thank you Andrew, you’re so talented! 🙌🏼❤️🎨


If you’re ever in the Miami/Coral Gables area go try the Helen pizza at @nextgenerationpizza 🤤 one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had.


What’s the best thing about traveling? Trying new vegan restaurants! 😱😍😋 Look how cute this one is!


Exploring 🤓 what are some of your favorite places that you’ve traveled?


Best tacos I’ve ever had 🌮😩😍 the taco is pink because it’s made from dragon fruit! Thank you for the delicious food and awesome service @lapitahayavegana 💕


The pyramid in the background, which is called the Pyramid of the Sun, is the third largest pyramid by volume in the world. It creates a specific shadow display at equinox, and perfect aligns with the Pleiades. * When they excavated the ancient site they found crystals like Jade (which jade isn’t even found anywhere near that area), obsidian, quicksilver, mercury, mica (which is found in Mexico but they transported mica from Brazil for the floor of one of the temples) and other precious metals in the pyramid. They might have been placed there to charge the pyramid, or as some think for offerings. * Looking from above, the layout of the pyramids actually resembles a computer chip. * Archeologists aren’t sure of the exact date but it is at least 100 B.C. maybe even older. * No one knows the original name because the beings who built it (along with the city of 200,000 people) vanished, but when the Aztecs found it under tons of vegetation they named it Teotihuacan – ‘the place of the gods’. * The base is nearly equal in size to that of the Great Pyramid of Egypt. * Some believe the pyramids are a map of the solar system. Many think Egypt and the East are the only areas with ancient knowledge, but there is so much ancient history right under our noses! P.S. They are shutting off access to the top of the sun pyramid after January!


Paradise throw back 🌞 #pickmedivifall


So many amazing vegan places to choose from in Mexico City 😍😋 Thanks @forevervegano for the yummy food! (Forgot to take a pic before eating 😅)